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Celsius Live Fit Sparkling Watermelon Energy Drink/Dietary Supplement # The Beer Review Guy

Hello i’m jerry fort and we got jeremy ford over here and we’re gonna do an energy drink this is some it’s a newer one um that jeremy found um a couple weeks ago called celsius live fit no sugar no preservatives this flavor is called sparkling watermelon he essential energy accelerates metabolism burns body fat i like that part right there i wish i could

Actually feel my body fat being burned off that’d be awesome clinically proven it’s a dietary supplement zero sugar what is what else does it say about here no high fructose corn syrup no aspartame no preservatives no artificial colors or flavors seven essential vitamins proven in six published university studies wow in 2005 vitamin industry entrepreneurs as

I pronounced entrepreneurs created celsius oh in 2005 well it’s been around longer than what i thought then how does it work it asks celsius proprietary meta plus formula including green tea with egcg ginger and guarana seed turns on thermogenesis a process that boosts your body’s metabolic metabolic rate drinking celsius prior to fitness activities is proven

To energize accelerate metabolism burn body fat and calories celsius provides essential energy to live fit so prior to fitness activities this is mario included in that because that’s what that’s what we’re doing tonight your ultimate fitness partner a lot of it a lot of information on there okay thank you no artificial colors or flavors so that’s a natural

Color they’ve actually bled the watermelon so that’s watermelon blood right there hmm smells good it has a kind of a really sweet watermelon aroma yeah maybe a watermelon flintstone vitamin or something it’s really sweet kids really sweet aroma almost reminds me like a like a real sweet chemical or something that aroma like you know antifreeze is really

Sweet kind of puts off that kind of a if i drink this will i not get cold light carbonation i guess sparkling a nice watermelon taste the taste is different than the smell it’s not as sweet on the taste as it is on the smell is it you get that that vitamin e kind of a taste in there too yeah for one’s kind of sweet watermelon that kind of goes to a bitter

Vitamin taste it’s not huge bitterness just a kind of a dry kind of a vitamin dry bitter type thing kind of dullish on the vacuum but yeah dry it is a dry kind of drink it’s that kind of kind of um lemonade kind of feeling in your throat like you’ve been drinking like lemonade or something you know it’s okay it’s it’s good i mean the watermelon tastes as

Good so you drink this prior to doing um activities um fitness type activities and it helps burn body fat accelerate your metabolism and energize you so okay it’s pretty good it’s different this says that some of the the fitness things that they’re talking about is the activities it’s running biking and meditating isn’t that what that is for yoga maybe

Probably i don’t know actually the person is sitting in you know indian style his legs crossed and he’s got his arms up like like this or something yeah trying to tell what he’s what he’s doing maybe it’s for um focus or something maybe maybe you see him right there okay you got any more to say about it jamie i don’t think so that’s not better yeah it’s not

Bad live fit and that must be their series or something like they all said live fit on them live fit yeah it kind of reminds me of that one drink that we reviewed for that one company uh fit aid kinda rolling same ones this tastes similar to those yeah could be on that i don’t think those were sparkling though i don’t know if i had a carbonation to it at all

I can’t remember anyway there you go all right let us know if you tried it thank you all for watching we appreciate it see you on the next one bye

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Celsius Live Fit Sparkling Watermelon Energy Drink/Dietary Supplement # The Beer Review Guy By Jerry Fort the Beer Review Guy