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Dermatologist Reviews: Summer Sunscreen Picks!

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Hey guys dr daniel sugai board certified dermatologist welcome to my channel for those of you who are new to the channel i am a harvard trained medical surgical cosmetic dermatologist here in the pacific northwest and today’s video is going to be awesome because we’ll be talking about new sunscreens that i recently discovered that i’m really impressed by and

They’re great picks for when i go to hawaii or where i’m here hanging out in seattle summer which only lasts for like a month and a half seriously but it’s the most perfect summer ever it’s like perfect weather every day but thank you so much to bellevue lifestyle magazine and kirkland lifestyle magazine for featuring my family and i in your doctor’s edition

Just want to show you really quickly the docs are in peace here and right they have us here at the front of the article best fatherhood advice you’ve received is what they asked and i said my father told me growing up that it is impossible to have a bad day two days in a row i want to pass that on to my kids so growing up i thought it really was impossible my

Dad really said that he’s like you know what when i was really young he was like daniel when i had a bad day he’s like you know there’s no way tomorrow’s gonna be a bad day so every time i had a bad day i knew i’d bounce back and somehow the universe would play out that i have a better day and whether it was the universe luckily playing things out or actually

In my mind i made things better who knows but it worked out really well and we all form our own realities based on how we think we are what we think about and so dad taught me that at early age so i gotta talk to my kids about controlling their thoughts controlling the way we think forming our own realities to this date i can say i’ve never had two bad days

In a row so i hope that that helps you guys in living your day-to-day lives but today going back to sunscreen let’s jump into that let’s get into the sunscreen stash in my office all right back in my office let’s talk about some sunscreens this summer so the big reason why we’re wearing sunscreen the ultimate reason is to protect our skin from uv radiation and

When uv hits our skin whether uva or uvb it causes these thymine lesions these thymine dimers to form where the thymine in our dna will link up kink the dna and cause a lesion and if our skin isn’t fast enough in snipping those out we will get skin cancer whether basal cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma which is the most serious skin

Cancer up there with merkel cell carcinoma which is also related to uv radiation so all these sunscreens we talked about i wanted an spf 30 and above in the summertime i’m going to consider one with water resistance unless you’re just gonna go for a walk or not get sweaty go to the office but if you’re gonna go jump in the pool do a water resistant sunscreen and

Reapply every hour when you’re doing a water resistant sunscreen it’s just a quick little plug i got this from la roche posay this little shot glass slash mini beach bucket this is to show you need a shot glass amount of sunscreen to expose areas of your body that’s appropriate one shot glass no it’s not ranch dressing we’re eating lunch and had pizza that day

And i in my mind i was like remind myself don’t tip my pizza in this it totally made me think it was ranch at first but anyways that’s a nice illustration of that amount for exposed areas of your body and for your face your face and neck are only exposed it’s a half teaspoon amount for your ears face and neck don’t forget the back of your neck because that is an

Area where i find a lot of skin cancer now i’ve used a few in hawaii in the last few months and i wanted to test it on my kids especially the one that has a white cast it’s the cetaphil spf 50. if you have kids you’re a parent like myself you might want to use those white casting sunscreens for your kids because i don’t want to use them on my face i could use on

My body but it doesn’t matter for your kids i like it when it when you apply a sunscreen that’s thick usually there’s zinc base or titanium and zinc for your kids because one you can tell if you missed a spot two they look really cute three kids don’t care and a lot of times these really thick ones are water resistant and they are mineral based and i like to use

Mineral based sunscreens for my kids because yes we do know that chemical sunscreens do get absorbed into our bloodstream and right now we don’t know of anything bad right now um what happens but i just feel a little better using the chemical sunscreen for my kids for myself i use hybrid sunscreens with both chemical based and mineral based sunscreens chemical

Only and then also mineral base so this one is titanium and zinc oxide this is really nice not irritating it’s water resistant 80 minutes so we use this a lot when we went to the pool and beach in hawaii fragrance free has vitamin e contains prebiotics microbiome gentle spf 50 so just going to show you how thick it is it’s like a thick paste there and it goes on

