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Dr. V InZincable SPF 50 Sunscreen for Skin of Color Review + Wear Test

We’re back testing a new mineral sunscreen from a fellow content creator’s skincare brand. Dr. V’s skincare line is known for being geared towards skin of color and treating pigmentation-related issues, and this mineral sunscreen comes with it’s own set of interesting claims and promises! So what do I think of them and how does it perform?

My name is ramone cosmetic formulator and licensed aesthetician that’s right your girl’s license now and today we’re talking about a very interesting topic as i have mentioned i love i’m really interested i should say when i see other creators launch skincare brand skincare products and today we’re talking about a sunscreen launched by another content creator

Dr v aka vanita rattan a content creator she also runs a clinic that claims to specialize around pigmentation related issues and skin of color and she’s also a cosmetic formulator so she’s had a line she’s had products for a while now but recently it came to my attention that she launched a sunscreen and a mineral sunscreen at that i’m not sure if she herself

Formulated it but it’s exciting it’s interesting to see from her line especially because of what she tends to focus on with her content and because it’s specifically marketed towards skin of color and so today with that i’m talking about the new unsinkable sunscreen from dr v i did buy this with my own coin and i’ve been trying it out for the last week and so

I’m going to be showing you application footage how it works with makeup how it reapplies on itself how it works on oily acne prone skin we’re also going to be testing if it is brown skin friendly as a claim and i will also be talking about the claims of this product which going through them that was what caught my intention in the first place and there’s a lot of

Things that i think are very noteworthy i think you should really go check that part out time stamp for that’s going to be down obviously in the little slide that for me is where there’s a lot of big question marks and exclamation points stay tuned how i test and how you’re going to see in the application footage for every sunscreen i weigh out 0.8 grams which is

The amount that i specifically need for my face size i’ve measured it out i have a video on that up here explaining if you want to know i’ll be applying it to my face working it in for a few minutes letting it sit down for at least five minutes before i go on top with makeup i also have a second day where i wear unjust bare skin and see how it reapplies on itself

If there’s any white cast and if it exacerbates any white cast so getting into application day one was the day i wore this on bare skin just to see what it would look like and so you can see i weigh out the sunscreen start to apply it to half my face and work it in and first thing i notice it’s just a little bit of a lotion moisturizer texture it’s a little bit has

A little bit of body but it’s not too heavy it does have a quality that kind of reminds me of like a gel cream but it is just a little bit more rich it works to the skin though really nicely and it melts in very very quickly i don’t have a lot of issue like it doesn’t require a lot of elbow grease to work it in you can see on my face what it looks like half face

No sunscreen versus half face with tell me what you think down below in the comments but i think it looks really good so with that said i applied to this in my face and then i let it sit down for at least 10 minutes and then you can see what it looks like afterwards and then i just go about my day for a couple hours because this is the day that i just reapplied it

After wearing it on bare skin a lot of times what happens with mineral sunscreens that look good on first application is when it comes to that second application it exacerbates what minimal white caster might be because i mean i’m gonna be real i’m in the middle of a skin tone range i’m not very deep dark so i’m not obviously a good gauge for how it looks on deep

Skin if i ever find receipts on other creators trying it on and applying it on deeper skin i do always include that in the description box i’ve only seen two creators who i’ve seen do so those are josie eleanor and lakisha adams josie is a little bit deeper than i am and then lakeisha does have a much deeper skin tone for both of them it actually does look good on

Their skin as well with initial application with reup on me it actually looks very well still i’m not mad at it the white cast is not my issue with reapplication so it is something i can trust to reapply a couple times throughout the day and now it’s going to look good for day two this is the day i wore it with makeup so i go in and apply that 0.8 grams across

My face work it in let it sit down then i go on top with makeup because it does claim to be a good base for makeup a very simple beat nothing much going on and it looks really good but what i will say is it’s a moisturizing texture it’s got a moisturizing body to it and that’s nice for makeup at initial application but how that works throughout the day can vary

Substantially was i greasy at the end of the day yes i have oily acne prone skin but did my makeup break up where it normally does around my like nose and inside of my forehead no very shocking but what i will say is it did really crease in my eyelids it just it has a body it has a texture to it so i do feel it on my skin i don’t feel like it ever sets down into

My skin so makeup sits on it nicely but makeup sits on top of the sunscreen that’s sitting on top of my skin so i don’t feel like it’s ever melding as one unit so the fact that it lasted all day very very shocking it’s not one that i really want to trust if i need my makeup to look good and high humidity for several hours so application out the way let’s talk about

My experience with it i’m going to use what i call my 4b testing rubric where i talk about beard beading beet and brown skin friendly first be beard how it wears in facial hair eyebrows hairline and this is where generally no matter what the mineral sunscreen is that’s where i tend to have a little bit of an issue with that i don’t feel like i had much of an issue

