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CAP Barbell 25LB Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

Reviewing the CAP Barbell 25LB Adjustable Dumbbell Set

All right guys i wanted to do a video on this adjustable weight set it’s my cat barbell i got it from walmart happen to be the last one um it says originally 110 dollars i know jim equipment pretty well i’ve been collecting gym equipment for over 10 years that’s definitely um not the normal price i mean it’s easily worth over 110 but that’s what walmart has it

Valued at that’s that’s metal it’s like coated metal so this is good material it’s not that cheap plastic guys that is good you hear that metal coated metal and these are the stands for so there’s a pair and it’s got that nice chrome counter and textured handle those look like the pro set you have kind of yeah exactly so it’s got a really nice high-end feel

To it for 45 dollars you can find one dumbbell for five dollars i’m not talking about a set you’ll find a thirty pound dumbbell for forty five dollars depending on the brand but i got a full set from five to twenty five the whole thing both pairs for 45 bucks so how does it work so yeah let me show you you would adjust it so let’s see daddy needs to there

That’s how i do it okay so now i gotta make sure i know how to use the you just wow you just turn that is so easy oh my gosh that is super easy so if you want to adjust this all you got to do is just turn it so now i want to get 10 pounds i got 10 and if i want to get 15 just turn and click that is so cool this is the best weights that i’ve ever had honestly

I feel like i’ve been collecting gym equipment for like 10 years and this is by far the easiest dumbbells i’ve ever had some of them have those weird knobs you turn right here or you have to put the pins this one man look at how effortless this is i’m just turning and it picks up all the weights yeah so it’s not hard to turn no it’s super easy here’s can you

Use it and say a lot yeah holds together good yeah let’s do it let’s do 25 so here’s the weight set curling 25 and then we’ll shoulder press it i’m just trying not to hit the top of our rv i feel very safe with these wow this is amazing this is definitely my favorite weight set and it’s the cheapest i’ve ever paid i bought weight set says man i think i paid

A thousand dollars for that weight set i can store this anywhere this is so nice any closing thoughts god is good i would i wasn’t even looking for it i honestly was just passing by and i just happened to notice they had a clearance section on the way to um where i was headed which was the rv section this is so cool all right

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CAP Barbell 25LB Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review By Home Gym Hustle