With a cast and you can feel that film it lets you know that it’s there there’s a presence to it we can’t talk about sunscreen without bringing up l to md grey sunscreen brand i think probably just the leader in sunscreen ltmd does a great job this one i want to do a dedicated youtube video on uv restore but just letting you know this is a nice alternative to

The uv element uv elements has been a favorite in my office a lot of my medical assistants and nurses do love the uv elements because it’s very nice tinted thicker sunscreen that almost like is a nice bb cream like texture and finish where it will hide some blemishes the uv restore here is also tinted at its mineral base like the uv element this one’s titanium

Dioxide and zinc oxide this one is not water resistant it usually says water resistance on the front if it is this one is not but this is nice for older individuals people in their 30s and up who want to work on sun damaged skin sun freckles hyperpigmentation this also has saccharide isomerate which works with squalene to help increase skin hydration helps

With evening out skin complexion and tone and this also has ginger root extract which has antioxidant properties also help work on those dark spots if you have melasma this is a great sunscreen it also has a vitamin c derivative and also vitamin e which is great so all those antioxidants will play will work together in lightening those dark spots so the texture

Of this is on point i like how it is tinted mineral based but it does blend in quite nicely and quick so it doesn’t have obviously a white cast because it’s tinted not thick like the elements which i have no problem with but this is just a nice compromise if you want something not as thick as the uv glow which really gets me thinking why did delta do that um

And then we got the uv elements which is you know this is probably thinner than the uv elements so actually it’s not as thick as the uv glow and maybe probably not as thick as elements so i like this it’s lightweight i just put on just a little quadrant on my face here blends in very nicely so mirad’s also a nice brand you got to pay a little bit more for this

I’ve liked their environmental shield cream that’s tinted has a slight tint to it but has a lot of like nice antioxidant properties this one also has antioxidants like vitamin c and vitamin e and the vitamin c in this is actually ascorbic acid i don’t know the percentage of the ascorbic acid in this but this also has shea butter it has jojoba seed oil and also

Has glycerin which is hydrating and also niacinamide which helps brighten the skin so nice to have niacinamide if you have acne prone skin niacinamide is nice in your skin care squalane is in this as well it also has a little bit of retinol palmitate retinol which is not as potent as retinol or retinal so interesting that it has this i think the other maybe the

Other one does have retinol in it but this one is in a dropper bottle reminds me of zip stickers mega shade sunscreen but that one is a chemical based sunscreen this one is a purely mineral based this one is zinc oxide only water resistant 40 minutes so it’s in a dropper bottle so different like a serum but this goes on at the end of your routine not like a serum

Where it goes on in the middle of the routine okay put a little bit on the back of my hand here this is lightweight it feels nice let me see if there’s any white cast so i put a little bit on my cheek here yeah that rubs in very well i also got back from hawaii i’m not i didn’t get a tan so my sun protection game was on point i did use that sun shield by blue

Stone i think it’s called that worked out really well when i went to play golf so um i know it looks kind of crazy i look like a robocop but no tan after hawaii i had a great trip so yeah that’s a nice one to consider but you are going to pay the price for murad’s products uh you find this at sephora this one is one fluid ounce as well so when it comes to your

Sunscreen and a dropper make sure to put enough on as well the same principle of half teaspoon amount applies so if you’re putting that on your face and neck you’re going to burn through it kind of quick vanity cream very nice brand underrated so great for those with sensitive skin it has no fragrance no dyes no parabens and all the lanolin and stuff that could

Cause issues and sensitivities in people this one doesn’t mention if it’s water resistant but this is only zinc oxide and they had a previous one the sport that one left a white cast but very gentle this one only zinc oxide but let’s talk about how this one is does a pretty good job at being mineral based but somehow keeps it lightweight which i like a lot so

For skin of color if you have sensitive skin i think you’d do okay with this how’s that on the forehead i think good so i am very impressed with vane cream facial moisturizer spf 30 is a winner so congrats vana cream on that and then pair it with if you want to protect your lips you can do elta md’s lip protection or vanicream has a lip protectant sunscreen

