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Elta MD Sunscreen Review

Hi, lovelies! I hope your day is amazing! Please enjoy this review of five different Elta MD sunscreens. Time stamps for the products are below!

Hi guys and welcome to skin by ariana i’m ari welcome to my channel if you’re new here welcome if you are not new here welcome back happy to have you either way and today we are going to be reviewing some sunscreens from elta md specifically i have five sunscreens that i’m going to be talking about today i will put timestamps in the description box if there’s

Only you know one or two that you’re really interested in hearing about but if you’re interested in hearing about all five you can just watch from beginning to end and i will be talking about both the good and the bad of these sunscreens so you’re gonna get the full picture and you’ll get to know you know kind of who they might be good for versus who they might

Not be so great for and their purposes and which ones i think are just trash and which ones i think are amazing and for everyone so just keep watching okay so the first sunscreen i’m going to talk about is the uv active and it is an spf 50. here’s the box so this sunscreen is actually my least favorite sunscreen and i’m going to tell you why so while i do like

That it is chemical free it is completely mineral filters the active ingredients are zinc oxide 19 and titanium dioxide four percent which that i really really like uh however this one leaves a really terrible white cast this one is also water resistant for 80 minutes too which is another thing i like which is why i bought it it was mineral it’s water resistant

For 80 minutes which is great um but it leaves a really really bad white cast and i’m gonna try to show it to you we’re gonna see if you’re actually able to see it in this lighting or not because it might just be like oh everything’s bright right now let’s just be white everything just look white um so we’ll see but i’m going to put a little on my hand here

And as you can see it’s not much that i’m putting on my hand like there’s really not a lot there and i’m going to attempt to rub this in so as you can see it leaves a really bad white cast it gets kind of tacky as you’re rubbing it and it gets like harder and harder to rub in as you go eventually it does eventually it does rub in but it does leave a little bit

Of a cast like i mean compare my hands i i mean it looks not terrible in this lighting but it really is a really really bad white cast um it’s it’s just a very bad webcast so i do use it on my body because on my body i’m a little bit less concerned about tugging on my skin a little bit more in order to get it rubbed in all the way but i would not use this on my

Face like you you can’t use it on your face you’ll end up looking like a ghost or you’ll end up causing a ton of wrinkles by like tugging on your face to try to rub it in so uh this one is not my favorite i do like the ingredients in it i do like that it’s water resistant but you really can only use it on your body even though this one is supposed to be a full

Body sunscreen so you’re supposed to be able to use it both on like all of you and on your face but you definitely cannot use it on your face uh you just you just can’t like there’s no way that you can do it there i finally got it kind of rubbed in um that’s about as much as it’s gonna get and you can still see the comparison here um it just leaves a really bad

White cast so i wouldn’t necessarily recommend that one but if white casts don’t bother you and you just want a really good sunscreen that’s going to protect you well um then go for it but if white cats bother you like they bother me might not be the move to go i do still use this sunscreen i’m going to use it up i just use it on my body but it takes a while

To rub it so just you know buy this one with a grain of salt i guess alrighty so on to sunscreen number two so this one is the uv sport so this one is also broad spectrum spf 50. uh this one also has zinc oxide in it and it is zinc oxide octanoxate and octa saline are the three active ingredients in this sunscreen so here’s the box how it looks and this one

Unlike the uv active does not leave a terrible white cast it takes a little bit to rub in uh but not nearly as long as the uv active does and probably because you know it has some chemical filters in there it’s not all uh zinc and titanium dioxide so it does blend into the skin a little bit easier so i’m going to show you this one as well i’m going to put this

One on my other hand and you see i put about the same amount um and i’m going to rub this one it’s a little bit more liquidy as you can see it’s still a cream also here’s my cat uh it’s still a cream uh but it is a little bit it’s not quite as um it’s not quite as like thick and chalky as the uv octave is so wait for it and here we go all blended in leaves you

With a nice little glow and that wasn’t wasn’t so hard no wasn’t but if you are really sensitive to chemical filters this one’s not going to be for you personally it does not burn my eyes i a lot of the times a lot of the times chemical sunscreens do burn my eyes i think it’s oxybenzone that does it to me because i seem to be okay with other sunscreens that don’t

Have oxybenzone in them like this one does not have oxybenzone in it and it doesn’t burn my eyes this is a full body sunscreen though so you can use it on your body and you can also use it on your face it does leave you a tiny bit greasy on the face but if you’re going to be you know swimming and sweating you’re going to be greasy anyway so who cares it just

Might not be the best everyday sunscreen um but this one is also water resistant for 80 minutes and i it really is i do like this one a lot i would definitely recommend it but it does have some chemical filters in there so if chemical filters are not your friend might not be the way to go but if you’re okay with a couple chemical filters this one’s awesome uh

Just don’t wear it maybe every day or if you’re super dry it might be perfect for you but if you’re already more like normal to oily it’s gonna be a little too greasy for everyday use most likely but it is a very good sunscreen for sure i would recommend okay so sunscreens number three and four kind of go together a little bit because they are both the uv clear

Spf 46 so i have the tinted and the non-tinted and we’re going to talk about them both the pros and the columns of both of them so we’re going to start with the non-tinted so this one is not water resistant neither is this one so these are more of just like everyday kind of sunscreens but they are spf 46 which is great coverage for every day so this one um the

