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Convenient Container Combines: Blender Bottle ProStak Review

You’re on the go. You need your whey shake. That’s where the ProStak shines. The Blender Bottle mixes your whey. The stack holds your powder until you need it. Awesome combo for on the go! There is even a container for your supplements as well! I’ve been impressed at how well the Blender Bottle whisk ball mixes even the most difficult whey powders. This combo is no exception. It blends very well. The extra containers lock onto the bottle making it very easy to carry your whey powder separate from your water. I’ve made all kinds of messes trying to take whey shakes with me unmixed. Mixed and they get nasty. Solve both those issues. The large container is just the right size for a large protein powder scoop. It’s like they planned that! I would definitely recommend having one of these on hand.

Hey there youtube we have protein shakes regularly sometimes you have issues mixing them and they get clumpy so you need a shaker bottle well brand that i tend to like is the blender bottle and so we got another one because we always seem to have them dirty because we use them so much this is the blender bottle pro stack different didn’t know what it was but you’ve

Got the standard blender bottle proprietary whisk which blends those protein powders amazingly well if you’ve seen our other blender bottle videos where we’ve tested it out you can see how well these do we’ll show that off again in this video but it’s kind of harder to see because this is a darker bottle so you’ve got these additional containers here as well as your

Blender bottle so you can see this blender bottles a little bit smaller you’ve still got the gradiated side so you see ounces and milliliters and then you could probably see the water inside bouncing around and then you’ve got the lid there’s no gasket as far as i can tell inside there that black is really hard to see the contrast on on-camera so i’m gonna move it

Around light so hopefully you can see that better from my experience this style of lid has worked very well as far as maintaining a seal and not making a mess and then the lid which you can see was holding kind of tight there is also without a gasket it just creates a seal but you push down and when you hear that snap any there you go there’s the snap you’ve got a

Really good seal they remind you not to do warm liquids or it was things like pancake batter things that might bubble or add pressure inside the bottle because it can pop the lid open and spray have not tested that myself because they said don’t do it so i haven’t actually done it i know strange huh the bottle normal blender bottle just smaller and then you’ve got

These two containers two different sizes for whatever you need so in big one just for demonstration purposes i filled that full of whey powder so see that there it’s a great way to carry it and have it on the go make it easy to pour in so you can mix your protein shake on the road instead of having to buy those more expensive protein bars i really like that great

Feature for this then you’ve got another one if you have a smaller scoop of protein powder or you can fill it with something else i suppose and then it has this which is a pill container that fits into the bottom of this lid and you could put your supplements i put omega-3s in there just as a demonstration but yeah that just fits right into the lid there and as you

Saw they fit right onto the bottom of the cup that’s really cool have all your stuff on the go you can carry it with you to the gym very convenient i really like this system so naturally you could just on the road make a mess because that’s apparently what i do drop your blender whisk in there well you probably already have that in there close it up make sure it

Snaps and then shake for about 30 seconds then i’ll open this up and then you look in there and it’s very very well mixed you got your shake all well done love this thing definitely would recommend it for anyone on the go

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