I remember i had my boyfriend look at me when i had it on and he was just like i only noticed a little bit of it in your hairline and beard line because it tends to accumulate here in the edge i could rub that out really quickly and not have that be an issue so very positive experience with this overall beating how the texture wears overall with skincare does it

Peel are there were texture issues no it wears really well with skin care what i will say though is this is one you wear for for both skin types honestly as a moisturizer it’s a very moisturizing texture if you have a moisturizer underneath especially as an oily skin person it’s a little bit too much it’s where it gets to feel a little bit too heavy and you really

Feel it on the skin and it has she says a dewy finish it verges on being greasy in my opinion and i remember watching josie’s review and she agreed with me as well so worth noting beats how it wears a makeup as i mentioned it preps the skin really nicely for makeup as it mentions it’s great for makeup application it’s just it’s too moisturizing so depending on what

The makeup is what the day is like and what you want out of your makeup you will get oily my makeup didn’t break up i’m not saying that won’t happen to you but just worth noting if you have oily skin be wary of that you will be blotting you will be powdering and make sure that makeup is matte i believe dr vmix claims this is something you can reapply over makeup

As well like to reapply nothing i’d ever want to do with a mineral sunscreen i believe josie had a very negative experience doing so and i think lakeisha did too so would not reapply with this over makeup and the last be brown skin friendly very objectively very up front and you can see it on the footage looks really really good on me i’m a fenty 290 and their

Regular foundation i’m a 10 in their skin tint as i mentioned josie and the keisha’s videos are going to be in the description box it works really great on them as well this does use nano zinc particles and nano basically means it’s smaller than the micro size particles that are used in normal sunscreen formulation so because it is an even smaller zinc particle

It’s labeled to be a little bit more elegant on a more universal skin tone range because when you have bigger particles of zinc zinc itself is an insoluble particles which is this white pigment that is suspended in queen formulation because there is a small amount of reflection involved in that that’s what causes a good amount of that white cast when you make the

Particle smaller you are greatly minimizing that and so that’s reducing the white cast so that’s why it looks a lot better on more skin tones it’s not 100 invisible on every skin tone but it really helps make it a little bit more universal so let’s get into the claims of this and that’s what really caught my attention just because marketing especially around

Sunscreens especially our mineral sunscreens there’s always something there’s always something whether it’s like fear mongering or whatnot dr v she runs a clinic that deals with primarily pigmentation related issues with skin of color her skin care philosophy is primarily focused on that mentality really trying to help prevent pigmentation related issues like

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation melasma etc and skin of color that obviously has more melanin in it because those are the skin types that are more susceptible to those issues generally and so i can see a lot of that in the marketing for this i just want to go through look at the product claims one by one let’s go let’s do it first and foremost it’s invisible

That’s in the title always subjective when it comes to a mineral sunscreen that’s not something i like to see because you can’t really make that claim because you really never know how it’s gonna look on every skin tone because skin types are also a big factor as to the success of a sunscreen so so just note right off the bat i’m not gonna say it’s invisible for

Everyone because i haven’t seen that and it’s something i want to see proven with the mineral sunscreen for face and body use this is 50 ml this is a 50 ml packaging for 25 pounds again i don’t know how much gonna cost to get it in the u.s so it’s going to be even more than that it’s a small package if she had this in a bigger bottle i wouldn’t have an issue with

That necessarily but that’s expensive i don’t want to use this on my body i would reserve using this even on my neck from men women all ages to and over all skin types including sensitive skin it is mineral sunscreens they tend to have a better safety profile maximum evb uva protection she claims it is pa 4 plus and i believe she says that they got a peer rating

Of 16.4 or something like that so that is the pa 4 plus in korean sunscreen system it is zinc oxide which has it for a mineral sunscreen a decent broad spectrum protection into the uva range zinc to me has its limitations in the uva range and it is also nano zinc it is also a thought that if you reduce the size of mineral sunscreen particles aka make them nano

Like it’s in this it alters the uv absorption of the mineral sunscreen in that if you make the particle smaller it shifts the absorption more to the uvb side meaning that it reduces the uva protection of a sunscreen but if you coat the filters in the appropriate way and formulate appropriately which i’m going to trust the dr v did she’s a formulator and she runs

Skincare clinic i’m going to trust and plus she also gave us the pa value that they tested for that this does have adequate uva protection a question i did have was here in the uk and eu in order to designate that the uva protection is at least a third of the spf value evp protection you want the uva symbol circled and it’s not that’s not on the packaging at all but

