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Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Tanner Demo and HONEST REVIEW! My new fav fake tan!?!?

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel thank you so much for watching welcome to my channel if you are new here so as you can see today i am reviewing a new tan i know you guys like these kind of videos so today we’re going to be reviewing the coco and eve sunny honey barley bronzing foam in the shade dark so i’m going to do a little demo for you on how i apply it

And also my final thoughts at the end so if you do want to hear my thoughts on this tan and you want to see how it applies then just keep on watching so i have already showered before this video so i just ensured that my skin super clean and exfoliated i used the frank body original coffee scrub and then just any old subscriber that i had i just happened to use

The sanctuary body scrub after that i just moisturized my elbows and my knees anywhere that i find feitan clings to or any drier areas it came in this super cute kind of wash bag this is great for travel as well so you don’t have to worry about your fake tan kind of coming out in your suitcase but i have already used this before because with any fake tan i do like

To try it out and if i like it then i’m going to do a video on it so this is the coco and eve barley bronzing foam and i got the shade dark and i also got their fake tanning mitt so as you can see i have already used it previously i used it last weekend so i’ll use it um a couple times and then you can easily just put it in the wash and then i also got the um

Kabuki brush which is great for like your face hands and down the neck as well before i go ahead and show you the application as i have used it before i just want to kind of touch on how it kind of wore and rubbed off because i don’t like tans that come off in like patches make your skin super dry and it goes like tiger bread this is the one thing that i noticed

About this tan so i wore it last weekend and i kind of scrubbed the remainder off this morning and i did notice that there wasn’t too much left on there and if there was it kind of just faded it didn’t really go patchy around my hands you know like saint maritz days when it goes like tiger bread so i love these kind of mitts where they’ve got a little thumb there

Because it just makes application so much easier and also it’s like a velvet so i feel like the time goes on so much smoother so i like to do three pumps kind of per limb in circular motions and then i leave my hand free for the end which i’ll show you what i do in a second okay you saw how easy that application was it doesn’t go patchy it doesn’t kind of like

Tug on your skin it just goes on super smooth and it doesn’t smell like biscuits i can’t go over the smell the smell is just insane and the same with your chest i do kind of two and a half pumps and circulations around the neck so i have to get josh to do my back later but what i tend to do is do my top half and i kind of let that dry um and then i’ll do my

Legs and then once i’ve done my legs i’ll do another layer on my top half because i like to be dark but i always like to opt for the dark option rather than ultra dark just because i kind of like to adapt what kind of um depth i want to go and i feel like sometimes ultra dark day to day i don’t want it to be like too much i just want like a subtle glow whereas

I feel like if you layer it up um you can achieve the kind of ultra dark um depth still before i do my legs i’m actually going to do my face and i don’t normally put like foam body tan on my face i do have a separate one that i normally use um but i’m just going to try it and i really want to try the kabuki brush because i haven’t tried it yet so i’ve done my

Normal skincare today and i do have um moisturizer on my face i always like to use moisturizer on my face before tan anyway so it doesn’t cling to any dry areas if you’ve used tan on your face before then you probably are aware of sometimes it can like cling to areas like it clings to blemishes and accentuate your spots and then it’s harder to kind of cover up

Those blemishes acne scars or spots so that’s why i tend to not use this kind of foam on my face but as it is more moisturizing i just want to see what it turns out like and i’m not wearing makeup today so i just feel like it’s the perfect time to try it i’m just gonna get a little bit on the brush just dab it on and buff it in circular motions super quickly do

It as well i’m always scared to use stuff like this on my face in case it breaks me out i’m really trying to be good with my skin at the moment so let’s hope it doesn’t break me out but it let’s try it for the video i’m gonna try and not get it in my hair either so it doesn’t like stain it i’m also going to use that kabuki brush down the neck as well because it

Does seem like the kabuki brush applies a lot more product so that is it close up so obviously it’s hard to tell because i’ve just applied it like most towns it obviously has a guard color and the girl color is pretty yeah it doesn’t have like a kind of orangey tone it’s definitely more kind of like olive um and it doesn’t have a green tinge which is always good

News all right so i’m gonna go ahead and do a second layer and i’ll come back and show you how i do the hands i’m just going to read out some of the information on the back so it says no streaks no bad smells no stress a unique cellular shape formula infused with raw virgin coconut botanicals and amino acids or amino acids i’m not sure about that one to hydrate

