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DASH Mini Waffle Maker | Unboxing & Review

In this video, The Bargain Bounty Hunter unboxes and reviews the DASH mini-waffle maker. #DASH #Waffles #Unboxing

I’m gonna open it up and check it out now let’s get into it all right so here we go now i want to preface this video by saying that a couple months actually a year ago or so i did a video by on a um popcorn hot air popper by the company dash and that video did pretty well i got a lot of views on it a lot of the comments

And likes and i recently talked to dash themselves and they uh saw the video they liked it and they wanted to send me out something to open up and check out and do a review on so this is what they sent me i have absolutely no idea what is inside this box uh the gentleman that i spoke with over there he said we’re

Gonna surprise you we’re not going to tell you what we’re sending just open it up check it out tell us what you think so here it is i have absolutely no it’s no idea what is inside this box and i’m really excited about it because i love my dash hot air pop corn popper i use it every single week i should

Probably do an update on it because i get a lot of comments on it still but just so you know i use that thing every week and i’ve never had any issues with it all i do is simply take care of it i clean it out after i’m done using it and it has lasted with no issues for over a year whoa a waffle maker that is awesome

Does have a ton of products so really this is pretty cool my son is going to love this because he loves waffles and i like waffles too don’t know how much this product even cost here it is the dash multi mini waffle maker makes four waffles and then it looks like it makes waffle sticks too which is pretty cool see

Anything here right now but what i can do is i have to i’m going to need to make some waffles and we got a little brochure here talks about warranty and leaving a comment and i love their boxes the artwork it’s just fantastic great quality we’ve got a nice little packet here that gives us our instructions how to

Use it oh yes and it gives us some lovely recipes that we can make now i’d love to make some of these recipes and in fact i when i got my popcorn popper from dash it came with a similar booklet that had a bunch of different popcorn recipes and someone left the comments saying hey you should go through and make videos

Making the recipes from the brochure and i thought that’s a fantastic idea and i put the brochure aside and i cannot find it for the life of me i really wanted to do that i wanted to use that idea and make videos making the different recipes and i cannot find the book so i might have to reach out to my friends

At dash and see if i can get the book for the hot popcorn pop the hot air popcorn got some nice little pieces here keeping it in place some plastic wrap so i don’t know exactly how big these are they’re they’re good size they’re not really see underneath underneath we just have a so there is the dash multi-mini waffle maker

I’m going to as i said get some some uh ingredients for it and i’m going to make some waffles in a few seconds let’s get to that one week later and through the magic video i’m back and i have a griddle that is ready to cook on so i uh cleaned up my area and while i was doing that i plugged in the griddle it probably

Took about for it to switch over from red to green little more prep work get some things ready pam and make some waffles so this is the way they want you to open it from the side here like this so that the steam doesn’t rise up and burn instead of this little thing that i use for mixing again i am not a

Professional now i’m just going really i’m not really sure how much to put in i might be putting way too much in but we’ll learn together this is the first time my mom actually has a waffle maker not a dash brand i forget the brand that she has but it makes full-size waffles this is mini boxes here to try out these

Little waffle sticks we’ll have to see now in the instructions i looked and i could not find any place where it said how said was to till it reaches your desired um color or golden brown i guess whatever the waffle color is so i’m just going to kind of monitor it and play it by ear i’m guessing it’s probably

Only going to take five minutes maybe less me i may fast forward time a little bit just so you don’t have to stand there watching me watch this cook but uh yeah i may have the sides so my guess is i put too much in side doesn’t look too bad but on that side so i guess you live and you learn you don’t

Put as much as i put in this side so maybe just maybe when that thing switches back to green it’s going to be at the it looks like it’s going to be a huge waffle i think it all just overfilled its little that’s okay i’m making one waffle for myself as you can see that one batch of batter has given me enough to fill

All the spots in there and maybe a little too much and i still have some extra and as i was talking it just switched over to done so this one and this one actually the part that overflowed was i filled these these side pieces a little bit too much on this side here but the ones in the middle they actually

Look perfectly fine so i’m going to actually i’m not going to unplug it because i’ll make more so trying to scoop it out with this this oh no at least it’s not too hot i was able to grab it these pieces here that is a lot of waffles these are mini waffles so let’s try them up i’m going to unplug this just for now seeing that

Made four mini waffles two waffle sticks in the uh in the recipe guide or cookbook but that’s because i’m making them and not someone who actually knows what they’re doing so in the in the in the recipe in the um the cookbook it said to put some berries on top i didn’t have and being that i live in new england

I had to get some real 100 maple syrup you cannot there you can see the inside is cooked perfectly i would say it’s not overly sweet you pick up the sweetness from the maple syrup and the berries but the dough itself is not super sweet which is nice very good very very good that is the the pamphlet little

Cookbook recipe guide that the dash multi-mini waffle maker makes or gives next i’m going to finish these off camera moments later alright so now that i’ve made waffles and i’ve gone over the instructions of the waffles and i’ve unboxed the multi mini waffle maker i’m going to give you my review now um i didn’t go

Over cleaning i was going to video cleaning but it was it’s really easy all you do is you take a wet soapy sponge or um paper towel or towel nothing with abrasives abrasiveness and your so just put you know you scrub it get all the soap on there and then you wet it up wipe get all the soap off of it and then you just

Sponge it off or towel it off and then you dry it thoroughly and it’s clean you want to do the same thing the dishwasher if it’s not dishwasher safe you just want to use a sponge or a paper towel or towel now my review on the multi mini waffle maker it is 49.99 on amazon and directly from dash um it was

A primer it is a prime item so you can very easy um i i was a little confused as to the lighting system and how it was gonna work but basically if it’s red it’s heating if it’s green it’s ready so when you plug it in it’s gonna be red for about five minutes maybe and then it’s gonna switch over to green you put

Your mix in you close the lid it’s gonna go back to red again for a while but when it turns green you can open it up and it’s ready to eat waffles i felt they are mini waffles but they do make good sized waffles i didn’t feel like they were that small they’re they’re smaller but four of them this was filling

That’s where i had some over filling issues these with overfilling a couple of them i maybe even have been able to fill just a little bit more but these these waffle sticks it was hard to figure out the right amount um the one on this side actually overfilled flowed now that that is probably just a you know you

Get the feel for over time but i’m not really a waffle stick guy so i probably won’t use the waffle stick part too much but the waffle part yes i’ll use those regularly i think my son will like these waffles so overall it’s a great product cleanup is easy making the waffles is easy i know that there’s waffle

Mixes that you can buy at the grocery store put them it would work just as as fine as making the waffles from scratch like i did today but that’s up to you whether you prefer a boxed waffle scratch but i’m sure the waffle the box waffle mix will work just as good so yeah overall i think it’s a good buy 49.99 you

Can make four waffles at a time that one batch that i made made six waffles and two waffle sticks so um i made a good amount it would it was enough to uh feed me and then i gave some away good product 49.99 amazon product you can get it directly on their website in my description of this video i will have a

Link to the description to where you can purchase this on amazon and on their website if you do buy through the amazon one i actually will help me out helps me make these videos so thanks for watching and enjoy your summer and i hope you get to make a lot of waffles and i’ll talk to you next time

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DASH Mini Waffle Maker | Unboxing & Review By Bargain Bounty Hunter