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Customer Review! Ativafit Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

8 Level Adjustable Resistance Exercise for Whole Body with LCD Monitor for Home Use Folding Magnetic Rower

Everyone so today i’m really excited to share with you all this rowing machine that i’ve received i’m super excited about this product because it’s a high quality product it’s definitely going to help you get fit and most importantly guys it’s easy to store and it’s easy to put together um starting off as you can see here it comes with all the necessary hardware

That you need you don’t have to worry about going out to the store and buying additional supplies or anything like that to get this put together so i’m going to go ahead and start putting this together i’ll show you guys exactly what you’re right so now as you guys can see i went ahead and took everything out of the box that came in and these are all the parts that

It comes with very simple design really easy to put together so i’ll just show you the parts and then we’ll go ahead and put some of them together um so you have this piece here this will be the back um or this sorry this will be the front support of this so it’ll go down here it’ll be like the legs and then you have this led screen here which is really nice this

Is where you’re going to be able to track all of your progress and your workout time you also have this little piece here it’ll go down here at the bottom you have your seat here you also have your two feet that go on the back of this and then you have your um i guess you could say like your pedals or your foot’s uh rests here let’s see here and then you also

Have your rowing bar as well as the grip so to get started we’ll go ahead and slide this into place there this other piece in there all right so the rowing bar is there in place um so everything’s really easy and simple to put together just like i put that slid that into place you can basically do that with everything else there are a few screws and bolts that

Are required to be put in but like i said super easy to do and you have the entire kit right here so i’m going to go ahead and piece together the rest of this and i’ll show you guys how exactly to use it and how awesome it is all right everyone so i’ve now been able to completely install everything as it should be it was really easy to put together i didn’t take

Much time at all and with the help of these tools which i’ll go ahead and show you guys here so this is one of the tools you get this is the second tool and then you get this allen wrench too um so with the help of all three of these tools which are included you’re able to put this together very easily the instructions are great as well and then the last thing i

Have to do here is just put on this led screen i’ll go ahead and show you guys what this looks like so this is i would say like your control panel um you have all kinds of different things on here um it shows your time it’ll show um your rpm as well as how far you’ve rode shows your distance um calories burned and you can do a bunch of other things there’s all

Kinds of different modes on there as well and all you got to do is put two aaa batteries in the back of this and then there are two connecting ports here so i’ll go ahead and connect those very easy you don’t need any tools or anything like that so go ahead and plug those in there to finish up the process of putting this together okay and then you just slide this

On and it’s nice too because it’s adjustable you can change the angle of it there you guys go so this is fully assembled now ready to use like i said guys it didn’t take long at all to put this together so the first thing i notice is how stable it is it’s not going to tip over or anything like that at all and it’s also it has like no resistance so it slides very

Easily which is great and that’s what you want and then you can go ahead and strap your feet in here see here stretch your feet in just like that um you can move these two if you would like i like locking them in just like that and then you also can change the tension on this so you have a dial down here at the bottom the dial has eight options from low to high

So one through eight you can change the tension however you would like i like keeping it towards the top there just to really get uh you know my uh my blood going but uh you like i said you can move it all the way down to one if you’re inexperienced or just want to start off and then all you got to do is you can set the time here and you can go ahead and just

Set and begin so i’ve already had went ahead and started and then it’s really easy to use guys as i’m rolling here it shows me my rpms it shows how long i’ve been doing this which has already been 10 seconds and then it shows my distance as well and guys it is great i’m serious this product is awesome you have nice cushioned um a nice cushion handle here so it’s

Not going to rub your hands raw which is nice too because i’ve been on plenty of these before where they rub your hands and it’s just kind of annoying you don’t want to get on blisters and things like that um so overall guys i highly recommend this product all of you really easy to set up high quality has a really nice led screen here um you have eight different

Um modes here for the tension control um the seats comfortable and it looks great too so it’s going to complement um you know the scenery or wherever it is um in your house or in a gym or anything like that it’s going to look good so i definitely recommend this product to all of you

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