And firm skin and i’ll show you what i do with my hands so like i said so i’ll moisturize all over my hands like so and then i’ll just use whatever’s left on the mitt that way you don’t get too much product on there just do a little claw get into the nook and crannies and then also in between kind of on the sides of the fingers as well so you get every little

Bit it looks as natural as possible and then what i’ll do is actually wash my hands in about an hour or so and then that way they don’t over develop so that’s what it looks like as i’ve just applied it so i wouldn’t recommend doing a pump and then doing your hands same goes for your feet as well and that way you’ll just ensure you’ll get a nice even tan because

You’ve got the moisture under moisturizer under there so that just ensures that it doesn’t grab on to like dry areas so as i said i’m going to go about my day and let it develop but it is now oh quarter 12 so it’s almost lunch time um so i am probably gonna wash it off maybe later on this evening um but i may show you tomorrow just so you can see it in natural

Daylight so it’s the next day now i am fresh out the shower i know i said i wasn’t gonna sleep in it but i literally could not be asked i was sorting the attic out sorting packing all that kind of jazz so i could not be asked and i needed to clean my bedsheets so i thought okay anyways so yes this is what the tan looks like so the one thing that i noticed when

I first used it is it washes off to a really nice color it’s kind of hard to see i feel like the natural light is washing me out but hopefully you can kind of get the just stand back a little bit and also my hands as well my hands are not like orange there are no patches at all so that is definitely the trick with moisturizing them so i’m going to moisturize

Now and i love the good old nivea i feel like this just leaves your skin looking really glowy and really hydrated as well so you always want to moisturize after you turn to really lock in that turn because if you do get dry skin then it kind of ends up coming off quicker so i try to moisturize daily so you can see how much of a glow it gives oh and also i just

Want to mention tan on my face so i have washed my face twice since putting it on obviously last night and this morning so it has um faded quite a lot but obviously that is gonna happen when you wash your face every day um but it’s still left like a nice tint um and also i did notice it hasn’t like clung to any of my blemishes either but i’m gonna go get ready

Now and i’ll let you know my final thoughts i’m ready now so this is my tan all moisturized so as you can see i feel like it looks pretty natural i feel like my hands came out really good as i said not too orange or patchy which is a bonus and so yeah i think so obviously i did kind of show you in daylight earlier but it is now dark outside which is why i’m in my

Usual spot with my studio lights but i’m glad you got to see it in natural daylight um but obviously i am in front of my um artificial lights now but i have made the brightness a little bit darker just so it kind of gives so i just made it darker now that might be a bit too dark just so you can get a true representation of the the color of the tan so the first

Thing that i noticed when applying this tan it smells absolutely amazing like it’s definitely the best smelling fake tan that i’ve ever used it’s just very fruity very tropical and also i like how the consistency um is quite smooth like it doesn’t dry down too quick it feels really hydrating on the skin and instantly and it does feel a little bit sticky um kind

Of you know after you’ve applied it like most hands i do have tans that do dry um a lot quicker like my molly may one for example dries down super fast whereas this one it does stay a little bit sticky um a little bit after but i mean i did go about my day and i cleaned i tried to eat i just put a baggie top on i didn’t really notice it feel too sticky um but

Obviously it might feel a bit different if you are sleeping in it another thing that i really love is the mitt obviously excuse i’ve just used it it is dirty but i love the mitt with the little thumb because it just helps you apply the tan so much easier i love the fact that it’s this really soft velvet as well so it that paired with like a hydrating tan is just

Such a good combo because it goes on so smoothly and so quickly as well i feel like i hardly have to work it in so just a note that i did apply two layers of this so as i said i have the dark shade so obviously if you like to go a little bit darker then maybe you might want to opt for the ultra dark just a really nice golden color so yeah i feel like in the summer

It will look really nice and natural as well so i would definitely recommend this tan if you’re looking for a new one on the market i’ll leave links down below on where to get this specific one if you want to see more fake town reviews then please let me know let me know which ones you want me to review in the comment section down below and if there’s any other

Products you want me to review then please let me know didn’t mean to do a little clap there that is everything from me i really hope you found this video helpful if you were thinking about getting this down this town if you were thinking about getting this tan but yes thank you so much for watching and you’ll see me in my next one bye

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Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Tanner Demo and HONEST REVIEW! My new fav fake tan!?!? By Hannah Kemp