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Comrad Compression Socks for Pregnancy Review!

Compression socks can make your legs feel a whole lot better when you are pregnant! Check out our quick review of the comfy and stylish Comrad Compression Socks.

Hi friends emily here with experience money and today i am doing a product review of the comrade compression socks that i received in the mail specifically to do this review so a lot of the reason why i wear them is especially through pregnancy your calves can start to swell i have worn compression socks on long runs and things like that so i’m kind of particular

So we’ll see how i like them there’s this little card of what they can be used for they have traveling pregnant exercising post workout standing all day long or even at the office so if you’re sitting it can increase circulation through your lower limbs and then on the back of this they want to make sure that you know how to put on a compression sock the right

Way because of how tight they can be they initially tell you to reach into the soft and grab the heel and pull 3/4 of the sock onto a small pocket and put it up to the toe and then to point your toe down and place your foot inside the small pocket grab the cuff of the sock and just pull the sock over the rest of your foot heel and then the calf and then to pull

The sock upward to cover the rest of your leg just below the knee and smooth out any wrinkles for the perfect fit these companion comrade socks are kind of fun my husband has said that they actually look really cute on they come in all sorts of different colors there’s a navy with like an orangish red striped i have the pink with the blue stripes and then there

Is a light blue with red and even a white with pink not all of them are striped you can get some of them that are just full color on line these are the comrade medium size and i think the medium fits me great i have a fairly large calf muscle so a lot of women have very thin calves so you might want this small the small is a seven to nine and then the medium

Is a nine to eleven and i actually wear a size eight eight and a half i’ve been wearing these compression socks for about a week now i’ve been on a run with these comrade socks i actually really enjoy the material they’re very comfortable really well stitched no wrinkle i did feel supported when i’m walking around the house and these it’s very tight in the right

Places so right around like the major part of the calf muscle it has some extra fabric on both the heel and the toe sometimes my toenail goes through socks and so having that extra fabric is really great for me it feels very breathable and so even how can it feel like you’re really hot or really cold on anna’s on retail for about $30 each which i think is a pretty

Reasonable price for a good compression sock but the only con that i will say my feet are a little bit different sized and obviously the big toe makes a pretty big indention in the sock even after they’ve been washed and i would love to see the left and the right actually noted so i remember and i know which one to put on which foot when i come back to it the

Other only con that i would say about these is that the arch of the compression sock doesn’t necessarily have extra support and i have kind of high arches so feeling a little bit more compression around the arch that’s always something that i like to see in compression socks so that is the conrad compression socks i like him and enjoy him and you guys should check him out mama out

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Comrad Compression Socks for Pregnancy Review! By Experienced Mommy