Non-tinted uv clear spf 46 has niacinamide in it which we like we love niacinamide niacinamide is great um and it is uva uvb protection um this one is specifically for the face as is this one um they’re not like full body sunscreens they are facial sunscreen so they’ve been formulated specifically for the face which is nice these ones the active ingredients are

Zinc oxide and octanoxate so again these ones don’t burn my eyes personally if you know that all chemical filters burn your eyes and you then don’t even bother giving these a try um i do like there’s zinc oxide in here so you know you’re getting really good uva protection um but i do i do like that there’s niacinamide in here and this one does not leave much of a

Cast so i’m going to show you on my hand but how it does not leave much of a cast i actually put kind of a lot on there not i mean not not a lot in the grand scheme of how much sunscreen you should actually be putting on but kind of a lot in the does it leave the cast or not on my hand kind of sphere but so i’m going to go ahead and rub this in it’s very liquidy

I mean it is a cream still but it’s very thin it’s a very thin cream and as you can see it doesn’t really leave a cast i mean it doesn’t really leave a cast at all the only time i start to notice the cast is when i layer it throughout the day so on like applications three or four of the day i’ll start to see a little bit of whitening um but for the most part it

Doesn’t leave much of a cast it looks a little shiny at first but it dries down to be almost matte which is pretty nice and it i mean i really like this one honestly the thing that i don’t love about it is that it’s not water resistant i really wish it was water and sweat resistant for at least like 30 40 minutes even if it’s not going to be the full 80 minutes

Like the other two sunscreens that we’ve talked about so far but i do like it so on to the tinted and you know i love tinted sunscreens love them so this one also has the niacinamide in it it is the same active ingredients i believe the same percentages uh zinc oxide and octanoxate zinc oxide nine percent octanox eight seven point five percent for both of them so

Same sunscreen just one has tint one doesn’t so the tint on this one is not my favorite tint of all time it is also not my least favorite tint of all time so i’m going to show you over top of the white casted hand from the uv active so if you skip that part of the video to get to this part um the v octave leaves a really bad white cast would not really recommend

So we’re going to put the tinted one over top of that and as you can see i put a lot on my hand there um but it’s kind of like um like a tannish orangey sort of color and we’re gonna rub that in so as you can see it does really leave a tint but as you blend it down the tint goes away and i put i just put way too much on my hand so i’m going to use it on both

Hands and i’m going to just rub this in quickly okay so when there’s not a ton of sunscreen on my hand you can’t really see the tint so much so in here we are rubbing it in on the other hand because i put way too much on my hand there um so it does leave a tint that’s visible on my skin it’s not it’s not a perfect tint if you’re really pale if you have more

Olivey or just a naturally darker skin tone than me which is most people let’s be honest i’m super pale uh it would probably be great for you again it does dried it looks a little shiny at first but it does dry down to be pretty much like a satiny matte finish it’s not a 100 matte but it is definitely not not a glowy sort of finish which is nice especially if

You’re more on the oily side it’s nice to have something that really does dry down for you it also doesn’t feel greasy throughout the day which is really nice i prefer the non-tinted to the tinted just because the non-tinted works better on my face than the tinted does i can’t layer this one i can only wear one maybe two applications of this one before i have

To switch to something else for the rest of the day because you know you are supposed to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day and this one it’s just too dark of a tint for me personally but both good sunscreens would recommend uh i would just you know pick based on your tint preference okay so last but definitely not least is the spf 41 lightly tinted

Uv physical sunscreen and here’s the box so spoiler alert this one is my all-time favorite sunscreen i love this stuff uh it is just amazing um so a little bit of information about it it is water resistant for 40 minutes not eating but 40 we’ll take it um it is zinc oxide 9 and titanium dioxide 7 so it’s completely mineral if you’re sensitive to chemical filters

This guy’s gonna be your friend and the tint on this one is perfect so this is the first absolutely perfect okay no that’s not true i was gonna say first absolutely perfect tint that i found but that’s not entirely true i do have a couple of other tinted sunscreens that are a really good tint for my skin however i cannot layer them as many times as i can layer

This one so this is my all-time favorite sunscreen out of all of my sunscreens i just absolutely love this stuff and let me show you the tint here it’s also the one i have on right now as you can see it leaves no white cast it also doesn’t really deposit a lot of color so i’m going to show you on this hand here and get a little bit on there so it’s pretty light

Looking as you can see it’s not super pigmented it has just high kitty um it has just enough tint in there to mask the white from the zinc oxide so i’m going to go ahead and rub this in and as you can see it leaves no cast and it doesn’t really leave a whole lot of color either um like i said it’s the one i have on right now and i love it and this one i can

Layer throughout the day without any sort of a problem so i can put on like you know five six applications of sunscreen throughout the day with this one without it like falling up on my face or looking cakey uh or anything like that i just feel like i can just keep putting it on and it keeps not building the tint like the tint doesn’t build with your application

Of it um you can you just it blends into your skin it’s just perfect i love it so much i don’t really have anything bad to say about this one other than the fact that it is tinted so if you don’t like tinted sunscreens you’re not going to like this uh but i absolutely adore it i think i think it’s great it dries down to kind of the satiny finish it’s not really

Super glowy and it’s not really matte either so i would definitely recommend that alright guys thank you so much for watching i hope this video was helpful to you please don’t forget to sunscreen and subscribe leave me a like a comment let me know what else you want me to review or other sorts of videos that you’re looking for i’d be happy to make them for you

Um i do have a review of herbivore coming because that has been requested so keep an eye out for that and have a great day bye

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Elta MD Sunscreen Review By Skin by Ariana Carr