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Easy Open with One-Click 1L Water Bottle Review

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What’s happenin be indonesia peter grumpy and if you want to drink more water this might help you out and that’s because it’s a water bottle it’s by uz space and i just picked this up because that should reminds me maybe of the soaring water bottle that i have which i really really loved and i wanted another one but instead of getting the same one i thought why

Not try something else so just pick this up and this uz space water bottle is really cool i picked it up an orange it does come in some other color combos you can see it’s you know plexiglass that place glass that’s all right it’s like a polymer impact plastic here and we have some looks like chinese writing on here will sound like a silicone band here which

Gives you a little grip which is kind of nice i actually like the fact that it’s flat and straight all the way around so that it can rotate so like have a tab and that when it comes out it’s really obvious that it came out right here we have a plastic ring of polymer ray that goes around the neck that’s permanently installed and then a wrist lanyard i do like

That you can see actually it looks like the lanyard piece is even removable so you can take it off if you don’t want it that actually worries me just a little bit because now i have a fairly weak piece of plastic right there but as you can see the logos on there and it does have a really big wrist strap and get it around even my thumb to wrist i’m probably ever

Gonna hit this thing off there we go and you have graduated markings on site here up to a thousand milliliters maybe just a smidge more so you get a nice big water bottle it’s easy to grip it’s a little thinner than the nalgene bottles that you might be more familiar with but it’s a little longer than so that’s how they make it a little bit more handleable now

Up here on the top is what really sold me so what you can see here is we have a little softer plastic a little harder plastic the red is a little softer made out a lot softer it’s still hard and then the black is like a hard plastic but we have a clear top right there and you can see it is like a flip top so how does it work if i push this button down you can

See it releases the top open and then i have a drink spout and a breathing hole right there and you can see they both get plugged with like a silicone stopper so you don’t have to worry about things coming out so i really love that that has been what sold me especially on that water bottle especially if you’re tired you’re hiking you don’t want to screw off a

Top you don’t want to come push with your fingers to unplug the top this little button right here boom just like that is killer now i want to show you because they’ve thought about maybe an accidental discharge and this little you know what you call retainer hook here snaps in place now i hit this and it’s gonna hold that cap down so you don’t have to worry if

You want to block it you know you’ve gotten on your hip on your back or whatever that it’s gonna pop open you’re gonna lose all your water you can make sure that it’s gonna only open when you want it to open so anyway i think this is a really nice looking water bottle again it’s under 20 bucks but a nice water bottle is not inexpensive and so bpa free so if you

Want to pick this up i would highly recommend it i really love these water bottles for all sorts of purposes actual evidence just to take the top off here quickly so you can just see what it is what it looks like inside there we go a little silicone ring in there for waterproofing so if you want to pick this up i’ll put a link to the description peter brown panda out

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Easy Open with One-Click 1L Water Bottle Review By Peter von Panda