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CINEMATIC GAMEPLAY PREVIEW of the World of Warcraft Pandemic Board Game!

Pandemic: World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King is releasing THIS November! This video showcases the game components along with detailing how exactly the game plays. Hope you enjoy the video!

You know that i had to get the actual frostmourne in order to make that cinematic video which i hope that you all enjoy so thank you so much to z man games for sponsoring today’s video today we are talking about the world of warcraft board game integrated with the pandemic system now this game is designed by alexander ortloff justin campinan and michael sanfilippo

Based on pandemic by matt licoff now today i’m incredibly excited to talk to you about how this board game plays out both cooperatively up to five players and also in solo mode but if you’re interested in my review about this game and my overall thoughts about game mechanics and so forth that video will be going live here momentarily so please make sure you are

Subscribed and have your notifications on so you do not miss that review video as well so today we are going to turn back the hands of time we’re going to turn back the clock to arguably one of the golden eras of world of warcraft we’re going back to the era of the wrath of the lich king his undead scourge have run rampant throughout northrend and your goal is to

Fight your way through his army complete quests and reach icecrown citadel to challenge the lich king himself before your heroes fall to the undead army you start off choosing one out of seven classic characters who all have their own player board and miniature if you are playing solo you will be able to control three characters at once and each character has two

Unique abilities and different health pools now like the pandemic board game starting out with an infection this game starts out with an undead army spawning right off the bat so you’ll be drawing cars from the scourge deck that’ll spawn a different number of enemies in random areas the lich king is also immediately present on the board and he’ll spawn in one out

Of three random areas you can’t fight him just yet but he does exert an influence over the areas that he’s currently in now that means if the lich king is in the purple region of the board and you’re gonna take one extra damage every single time that you quest and or fight okay from there your heroes all have unique starting places on the map and then you’ll be

Able to set the difficulty of the game by separating hero cards into a different number of piles in each pile you’re gonna put one of these cards called scourge rises cards this is straight up bad news for you and it’s an outbreak so the timer counts down the lich king moves more ghouls spawn and an abomination spawns as well a bunch of bad things happen this

Basically means that you have to deal with more and more crazy events and spawns the harder difficulty that you choose now you might be wondering how do you play this game well you have four actions on your turn so you can move to an adjacent space so movement is your very first action you can take your character and then move to any space that’s connected to

Regions on the map you can also move directly to flight paths once you draw a stronghold card now when you encounter a ghoul or the giant abominations you can choose to fight them by rolling two dice one damage is dealt with each of these symbols that you roll with two being the max per die and ghouls all have one health and abominations have three health i’ll

Show you a sample combo round after we talk about hero cards so we are moving to adjacent spaces and also we can double up on actions so out of those four actions i can move like you know four times along with movements our second possible action is to fight by rolling combat dice and our third possible action is to quest now the whole point of this game is to

Travel across northwest and complete quests associated with their corresponding region and then from there once you complete all three quests you’re going to go to icecrown citadel and the citadel will actually transform so this is going to turn upside down and then the lich king is going to be the last person that you face along with his associated quest as

Well in order to complete the first three quests you have to have a hero on this quest icon space then you’re going to roll dice and advance on their tracks depending on how many hits that you’ve got you’re also going to take damage as listed on the quest card which is then reduced by how many shields that you roll as well if you are questing on a region that

The lich king is in like i mentioned earlier you’ll be taking one extra damage even if you finish the quest you’ll also be contributing hero cards in order to advance this marker and playing cooperatively different heroes can actually help you quest so for example for thrall as long as he’s in the same region as you the player controlling thrall can then give

You cards in order to contribute to your quest those cards do not get discarded but as long as you have them you’ll be able to advance in that particular quest now once you finish your quest you gotta read the rewards right so after you finish for example woodguard keep you then have the award listed underneath it so for example this one is onward to victory

Each quest will have a random unique reward there are nine possible rewards in total that this game has they’re all pretty powerful and will help you a lot during your game and lastly after questing and taking damage you’re gonna need a way to heal which is done by resting outside of quest zones by rolling dice to heal damage for each hit okay on top of the four

Actions that you can perform you also have this deck of hero cards that you’ll have access to these are all free actions so you can perform them at any time during your turn and also you can play them as often as you like as well fight cards will give you extra damage in combat defend reduces damage from questing or fighting travel of course boosts your movement

Heal lets you rest and also allows you to recover extra health overall and of course your stronghold is your flight path so let’s do a sample gameplay round let’s say that i just drew these scourge rises now with this card pretty much all the bad events that i mentioned earlier happened right so i have this entire horde of undead minions and the abomination have

Just spawned over here in valgard problem is all my heroes are all spread out so i’m gonna go ahead and start off with jaina so it’s jaina’s turn jaina proudmoore has an ability which allows her to teleport up to four spaces away which is amazing for us which means that i can run away from this abomination that abomination is chasing her with the hook so she’s

Gonna teleport and also get rid of this undead minion before my despair marker keeps going down i only have two spaces left on my despair marker which means i’m gonna use teleport and teleport up to four spaces away one two three and four instantly i have landed in valgard i have also not used any of my actions just yet then i’m going to initiate combat and

Roll dice we roll and we get one shield and one uh double icon with the shield and the fist symbol so with this combo i can get rid of one scourge minion but that also means i defend against two attacks in this case i would have one two three attacks to defend against but two of those dice will negate two attacks from these two minions i still have one attack

Left from the abomination she has frost armor which means i have one extra shield when i fight she takes zero damage then my second action i’m gonna fight again i roll i get three attack icons which means i can either get rid of two minions or because the abomination has a total of three health i can get rid of the abomination right away i’m gonna do just that

And look at what we have here i also have a fight card so this fight card means that i can deal two extra damage during battle i’m gonna do just that and play it right now and these two scourge minions have now been defeated i still have two actions left um what i can do is just pretty much move twice and get myself ready for the next turn over here in this quest

Location to help out tyrion that is how the world of warcraft pandemic board game works i hope you all enjoyed this preview video along with the cinematic video as well thank you so much for being here and i’ll see you all in the next video you

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CINEMATIC GAMEPLAY PREVIEW of the World of Warcraft Pandemic Board Game! By Tim Chuon