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Does a Beard Straightener Work on Black Hair? | How To Use a Beard Straightener (REVIEW)

Have you ever wondered if beard straighteners work on black beard hair? So I bought a beard straightener on amazon for like $18.99 ( mainly because it came with beard oil, beard balm, and a beard comb), but will it work on my coily beard texture? If it does, I guess this will be a how to use a beard straightener on black hair video lol.

Live welcome everybody it’s mdc your friend your neighborhood pharmacist and wait welcome everybody it’s mdc dmd here in mdcax and you’re feeling about pharmacists and you can realize recently i’ve been going trying to call a little beard journey might not look like a lot but is that a quality so yeah i’ve been going through a little beard journey and i’m going

On my beard experimenting with fancy you know see what works with it and what helps it to be healthier and thicker and all them things and if you’re following me on tick tock y’all would have seen the video where i’ll show y’all that i got a beard bonnet so yes i’ve been sleeping with a beard bonnet and it helps because normally when i grow my beard it gets a lot

Of spit ends and it’s just very unhealthy and here it grows weird but since i’ve been using this kind of pretty good actually and it’s kind of easier and since i bought this from amazon now amazon basically recommended me a product which was a beard straightener so i know the beard straightener i’ve always seen it advertised for a certain type of people you know

People with streets here are ninety straight here but like wavy two streets are curly to street you know anything that’s like basically kind of straight without like a little bit of texture people like that so not really for this type of people but honestly it was recommended for like 20 it was either 20 or like 18 dollar and the thing is it came with a beard

Oil beard balm and a beard comb as well so for 20 dollar looking in jamaica now beard oil that alona 1005 to 2000 beard bomb same thing two thousand one five and big home would either be 500 to 101 000 so that’s almost four grand foregone or more you know so i’m like if i buy this and even if the beard straightener don’t work i still have those things anyway

So like why not you know so i just bought it and i say i’ll try to be a straightener to see if it works if you do nothing at all you know it would make a fun video but i would also keep the beard oil coming beard oil that’s about um from fresh thousand and first yeah um the beard all about it i don’t know so i need a new one anyway so i said you know what let me

Just get this and here it is all right so as i was saying long story short it beat up along uh my bed is still a bit short well everybody i’m here i just cut out of the shower i’m not sure if i’m using this as my engine just got out of the gonna try to be restraining now i’m not gonna make this a long video because most likely it might not work we’re not having

Much weight with it from the jump so yeah you do that you put it into a poor and then once it gets to green then we can start trying to and we can see if this works on my beard in the meantime do i’m going to come out and try and get all some of the tangles so brb all right so it’s on green by the way how i’m going to i don’t think it’s bamboo just like wood

Cone thing i like it it’s cool right now i’m gonna use this and this kind of helps the beard yeah but it says it’s on green so i’m just gonna try and go in yeah okay see if you do anything if not then i’m not putting up this video honestly i don’t feel like putting up a fail video right now as you can see so far not for us is happening i think here is a clue

Hold up wait a minute it’s too coarse to actually do anything look at that side versus this leg and if i don’t mind heat damaging my beard because i don’t know about city but i mean i’m gonna cut it down a bit just patience patience my child hold on so oh my god italo yeah it’s hard not this doing is actually doing now obviously i don’t think it’s gonna come

Up pin out straight but what the guys want is we just kind of want to get out and the light in oh yeah what oh my god it’s actually like at least stretching out the coils are you kidding oh my god what didn’t when you get with stuff and go back oh no i said like if any ladies are watching i said we’re great i couldn’t get way too tall oh my goodness this is

Crazy i mean i’m not gonna lie i’d use this like just to like have my beard out because my beard is very compact because i’m very tight coil yeah i managed i can’t believe i had zero feet let me tell you guys your face i did do a recording of this not that already but my videos was way shorter by then so no my baby is actually long enough to actually be

Doing stuff dumb what should i get this i’m you got cool straightened under this is crazy oh not regrets ah regrets now oh shoot that turned out all right i think this is the lowest strength it’s the lowest but i’m not ready i’m already trying to go up my higher to the other we’re not trying to like crisp off here not yet that’s a pretty good tool i’m

Not gonna lie i’m shook shaken to my core my core my being my soul case is wrapped i was shocked and you know that’s why i was kind of like give me all my chance because i know my beauty is hell i don’t know ever i think this is the longest i’m not trying i might rethink oh i might rethink cutting it no no it works all right i don’t know because you know

Obviously my hair is like very coarse and i’m black so i just never really expected it to like work like this now obviously don’t expect it to be like pinned straight because you know my probably your beard might get straight but like i know my bed is very close i’m very strong so yeah i’m gonna see if i can probably get dressed and like copy it up and stuff

And yeah m5 so i’ll come back later all right so here we are so i’m brushing it for the ends brushing for the ends just to get the ends to go let me brush my face brushing just to get the the edges together i’ll get some edge control i’m doing a swirl but yeah yeah oh yeah and then we’re gonna see if we can come through now my lord i never know whether

You could get these levels of whatever is like it’s crazy i’m tripping out honestly all right to give it more volume i’m going to pick instead of the actual beauty conclusion very cool okay that’s probably like a different audience not you know yeah but um i want to get some you know some beard edge so to be quite honest with you this worked you know and

It actually blew me away and when it would have worked like that good to you it might not look this good like but i was shocked i wasn’t expecting to like and another reason why i’m also impressed is because it also got my underbeard because i could never do this with my regular beard you know and just to see something going through under here so you know it

Means actually even got under there so you know fitting the space and so on yeah so honestly guys i have to give where is it honestly i’m gonna have to beat that five star five to five not five to ten because i was not expecting to do anything before it did so i’m gonna come up here now keeping with us oh you know i’m definitely gonna use it again um i might

Rethink shaving off a beard honestly because i’ve never had my beard doing this before so i actually really love this all right it’s cool uh yeah so thank you for watching the videos that are coming this week um some more weird stuff let me know my fellas if you’re a girlfriend let me know if you want your mind to look proper come over to my channel and i’ll

Help you out oh yeah actually that is um go grab yourself one it was voluntary 20. it was like 20 on amazon you know if you raised over like 20 you got the beer cool you got the beard oil and you got the beard balm five twins so yeah that’s even my boss is the first place because it was cheap you get that whole machine thing and then you get them free somewhere

As well yeah i’m gonna link it in my bio my description so go check that out and also uh after what yeah go follow my instagram and those other platforms i’m heavily on tick tock so go check me out on tick tock yeah anyways guys so much for coming this week i’m watching the video this week don’t forget to like comment and subscribe have a good family i think

We’re almost at 3 15. we’re still on the road to 500 yeah please share talk to somebody who you know would probably subscribe i really would love if i got to that 500 sometime this year earlier this year please thank you all so much for being here in the first place and subscribing anyway thank you for sticking everyone i hope to see you next week again

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