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Disney DCM 9 Mickey Mini Waffle Maker Review & Unboxing

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Hi everyone it’s neil welcome to my kitchen and today i have this mickey mouse waffle maker and i had another waffle maker but um i saw this one i’m like oh man i totally gotta get it it makes mickey mouse and i’ve seen some of the other ones that make the mickey mouses that are very flat more like pancakes but i kind of like to get this one here because it

Makes it more like a waffle and it was less expensive as well so it makes mickey shaped waffles so we’re going to try this out here so let’s open it up see how it looks here we go and it’s definitely not a huge weapon maker it’s not going to make huge waffles it’s kind of small here so let’s check it out here so this is the paper that it came with and knowing

How well makers work they require you to plug them in so they got the little safety tag here so if a little kid opens it they don’t plug it in i even like the way it looks on the outside here it’s got the little mickey mouse on it so i’m going to plug it in here and get it going while we talk about it okay so here we go so it’s got the little red light on it

I’m guessing the light’s probably going to go out when it’s time to put the waffle mix in this stuff over here i did whip up some waffle mix uh not quite the way it’s supposed to be i made it like pancakes i didn’t put the egg in it that it says if you’re gonna make waffles so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes and then here’s the manual that it came

With so you can see it says waffle maker and basically the features of it illuminated power light latching handle blah blah blah blah it says put the waffle maker on a flat surface plug it in the light i uh will illuminate uh says spray with oil or non-stick spray and then let it heat and then after three to five minutes the maker has heated to the potential

Return is ready oh so the light doesn’t go off or anything i guess i think it just stays hot but let me see if i have some spray i thought i had some spray somewhere in here so i do have some nonstick spray and here i’m going to show you what it looks like here so this is the the waffle maker here and you can see it’s that’s what it makes so i’m guessing it’s

Probably two inches across on the little body section and the ears are maybe each one an inch so you’re not making a huge waffle i’m going to show you my other waffle maker wherever it is so for comparison sake this is my chef men waffle maker so it makes ones that size and this one’s gonna make ones this size so you can see it’s quite a bit smaller so great

For kids or for just if you’re not wanting huge waffles but if you’re a waffle person you know waffles cook really fast so even if you are hungry you can make two or three of those in about 15 minutes probably so let’s see how this works here now let me get a spoon to spoon it in and we’re going to give this thing a shot i think it’s been heated up long enough

A little rubber foot okay so here we go so let’s see what it looks like here and i’m gonna put some waffle mix in there i think it’s enough maybe a little bit more and then let’s close it up i don’t know if i put enough because i didn’t put the egg in there so i don’t know if it’s gonna expand as much as it should but we’ll see so we’ll put it in there so how

Long does it say to cook it for it says to cook it for a few minutes i don’t know if it was really even three minutes um that has been plugged in to heat up fully but this is the first time we’re trying it so let’s see what goes let me get a little plate to put it on i even have mickey mouse plates so there you go i’m not actually going to eat this one because

Um because it’s the first one i didn’t i didn’t clean it but we’ll see i still hear some bubbling and stuff this is kind of getting pretty hot it looks like the light did go out so i’m guessing it goes out when it reaches temperature or maybe because i’ve tilted it so much i don’t know but i’m not gonna mess with that right now we’re gonna let it cook for a

Minute i’m gonna put a link to this in the description so you can pick up on yourself and also if you like get one of these you can get this they have it they sell it this and this which is a little cake pops so you can kind of see it’s a little cake pop maker and there’s a package deal where you can get both of those and i’m gonna do a review of this thing

Next um but go ahead and you can get the package deal with them both for pretty good price if you can save a little bit of money if you’re doing that or just get the this one here there’s a link to that as well so i’ll put a couple of links in there so you guys can pick out what you want actually i think they were both in the same link universe just to drop

Down on the website so do we want to look at it now see how it is yeah it’s not finished but we’re going to take it out anyway let me get that fork yeah you know what i’m just going to dump it out because i put non-stick in there and this is what it looks like so you can see oh hot i didn’t put enough stuff in but it looks like a nice waffle it’s got some

Good browning on it got some good browning on it and i like the way it’s got the little holes there so you can put butter and it’ll stay in there that’s the problem with the other ones that look like more like a pancake you can’t put the butter on there and have it soak in or syrup or whatever you want so this is the mickey mouse waffle maker and it works so

I’m giving this a thumbs up and i totally probably didn’t cook this long enough i could have cooked it longer and had it crispy although it’s not it’s not leaking or anything like that so it’s good thumbs up from me i like it and i can’t wait to make a bunch of waffles i mean it makes it so quick i could just sit there and make a whole bunch of them and they’ll

Probably still be warm by the time i make them so thanks for watching and i’ll be back soon with more things be sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video and i’ll see y’all soon thanks bye

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Disney DCM 9 Mickey Mini Waffle Maker Review & Unboxing By Neal Rapoport