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Dickies Carpenter Jean (Review, Sizing, Thoughts) | Workwear 101 | RC300 Organic Cotton Shirt

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Yo what is going on everyone my name is drew what’d it do hopefully you are having a fantastic day today and in today’s video we’re going to be looking at the dickey’s carpenter jean and the relaxed straight fit variant we’re going to look at these these are just like a nice little blue wash that i want to show you guys and talk to you guys about a little bit

And then we’re going to be looking at also the rc 300 which are the rocky clark 100 organic cotton shirts after we take a look at the dickies let’s get into the video man hope you guys enjoyed like subscribe all those things let’s get into it so these are the dickey carpenter jeans and the reason why i wanted to kind of take a look at these and show you guys

Is just the history of dickies denim and work wear is really fascinating to me you know obviously i’ve been talking about dickies and carhartt a lot and they’re very trending topics right now and i’m just an individual who’s very curious about it right so i decided to pick up the carpenter jeans dickies originally started doing denim in 1922 and so that’s a

Pretty long heritage almost 100 years of heritage they did it as an overall bib company originally and have kind of you know paved the way when it comes to uh workwear denim for a lot of working men through the early you know 1900s and so on and so forth so here’s the tag let’s see if we can get a good little image of that so i got a 33 34 as you guys can see

But let’s talk about some of the features of the pants it sits slightly below the waist obviously the pan has multiple tool pockets as a carpenter pant has a hammer loop triple stitch seams which are really important and it kind of fits over the boot and these are the triple triple stitched seams that you’re looking at right here they go around the waist and

They go down the lining of the pant awesome awesome feature that you know ensures for amazing durability down the line and that’s kind of why i love dickies as i said in 1922 is when they started constructing denim and you know that’s a long time to be doing it and dickies is a work is a workers kind of brand and obviously they want to create products that last

A long time there’s the dickies button on the waist on the lock this is a zip up pants so i’m so used to button-ups but this is a zip up pant for sure um you can see the color it’s it’s a nice uh kind of almost deeper blue color you have the left pant right there um and you know it’s just amazing in hand i i can definitely tell it’s constructed nicely it’s

A 12 ounce cotton denim construction and there i go with my edit but first impressions on body they feel really nice right they fit really nicely obviously i’m not wearing a belt but if i were to wear these out in public i’d be wearing a belt my first impression is that i like them i mean they’re just a nice solid pant feel good will break in nicely and they

Just i don’t know they have a nice feeling to them and they have a nice functionality to them with all the utility pockets that they that they have and as you can see they look and they they fit they look like they fit nice excuse me but um i decided to open up the rocky clark shirt just because i was like if i’m gonna showcase the pant might as well showcase

The shirt at the same time if i’m gonna be wearing it so here is that um rocky clark is a new york based brand focuses deeply in sustainability so this is an organic cotton shirt and i love the little emblem on the on the on the shirt and what it says and you guys will see that in a second it says division of sustainable and ethical goods i love that i don’t

Know it’s just simple made new york made in the usa sustainable goods i mean it doesn’t get much better than that ultra soft shirt i loved it so back to the pants with the shirt i mean you could you could wear these together potentially i mean why not you can see the dickies uh kind of iconography or tag right there in the back which i love is a nice little

Detail it’s a nice little red pop um you have the rocky clark shirt once again kind of what it looks like on body looks really nicely uh nothing to complain really really soft sure really good shirt and i want to say say thank you to to joe and the rocky clark team the the pant in terms of that that lining right there that’s that’s where the triple stitch is

As well um you have you know more utility just kind of showing you guys how the pan looks how it moves how it feels just so you can get an idea for how maybe you would move and feel on you um there you go with the dickey trademark so yeah so i am six foot three guys and i am about 180 pounds so i think six foot three is like 191 centimeters approximately you

Guys can do the the transitions if you’re from other countries but six foot three about 180 ish pounds and i go with a 33 34 33 waist all the way around in a 34 out seam so that’s a waist to ankle length um and that’s how most pants and i think that’s how i’m pretty sure that’s all dickies i mean i i’ve always done 33 34 and i’ve found it to be a fantastic

Fitting pant for me so i go true to size always and like i said it does not shrink so it’s already pre-shrunk it’s a 12 ounce denim that’s pre-shrunk so you guys need to keep that in mind if you’re going to be purchasing some and i wanted to put some sneakers on and just show you guys how it kind of drapes over the sneaker when you wear it definitely a super dope

Pant it’s a wide pant makes your legs look a little bit bigger makes makes everything kind of flow a little bit nicer than maybe something that’s a little bit skinny uh let’s let you breathe a little bit you know what i mean so definitely a a great feeling pain and i love the way it kind of looks right like springtime summertime it’s just a simple little look

Something you can just throw on something you can work in obviously um and and just feel comfortable in and not have to worry about you know whether the pants gonna fall apart on you it’s a it’s a made to last dickies you know carpenter gene so i love that aspect of it that’s pretty much all i have to say about it man let me know what you guys think down in

The comment section if you have any questions please let me know i’m gonna show you guys the sneakers one more time but if you have any more questions please let me know i would love to answer them man i got these actually from amazon and you know amazon is super quick with their shipping so i love that rocky clark is where you can get the shirt and the empire

City highs are sold out so sorry i hope you guys enjoyed that showcasing of the dickies carpenter pants which is i’m still wearing them right now and the rocky clark rc 300 organic cotton shirt man the shirt is really soft the dickies are obviously really durable and my first impression of both items i really like both of them hopefully you guys got some

Value i like to talk you guys through the history and whatnot of dickies and things like that um it’s really fascinating to me how a brand like dickies and has grown over the course of the last um some years 50 plus years or so it’s really incredible to kind of have some of these pants this specific fan i don’t know if i said it i probably did but if it was uh

It was it was actually constructed in 2003 so um this this pant variant has been around for the last almost 20 years this carpenter styling if you have any other questions that you want to ask me pertaining to the pant please let me know um definitely a pain i feel like i’m gonna get a ton of wear out of just because of the durability the triple stitching all

These kind of factors that play into dickey’s uh you know product that you know increase the longevity of it that’s what i really love and that’s why i’m interested in dickies products um obviously the rocky clark shirt is going to be perfect for the springtime it’s going to be beautiful in the spring it’s going to be a nice a nice little white shirt you know

What i mean and i love the sustainable aspect of it but other than that you guys i mean that’s pretty much what i have for the review hopefully you guys enjoyed the review man you can subscribe to the channel if you enjoy videos like this i’ll talk about sneakers fashion and culture i got you know a pair of sneakers on right now obviously this is the fashion

Aspect of it this is workwear i go into several different types of brand talks about you know non-workwear brands streetwear brands lifestyle brands things like that so if you’re interested subscribe connect with me on instagram drew joyner underscore man this is pretty much the outro the video at this point i don’t know what else to say hopefully you enjoyed

The video i’ll see you guys in the next one have a wonderful rest of your day peace so i

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Dickies Carpenter Jean (Review, Sizing, Thoughts) | Workwear 101 | RC300 Organic Cotton Shirt By Drew Joiner