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Cerave Skin Renewing Retinol Serum vs. Cerave Skin Resurfacing Retinol Serum Comparison Review

Cerave Skin Renewing Retinol Serum vs. Cerave Skin Resurfacing Retinol Serum Comparison Review

Hey guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video we are going to be doing a review and comparison of the two different retinol serums that cerave has the first is their skin renewing retinol serum and the second is their resurfacing retinol serum a lot of you guys have asked if i can put up reviews for affordable retinol serum so i thought of course let’s just

Start off with cerave you guys know i’m a huge fan of their brand and i found myself wondering what the difference between these two formulations were and why they even had both of them within their brand’s collection so i will be talking through each of these products what the difference is between the two which one may be better if there’s a clear winner between

Them all those sorts of things and then i will also show you how they apply to the skin how they look on the skin and what the actual product inside the little bottle oh my gosh don’t drop inside these bottles look like so let’s jump right into it before we jump into this review i do want to quickly disclaim i am not an esthetician i’m not a dermatologist and

I am not any kind of medical professional this video is not meant to be a replacement for guidance from a medical professional you should always seek their help and the advice of a dermatologist with specific skin concerns so keep that in mind not a medical professional but i do a ton of skin care research basically that’s all i do in my free time these days so

Quickly for those of you that are not familiar with retinol i’m sure many of you are but for those that are not retinol is a derivative of vitamin a that has many different benefits to our skin one of those is helping with acne and helping to manage acne and prevent breakouts the other is anti-aging so helping to soften and smooth the skin improve texture improve

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles etc i personally don’t use retinol my form of retinoid is treading owen i have told you guys that many times before why am i doing the pledge of allegiance right now i’ve told you guys that many times before and you can only get tretinoin from the dermatologist because it’s much more potent than retinol which is something

You can get over the counter less potent less effective from an anti-aging and anti-acne perspective however some people’s skin just does not work well with tretinoin and they’re not able to tolerate it so really common side effects in using any form of a retinoid are dry skin irritation peeling flaky skin redness and if you already have skin that’s really dry and

Irritated easily or you have sensitive skin tretinoin may just be too much for your skin and you may prefer the use of a retinol because it’s definitely easier on the skin if you will so that’s a little history lesson on what retinol is let’s start off with their skin renewing retinol serum this one retails for 16.99 and you’re getting one fluid ounce of product

In this bottle it has three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid with encapsulated retinol and the major claims for this one is first that it helps with anti-aging to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the second is that it helps to improve your skin’s texture and overall radiance so on their website they say that this is safe for all skin

Types and also that they recommend the use of a retinol with hyaluronic acid for additional hydration this also has niacinamide in it which we’ve talked about so many times and within this product they recommend using it with retinol because it helps to calm the skin and improve the appearance of redness of course niacinamide has many other benefits as well some

Of those are anti-aging some of those are improving skin’s texture so a really great ingredient to have in an anti-aging serum however it definitely does also have the benefit of improving the appearance of redness so that could be a great thing for you if you are one of those people that is irritated by a retinol easily other ingredient call out so this serum

Does have some really nice hydrating and emollient ingredients in the formulation some of those include glycerin which is a great humectant for the skin that we’ve talked about quite a few times that i always love to see in skincare it also has caprylic triglycerides it has cholesterol which is an ingredient that sounds really funny but is an amazing emollient

For the skin that helps to soften and soothe the skin and then of course it has their three essential ceramide blend which is going to help to restore the skin and replenish the skin this one’s interesting because yes it does also have hyaluronic acid in it which is another humectant that’s going to help with surface level hydration however hyaluronic acid is

Towards the very bottom of the ingredient label whereas glycerin and caprylic triglycerides are some of the first few ingredients so it probably doesn’t have that much hyaluronic acid in it but it still does have really nice ingredients that are going to serve the same kind of purpose from a hydration perspective so that doesn’t concern me too much because we do