Another brand another indie brand that i had this question for was like our designer said we didn’t have to do that so i don’t really know the tea around that i’m not like up to date on like all the eu regulations since i’m american but no white cast design for skin of color and as you can see as i mentioned it looks great on me and she is specifically marketing

This it’s on the packaging it’s on the website it’s on the actual bottle itself or skin of color if you look at the promo shots for all these and i’m not gonna i’m not i’m not gonna say it doesn’t work for all these skin tones or whatnot but all the models have full coverage beats on they all got full faces of makeup on i can clock the under eye corrector the

Concealer and i can i can tell they have makeup on and these are all beautiful models of color but i’m like if you’re going to market a sunscreen foreskin of color i just want to see it applied like show me swatches show me the these models applying the sunscreen on their face and what it looks like like half face with half face without or something like that

I don’t want to see these models for a sunscreen i don’t i mean i have beef around there like i don’t want to see like any skincare campaign with like models and full beats if these skincare products intended to like have a specific result around like hybrid fermentation or something but especially at sunscreen i don’t want to see the models wearing makeup

And on their website she does show dr alyssa stevens applying it and if you’re not familiar with dr alexis stevens like i’ll have the website for this link there and you can see her video she makes every mineral sunscreen work for her i do not know how i do not know the witchcraft behind it i want to see again other people different skin tones applying this and

What it looks like that’s my one thing i i’m not going to doubt that it’s not going to work for a lot of skin of color but i just don’t want all the models not showing the product and also then wearing makeup contains mellow shield which is a trademark thing i guess it’s like a proprietary thing she has in terms of like some sort of antioxidant complex to reduce

Hyperpigmentation also it stands in as blue light protection and also you have some anti-inflammatory anti-aging anti-pigmentation benefits it’s a sunscreen so you’re gonna have those last three those antis in there kind of regardless blue light protection and the mellow shield thing that’s an antioxidant situation i’m not entirely sure what ingredients she

Has that give that benefits she just says it’s a uv stable stem cell vitamin tyrosinase inhibitor they designed for people with skin of color whose primary skin concern is pigmentation from melasma sunspots acne or any scars but it’s nice to have a sunscreen i always love a little bit extra something for like antioxidant benefits you see that sometimes with like

Botanical extracts or iron oxide but what my thing is she says is the difficulty with traditional treatments has been that the majority of turazoni’s inhibitors cannot be used during the day and i just want to know like what that’s a very generalized statement that to me in the general sense is very wrong or incorrect or a little bit of an extreme because i think

Of like terrazanes inhibitors like niacinamide which is in this licorice root extracts kojic acid alpha arbutin half of those most of those technically have antioxidant capabilities or functions to them and they work great in the daytime especially in conjunction with the sunscreen because of that so i just want to know what tyrosine’s inhibitors does she mean

That you can’t use during the day are you talking about like retinoids exfoliators like that’s in my mind those aren’t necessarily tyrosines inhibitors they have different functions that tend to affect pigmentation trousers inhibitors are specific ingredients that have functions that prevent melanin production or greatly reduce melanin production in the skin in

The epidermis whereas exfoliators and retinoids they function a little bit more different from my understanding i mean comment down below if you know something i don’t tyrosine’s inhibitors can be used during the day time there’s no weird photo toxic situation that i’m aware of so that’s a claim that i’m just like please don’t spew this because you’re gonna have

People thinking they can’t use things like nice and in my during the day time now and then a big thing for her something i think she’s coined i’m not entirely sure is something called nafe safe which is nafe no denatured alcohol fragrance or essential oil so if you have sensitivity to those it doesn’t have those my thing with this and i talked about this especially

Because people who watch my videos also watch dr v’s and they ask me questions because her skincare philosophy and my skincare philosophy are contradictory a lot of times is i don’t got issues with alcohol skincare products because i understand the function that they have and she should too and as a formulator i mean she has to know that i don’t i don’t see anything

Bad unless you are sensitive to that specific ingredient fragrance same thing i love a good fragrance and a skincare product like i used my fancy skin products the other day and for the first time in a while and i was just like ugh this is so fun to use if you have a sensitivity to fragrance or essential oils i clearly like don’t use them but with her content

As someone who runs a clinic she tends to be a lot more conservative with her ideology and her skincare philosophy and so for her if it has the potential to cause any inflammation which will lead to pigmentation related issues and skin of color i want to look at it i want to talk about it like i don’t want that in my products which i understand my big issue with

That is just the fact that this is a generalized statement made around that that makes it seem like skin of color cannot under any means use these ingredients or have these things in the skincare products because it’s bad for you when reality it’s not the case if you are sensitive to these ingredients definitely like avoid them or reduce the use of them in your

