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Celsius Arctic Vibe Energy Drink REVIEW | 1st Phorm Level-1 Bar | Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Without further ado let’s get to the review i have two products here guys saw this new chocolate chip cookie dough level one protein bar at vitamin shop and the arctic vibe by celsius and doing a double review here save some time you know what i’m saying combined both of them saves time gets gets kills birds two birds kills two birds with one stone all right so

Anyways when we’re looking at the celsius looking at 200 milligrams of caffeine pretty much that’s pretty much about it as far as the caffeine you do have a prop blend in here um sparkling frozen berry addition is the flavor some people like these a lot to me they’re just they’re just kind of meh there’s been a couple flavors that were decent and um at the end

Of the day it’s pretty much a pick-me-up you know what i’m saying this right here level one haven’t seen this flavor i’m pretty sure this is new um and level one quality protein bar looking at the calories 270 calories 12 grams of fat 20 carbs one fiber five sugar 20 protein all right the protein blend is whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate and

The third ingredient is soy protein isolate all right so um if you guys have seen me review these i’ve been a pretty big fan of them but not like the biggest fan of them um but they’re pretty solid you know what i’m saying honestly both of these are just kind of like they’re good but they’re not amazing previously i’d say that these are usually better than

This i’m usually just not a big fan of the sparkling stuff sparkling waters usually taste like so new flavor let’s go and try it out tell the i think here we go it has an energy drink smell to it and it’s not clear by the way it looks orange for some reason which is kind of weird better carotene for color yeah they it makes it look i don’t know why they

Would make it look orange anyways here we go it tastes like a it tastes like a standard ass energy drink flavor with like very small amount of berry to be honest it literally tastes like a regular energy drink you know that vitamin energy drink tastes it’s not bad i don’t know all right here we go cookie dough i’m excited about this one by the way it’s

Hot as out today and this thing has already started to melt look at that there we go holy this thing is soft look at that this is like a soft cakey cookie though damn this is really good it’s like a cookie dough cake with little crisps here and there wow this fucker’s badass you know the other ones have been good but this is like i don’t know if they’re

Reformulating or what’s going on or this is a new flavor and this is how they’re going to be going forward but this thing is really good i mean really stop wow look i’m almost done with it it’s really good it’s so soft it tastes like like cookie dough mixed with like a cookie dough cake almost because the texture is like super soft this is a really good

Bar it i’m finishing it off really good no this is their best flavor to date straight up i don’t know what they did but that thing is awesome as far as this pretty standard taste it literally tastes like a regular ass red bull with like a berry back in it’s okay honestly nothing to write home about so as far as price point by the way i got these at

Vitamin shop my vitamin shops now carrying first form i really like this cookie dough solid i’m giving that a 9.5 amazing really good this pretty standard standard red bull taste with some hints of berry in there nothing to write home about probably i give it a 7.25 that’s my flavor that’s my that’s my flavor taste test that’s my review hope you guys enjoyed

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Celsius Arctic Vibe Energy Drink REVIEW | 1st Phorm Level-1 Bar | Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough By oppermanfitness