Have some of those ingredients in there but just something to keep in mind this also has shea butter in it but again that is at the very bottom of the label so it’s probably not very much shea butter but i found that one interesting in a retinol serum shea butter is a really nice skin conditioning ingredient so again could be something that’s thrown in the mix

That helps just to soothe your skin and condition your skin if you are easily irritated by a retinol as far as the formulation of this serum the color is a pretty bright yellow so don’t be freaked out by that that does not mean that you have an expired product that is the color but the overall texture and finish is very very nice i really enjoy the application

Process it feels smooth it’s lightweight it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and it does just look really nice and luminous on the skin again without looking greasy the finish doesn’t matter to me as much in a retinoid product because i use that in the pm the only person seeing me is eli and he’s seen it all at this point but if you are concerned with the finish

I honestly can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t like the way that this looks on the skin now let’s jump to their resurfacing retinol serum so this one also has one fluid ounces in it but it’s 17.99 so it is one dollar more than the skin renewing serum this one on the front says it has three essential ceramides licorice root extract and niacinamide again

With encapsulated retinol as far as the major claims for this serum they are slightly different than the skin renewing retinol serum the first is that it helps to improve the appearance of post acne marks or acne scars and pores the second is that it helps to restore the skin’s protective barrier and the third is that it helps to improve your skin’s smoothness

Or improve your skin’s texture so slightly different claims here this one more so talks about anti-aging and then your skin’s texture and radiance and while this does talk about texture it’s more so marketed as a product to help with pore size and scars and discoloration so while this ingredient label is definitely a little bit more stripped back than the skin

Renewing serum it does have a lot of similar ingredients or ingredients in common so of course it also has retinol it has niacinamide like we just mentioned it has her three essential ceramide blend this one also has hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate which is the salt form of hyaluronic acid it has cholesterol in it so it does have a lot of similarities the

Difference is that it just doesn’t have as many hydrating skin replenishing ingredients as this one which is what i would expect because this one claims to be skin renewing so we don’t have the glycerin and the shea butter and the caprylic triglycerides like we are seeing in here the other ingredient that this has that the renewing serum does not is that this

Has licorice root extract in it licorice root extract is an antioxidant that’s known to help to brighten the skin so that helps with their claim that this one is more so targeted for those of you that are trying to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation other than that i didn’t really find much else that i feel like is noteworthy from an ingredient label

Perspective to specifically distinguish between the two so my first assumption just in kind of reading through these looking at them and seeing that this is a dollar more was that this one probably has a higher percentage of retinol in it however and looking on their website i saw that they do not release the percentage of retinol in their products they say that

That what’s the word for that why am i having such a brain fart i think they said it was proprietary meaning that they don’t have to disclose the percentage of each ingredient within their products yes they do have to tell you what the ingredients are but they don’t have to share how much of each ingredient is within each formulation so we really don’t know which

One has more retinol my assumption is that this does because again it’s a dollar more and just the way that it’s described but they could be exactly the same and also we can’t really tell because the ingredient labels are different while they are in a similar spot on the ingredient label kind of towards the middle to bottom of the label this has more ingredients

It has different ingredients so you can’t directly compare and unfortunately figure it out that way there’s no way to be sneaky and sleuth around this one so oh gosh so we don’t know how much retinol is in either of these serums which is definitely a bummer because some products will say contains x percent retinol and if you’re somebody that is trying to kind of

Work your way up get your skin to tolerate retinoids so that you can transition into tretinoin it would be very nice to know percentages so you can start off with the least you know work your way up through the drugstore until you’ve used one that has a high percentage but my guess is that it’s not that much it’s not one of the predominant ingredients at the

Top of the ingredient label within either serum unfortunately but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing again that might be something that your skin tolerates well and it won’t tolerate something that is more potent than that so between the two unfortunately we cannot say there’s a clear winner as far as the percentage of retinol goes the formulation of the

Resurfacing retinol serum is definitely different from the skin renewing retinal serum i mean they have different ingredients of course i would say it’s equally as lightweight this one doesn’t have that yellow color it’s more of a clear to white i would say white more so than clear and also feels very nice on the skin i enjoy the application process this one i