Skincare routine but for a vast majority of skin care users and consumers because again the people who are actually sensitive to these things it’s like a small small percentage those ingredients aren’t an issue and i would rather her really specify that or be less generalizing with it can come across very much at face value for the average viewer who doesn’t know

And then going on to like some of the faq parts she specifies uva and uvb rays aids for aging beads for burning which i actually have content coming out about very soon kind of explaining how it’s not as black as white as we were taught to think and uvb can cause aging eva can cause burning also very very simplified explanation of what an spf value really means

It’s kind of confusing because it says spf 50 means it will take you 50 times as long to burn in the sun compared if you hadn’t worn any sunscreen at all which is kind of true in practice this means approximately two hours of protection i get what you’re saying but realistically we do know that what she’s saying is you should just reapply some screen maybe two hours

Regardless because that film of protection is going to start degrading and you want to maintain as high as protection as possible with your sunscreen then she says that this features 17 zinc oxide which helps make this a 100 mineral sunscreen she also has anti-inflammatory in parentheses and i think what she’s trying to say is zinc oxide can have anti-inflammatory

Benefits but my understanding is in order for you to get those benefits from zinc it has to be formulated a certain type of way and the way that zinc is formulated for sunscreens is different and therefore i don’t think you can get the same anti-inflammatory benefits from a sunscreen that has zinc necessarily also worth noting is that’s also again a generalization

If i wear too much zinc based sunscreens for too often or too many days in a row i actually get a lot of sensitivity in my skin a lot of uh irritation around my eye area so it’s one of those things it’s like as you can see skin is very subjective it’s not a one size fits all i don’t actually like to wear a lot of zinc based products too often because it doesn’t

Work for my skin but she also says that this is good because it means that there’s no penetration of actives or nanoparticles in the bloodstream this is why it’s safe for pregnancy children and those with sensitive skin and it’s interesting to me that so much of dr v’s content is actually on the verge of like what a lot of clean beauty brands do it’s very very

Conservative some of it gets very generalized and a little bit into the fear-mongering range i’m not trying to say she does it purposely but i think again without really specifying and being a little bit more general that’s what it can kind of come to but it’s interesting that the nanoparticles and getting to the bloodstream is where she’s on a different side a

Different perspective like in my opinion like the more science side and doesn’t feed into as much of the fear-mongering just because so many of the other aspects of the brand and her content tend to teeter on a lot of the tropes that clean beauty also latches onto it easy to apply spreads effortlessly and absorbs well into the skin please apply no more than one

Quarter to one half of a teaspoon i eat a fingertip at a time so i just work it in layers but what i don’t understand is the directions it says after you cleanse and moisturize in the morning apply a quarter to a half teaspoon of unthinkable to the back of your hand and dot it around your face a quarter to half teaspoon i use a quarter teaspoon for my face my ears

And my neck but everyone’s faces are different sizes so i think that range is adequate but i think she should also specify like your neck and your ears are important to factor in as well but then on number five into the faq what it looks like on skin she says apply the recommended small quantity on clean dry skin not wet so i’m saying you’re saying quarter to

Half teaspoon you’re saying on the face only then you’re saying a small amount like truth be told a quarter half teaspoon is not a small amount especially if you’re saying to put this on the face look at how much i have this for the sunscreen is that’s a lot of products that’s what i’m saying like a little bit more consistency a little bit more clarity in language

Would be a little bit more helpful and the last one that i’m just like why will unsinkable stop me from tanning and the answer is yes all sunscreens will limit tanning to some extent i’m like okay so is it yes or no like is it going to not keep me from tanning or is it going to work like a little bit and as i mentioned i think i have a video i link it up here

Where i mention like you’re not gonna you’re not gonna stop tanning all together from a sunscreen like want to be very honest with that it’s not really possible sunscreen can only do so much for you in your uv wardrobe consider other factors but just know like realistically sunscreen’s not gonna keep you from tanning point blank some of the marketing around some

Of the claims around this are just kind of like big question mark why exclamation point where are some of the other parts i’m like okay i can like see some reasoning behind these and so with that that’s my review of the dr v in zinkable invisible mineral broad spectrum spf 50. is this a bad product actually no this looks really good on me i haven’t seen a lot of

Deeper skin influencers really try this out the two i have josie and lakisha are going to be on the description box but if you got oily skin do beware because it is very moisturizing and kind of get really heavy it’s not cheap it’s not the most accessible necessarily so i’m gonna give it like a c let me know down below in the description box have you tried this

What was your experience with it also to help kind of gauge things tell me like what your skin tone is just so we can have a way of like gauging it make sure the video thumbs up hit the subscribe button notification bell so that you know when i post more skincare sunscreen and fence really content on my channel thanks for watching guys bye hmm

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