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CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Review

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Hey everybody today i wanted to introduce you to my eye cream this is from sara v and this is the eye repair cream this has been the eye cream that i’ve been wearing pretty consistently daytime and nighttime for i want to say about the past two months or so maybe a little more than that now i’ve had it for as long as i’d been using that cream serum that i’ve already

Reviewed on this channel but i mentioned that i would have a review on this coming so i wanted to deliver on that promise but this says reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness helps repair and restore protective skin barrier with sara meade’s and hyaluronic acid eye cream is a subject i feel like i get asked for recommendations for a lot but i really haven’t

Tried tons that are on the market right now one that i’ve had before and i’ve gotten a sample of it again and i’ve been kind of re comparing and the two of these it’s the it’s potent eye cream from benefit this i feel like is very moisturizing it’s a nice eye cream but it is a little bit thinner in comparison to the texture of this this eye cream the first word

That comes to mind when i think about how to describe it is it’s bomb like it’s not so much just a really thin wet moisturizer but it does have some thickness to it kind of like thicker straight out of the tube and then it becomes i think very silky i feel like it packs a much greater moisturizing punch to the eye area than other things that i’ve used because of

The texture not being too wet too sticky you know it really smoothes out nicely i think it’s something that can be worn fabulously under makeup the eye area the under eye area specifically for me is an area on my face where staying power wise i have the most concerns you know i worry about you know shadows or liner that i’ve got down there transferring down also

Mascara on me that’s my personal danger zone is the under eye area with mascara kind of transferring downward and causing a problem there and if you’ve got a really rich eye cream on even though you’ve put maybe foundation or concealer on top of that you’ve still got that really rich layer of moisture underneath and that can sometimes cause problems for the staying

Power of your eye makeup but this does not seem to create any prime for me whatsoever it just seems to give that kind of dry under eye area a little extra juice you know will extra hydration for the day it keeps my concealers or whatever’s going on top of that looking a whole lot more natural and a lot less cakey i would say in the past few days i’ve been doing

A little bit of an on and off observation i’ve worn this under my eye makeup and then i’ve gone a couple days not wearing it and also when i travelled i didn’t have this with me so i wasn’t wearing it then either and i could really tell a difference i was seeing the fine lines more the skin just seemed more dehydrate and i really don’t feel like i can say like oh

My gosh this totally makes your fine lines disappear because i don’t think that’s so much what it’s about i think it’s just offering so much more moisture to that area of your skin that it’s making the lines that are there a little less visible i’m wearing this at nighttime as well and i do apply a thicker amount at that time there’s no fragrance to this normally

Fragrance and products isn’t too big of an irritant i don’t think to my skin on my face anyway but if i am going to notice it normally the eye area is one place where you know if i am going to get sensitive it might be there but this brand and just with all the different things i’ve tried i’ve mentioned the hydrating cleanser i think is great the moisturizing cream

In the tub is awesome for spot reading really dry areas already reviewed this skin renewing cream serum and i am trying currently also the night cream that goes along with this which i didn’t even know existed until i ran into it at cvs but this eye cream for as frequently as i’ve used it i’m surprised like i haven’t gone through more of it i still feel like i

Have basically like a full tube here i would say the amount that i use for both eyes would be about that much because i feel like it does really pack a punch moisture wise some people have talked about this being a pretty good eye cream for reducing puffiness sometimes i feel like i’m puffy a lot of the time you know i’m more of a dark circle person i think in

Terms of showing signs of tiredness around my eyes i don’t feel like this product has really improved those for me the main thing i noticed would i would say would be less of an appearance in the fine lines around my eye area when i am wearing this product when i am not wearing it and then i put makeup on those areas i can see a lot of that much more so i would

Say if you’ve got sensitive skin if you’ve got dry skin particularly dry under eyes this might be a nice eye cream to try let me know what you think of this if you’ve tried it and also i would love to hear your suggestions if there’s anything else from the cerave line that you think would be worth trying that you haven’t heard me talking about in the past because

I just think it’s a really high-quality brand from the drugstore and i’ve just been so happy with so many of the things that i’ve used so thank you guys for taking time to watch this video and i will see you again very soon bye

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CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Review By Beauty Broadcast Express