Would say leaves even more so of a luminous dewy finish on the skin which actually is kind of interesting since this has more hydrating ingredients i don’t know i just found that in kind of playing around with both of them this one looked a little bit dewer on my skin maybe that’s just me and my unique skin so not anything majorly different within the actual feel

And application of the product okay let’s talk final thoughts and comparison here as a general consumer this really irritates me that we don’t know the difference in the percentages of retinol because i feel like that would really help me make a recommendation or at least as a consumer help you make a purchase it bugs me because there are so many ingredients that

Are similar between the two so it’s not like one is a clear winner you have retinol in both you have niacinamide in both you have their three essential ceramides you have hyaluronic acid you have cholesterol you have a lot of the same ingredients which is confusing the biggest difference is that this has more of those hydrating skin replenishing ingredients than

This one does but this one has licorice root extract which helps to brighten the skin and then just has less going on in general but other than that retinol is retinal and yes while the other ingredients do matter and can play a role in the improvements that you see in your skin i find it interesting that they say that this one is to help with acne scars and

Pores and this one is to help with anti-aging and fine lines because those are all just benefits of retinol do you know what i mean so like yes licorice root extract will help to brighten the skin further but brightening the skin improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation improving the appearance of pores and skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles are all

Known benefits of retinol slash retinoids so unfortunately i wish i could give you guys a clear answer here i don’t really think you can go wrong as far as a drugstore retinol goes do i think this is going to be the highest form of retinol available at the drugstore probably not and the only way you would be able to tell which one makes more of a difference in

Your skin is to use both so if these two serums have the exact same amount of retinol in them i would say you might as well just go for the skin renewing retinol serum because of the addition of those hydrating ingredients and the skin replenishing ingredients and i think that those are really great things to help to potentially minimize some of that irritation

That can occur with retinol but at the end of the day my retinoid is just straight up tretinoin and doesn’t have any additional ingredients in it because the reason i’m using it is for that high potency for the tretinoin and then i get skin replenishing ingredients and my moisturizers and my serum so i don’t want you to feel like you need to be on the lookout

For a retinol serum that has the most amazing all-encompassing list of skincare ingredients because that’s not the purpose of retinol at the end of the day well yes it’s nice to have those ingredients we can get them in other skincare products so it’s definitely not necessary so i wish i could give you guys a clear indication as to which one is superior from

An anti-aging perspective unfortunately sarah v is not making that any easier for us so i can’t really do that my guess is that it’s this one but there’s no way for me to know for sure so you guys will have to let me know in the comments below do you use either of these have you tried both have you really noticed any sort of major difference between the two

With continued use i’m very curious if you guys are wondering why i even have these since i do use tretinoin it’s because i actually use retinol on my neck and on the backs of my hands and just try to take every measure i possibly can for those areas that are very susceptible to signs of aging as well so sunspots on the back of the hand are very common and then

Of course our necks can wrinkle too very much so and you guys know i’m very concerned about the future of my neck so i put retinol serum on my neck so that’s how i use these two and i honestly don’t really have a preference between the two and i use these in combination with a thicker moisturizing cream on top as well so i will lay down a layer of the retinol

Moisturizing cream on top seal in that hydration so if you are also interested in neck and hand anti-aging and you already use tretinoin or a different retinoid on your face then this could be something that you use in those areas as well all right you guys so that’s everything for this cerave retinal serum a comparison video i hope that you guys enjoyed it

Very curious to hear your thoughts on these two products so sound off in the comments below we will chat there and of course if there’s anything else you would like to see from me next leave a comment with that request i would love to do that for you if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe and also click on that notification

Bell because i upload three to five days a week for you guys so my next video will be up in a few days and until then i hope you have a great few days

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Cerave Skin Renewing Retinol Serum vs. Cerave Skin Resurfacing Retinol Serum Comparison Review By Abbey Yung