Here this one’s spf 30 and water resistant so if you’re on the golf course consider this one that has titanium and zinc oxide and some dimethicone these lips are all natural and probably require a lot more sunscreen than the average person i know some people worry about the taste don’t get it in your mouth like you’re seeing on the outside it’s good so very good

Sunscreen here for your lips to consider and then also put a picture of the delta md lip sunscreen as well on the side there you can consider now coats i did a video on probably at the beginning of my channel this is one of the first sunscreens i reviewed on the dr sugai review series and then this one i wanted to try out um someone had mentioned their tinted spf

40. it comes in a nice 1.5 fluid ounce bottle very cute and portable here and it is water resistant 80 minutes sheer matte finish only mineral based and i like that their other one that was not tinted it was all mineral but very sheer and lightweight now let’s talk about this one oh it comes out almost like the super group mask screen much cheaper than the super

Group match screen let’s put this on my nose i think this fits my skin tone very well if you wanted to hide some blemishes this probably does the job too great matte finish there so if you want to hide your pores go with something like the super group matte screen or something like this with that matte finish i like coats that just doesn’t have a lot of the fancy

Stuff in it and so it’s affordable you find on amazon i bought this with my own money from amazon so this is nice if you want to go out to the pool have something water resistant but also tin if you have melasma i like tint a lot because the iron oxides will help block the visible light spectrum from the sunlight that can cause oxidative stress thus worsening

Your hyperpigmentation and melasma so this one’s another nice option this summer good job coats now i like the french brand event a lot but i just wanted to caution that and so i like their solar uv non-tinted sunscreen quite a bit it’s really nice very portable but i just want to mention that they’re tinted sunscreen though i don’t know what’s going on here it’s

A very dark tint and it’s pretty intense where it actually is permanently stained my brand new t-shirt in hawaii which i was pretty sad about but the non-tinted version of this is beautiful it’s very elegant lightweight and also just mineral based the brand taizo i was exposed to in residency for the first time and i really like the sunscreen but i haven’t got

My hands on a bottle of this until recently because this is a nice tinted sunscreen option this one is water resistant 80 minutes spf 40 very similar to coats and that it is going to be matte it’s going to have a sheer matte finish 1.75 fluid ounces so a little bigger but the price difference is noticeable i’ll put the price for this down below they put the pa

Grade is pa three plus which is the uva protection so four is the most three plus is a good uh inadequate for uva protection this is coming from the japanese pa rating so the japanese came up with the pa rating four plus being the most uva protection and uva not only causes skin cancer but also aging photo aging so the dark spots white spots red spots then also

Causes collagen degradation so let’s put this on i’m so glad to see this back again in my regimen and it just comes out really nice but this goes on really nice so if you want to hide some blemishes hyperpigmentation if you have melasma this one is a really nice option other ingredients in this it has vitamin c vitamin e so we have the antioxidants in this guy

So if you’re skin of color great options here we got the taizo and the coats now uh i did mention this in the other video here you have izdin this is a nice sunscreen here and this has aerophotona actinica eraphotona actinica is a nice ingredient in your sunscreens to help with dna repair and we talked about those thymine lesions thymine dimer lesions earlier in

This video and so this sunscreen this line here will use this well-studied ingredient that does help with dna repair if you have no dna repair capabilities you have this condition called xeroderma pigmentosum which is a very unfortunate case where you’re going to have kids these young individuals with skin cancers and premature development of sun damaged skin

Manifesting as brown spots lots of freckles they can get glaucoma cataracts they can get cataract formation at a much earlier age and so they found that the aerophotona actinica when you give that to these individuals it might help slow down the development of these pre-skin cancers to skin cancerous lesions they come with a tinted version or a non-tinted version

And they’re zinc based water resistant the smell is a little bit small reminds me of like bathroom soap besides the smell i think it’s a great sunscreen i take that to hawaii big time and i like that it is in a big 3.4 fluid ounce bottle so don’t let this the price point scare you because it’s actually it seems like double the price but the size is double all

Right guys so i hope this video was helpful hope you guys find some good sunscreen picks this summer thank you all for um having fun here and the great thoughtful comments and i’ll see you guys in the next video alright guys take care and peace you

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