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Costco Sale Item Review Liquid I.V. LiquidIV IV Hydration Multiplier Taste Test

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All right so this is going to be a costco sale item review of this liquid iv powder okay so this is normally 28.99 it was eight dollars off so it was basically 21 plus tax um this isn’t considered food so that yes they charge tax well i don’t yeah i think that’s just like california is that just a california thing i don’t know but we don’t charge we don’t get

Charged for food but this doesn’t count as food apparently okay so anyways they had four different flavors there was i think a lemon ginger one that one wasn’t on sale that only had 24 there was a tangerine one or something that also only had 24 but it was on sale and then there was a strawberry one which kind of tasted like those strawberry astronaut ice cream

Things so yeah so i like the lemon lime the best it the flavor really reminded me of like the lemon lemon flavored or something of um gatorade but um yeah they had samples when i was when i was trying this so anyways there’s 30 on the go packs all right powered by ctt liquid iv fueling life’s adventures hydration multiplier okay so there’s an electrolyte drink mix

Right so it tells you i mean hydration is for all the stuff whatever but it says performance heat and sun travel or wellness 30 0.56 ounce 16 gram stick packets or packs right 16.9 ounce net weight and you got lemon lime all right and other natural flavors on the bottom they have the the barcode um well i’ll open it later um when i went to costco at the samples

They even gave me like an extra one for free a bonus one for buying it um and it comes like this so i’ll open this and show you what they look like inside and then we’ll verify that there are 30 in there all right non-gmo okay do you drink enough water okay so why liquid iv two to two point five times faster hydration than water alone utilizing cellular cellular

Transport technology three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks uh five essential vitamins b3 b5 b6 b12 and vitamin c great taste natural lemon lime flavor non gmo vegan gluten free dairy free soy free so yeah i think there’s not really any allergen stuff in here so our winning difference breakthrough uh science of cellular transport technology

Is an optimal ratio of nutrients that delivers hydration rapidly into your bloodstream hydrating you two to two and a half times faster and more efficiently than water alone all right sodium potassium glucose water equals ctt so that’s what they do they mix like a certain amount of these things and it helps your body absorb the water better because otherwise your

Body can’t really readily just absorb the water anyways so it depends on non-gmo sugar plus mine salt strictly for function not taste all right so here we go uh the uh osmotic osmo osmalite osmola lalalady the osmolality lab has certified this product for optimized levels of osmolality and makes no further claims representations or warranties whether expressed

Or implied on the product or business right and you can see best if used by january oh february 1st i guess first of february 2024 so a little bit less than two years it is the end of may so almost june i guess a year and a half ish all right anyways we partnered with you uh the liv community to help save lives around the world with each purchase you make we

Donate a serving of liquid iv to someone in need we are on a mission to help people live better a lot better lives everywhere all right and we could not do it without you together we will change the world ctw all right liquid iv founder uh brandon cohen on a give back mission trip in nepal here you can see the nutrition facts all right 30 servings per container

Serving size 1 stick 16 grams calories 45 all right there is sodium 500 milligrams 22 percent carbs 11 grams 4 there is 11 grams of sugar 11 grams added sugar 370 milligrams of potassium 8 percent vitamin c 73 milligrams 80 percent niacin 22.8 milligrams 140 vitamin b6 2.28 milligrams 130 vitamin b12 6.82 micrograms eight two hundred eighty percent and pantho

Pantothenic acid 11.4 milligrams 230 percent oh sorry you probably can’t even see because i was holding it wrong all right and the ingredients pure cane sugar dextrose citric acid salt potassium citrate sodium citrate di potassium phosphate silicon dioxide rebood dioxide i don’t know how to say that a stevia leaf extract natural flavor vitamin c ascorbic acid

Vitamin b3 niacinamide vitamin b5 d calcium pantothenate pantothenate vitamin b6 periodoxin hydrochloride and vitamin b12 cyanocobalamin all right here you can see distributed by the liv live group inc el segundo california 90245 you can see the phone number there suggested use add one stick to 16 ounce of water and mix thoroughly before drinking take as needed

To support hydration recommended by doctors and safe and safe for kids store in a cool dry place no preservatives no artificial sweeteners no artificial flavors and artificial colors okay so let’s open this thing up we’re gonna tear this just like that and now you no longer have a place to hang that you’re gonna have to tear from this side because now it went

There and you can’t tear it so we’re gonna tear this oh that didn’t work okay i guess we’re gonna just pull that off and hopefully it tore you see this it tore it tore above the seal so i’m gonna have to use scissors to cut this open you can see where it actually is melted in place so it actually tore above the melted part so if you’re going to open this make

Sure that you tear it downwards first to make it go below the the melted seal all right anyways let’s go ahead and open this thing up okay just like this and they come in these packets again they gave me one for free and i’m going to show you this one because the other one i crumpled it all up right ctt cellular transport technology all right add to 16 ounce

Of water i don’t know if it matters if you add to more water it’ll just dilute it more and make it not taste as nice you can see it has all the nutrition facts on the back has the expiration date and it has a barcode here so for resale if you own a store and you want to resell these you can they have a barcode so it’s easy to do that and again they are labeled

For individual sale with the ingredients and everything this leading science depends on gmo sugar okay yeah they have all the same information that they have on the other thing all right so i’m gonna put that back in this pack and i’m gonna seal this up it has a little ziploc thingy i don’t know if it’s gonna work right a lot of times these don’t but okay it is

Airtight so good all right so we’re gonna open this up i’m pretty sure i have more than 16 ounces i think you’re supposed to tear it this way i’m left-handed let’s see if i can tear it this way and yes i can and if i’m right-handed oops i’m not right-handed but i just turned it backwards and yeah you can tear it either way it tears easily okay um you can see what

Material it’s made of it’s like foil but it’s coated in the powder so it makes it look white it tastes like it tastes like um what do you call lemon meringue okay so i’m pretty sure this is more than 16 ounces of water and i did put ice that melted in there we’re just gonna pour this in it’s just this white powder okay and we’re going to close it up smells

Good i don’t know if it’s a good idea to inhale the powders because that’s not good for your lungs anyways let’s shake this thing up i’m gonna see what it tastes like because i put so much in here i might need more ice actually but uh you can shake this up you can stir it with spoon or whatever of course but let’s go ahead and see how this goes since i put a

Lot more water than i probably needed it’s probably going to dissolve really quick let’s see what it looks like also when it dissolves oh wow it’s so foamy it’s all fizzy i don’t know if it’s supposed to be fizzy is it gonna taste fizzy let me let me try some while it’s fizzing yeah so it’s still good i’m pretty sure this is more than 16 ounces of water oops

But it’s good okay so there you go that’s what it looks like the water turned a bit more cloudy as you can see it looks kind of like lemonade color but yeah it tastes pretty good it tastes like a slightly salty um slightly salty lemon gatorade i think i think that’s how i would describe it not like really salty it’s just like slightly salty very slightly but

It’s good it’s refreshing oops got the powder everywhere but yeah i like this um and it helps with absorbing height and water hydration i don’t know of course you could always just drink more water i guess and eat more foods to help with that more potassium more salts and yeah i don’t know what else to say about this i like the flavor if it does what it does i

Guess that’s good especially if you’re very active and you get dehydrated quick if it does what it says then this will help you out anyways thanks for watching and i’ll see you all in the next one let’s drop this bye

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Costco Sale Item Review Liquid I.V. LiquidIV IV Hydration Multiplier Taste Test By It’s Binh (Been) Repaired \u0026 Reviewed