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Exerpeutic Exerwork 1000 Exercise Bike Overview and Review

This is a review of the Exerwork 1000 exercise bike. In this review, I’ll be discussing how the benefits that this exercise desk bike has to offer. Working from home has made it difficult to workout, and this may be the perfect solution to losing weight while you work! This may be the best bike you can buy, based on price and features. Please let me know what you think!

I like working from home but there’s definitely a big problem with it when you take time to exercise after your work day is over you’re really just catching up on physical activity that you missed throughout the day some other jobs naturally have physical activity in them and that’s awesome this gives you the chance to walk and perform other activities that naturally

Burn calories which means managing weight becomes that much easier this really got me thinking and after doing some research i found an exercise bike that also doubles as a work desk and today i’m going to be reviewing that after one month of ownership and 10 pounds lost i’ll be sure to link this product in the description but this is the exerpeutic exer work

1000 it’s basically a very compact exercise bike that also has a surface for you to put your work or laptop on on the desktop you have two cup holders plenty of surface area and then a rubber lip so that your laptop doesn’t slip off the fact that this bike is so quiet makes it that much more usable during work i’ve asked some of my teammates if they can hear it

On the other end during meetings and the answer is always no which is great another incredible detail is that this doesn’t shake you around which is perfect because i’m in meetings often and i can’t really be shaking around when i’m talking to people that’s another benefit that the bike has over a treadmill desk i’m sure a treadmill desk would be fine too though

But this is my preference the build quality on this feels really good it just feels very sturdy and this product also has some other nice features so let me go over some of those the computer on the bike can keep track of the time you’ve been pedaling the speed the distance your calories total miles traveled and even your pulse both the backrest and the seat are

A little bit firm but also very comfortable which is what you’d expect from exercise equipment you’ll find that this is also very customizable on the rail that holds the desk up you can find a knob that lets you adjust the height of the desk the amazon listing mentions that when you raise the height of the desk you can actually stand in place and work from there

You just have to move the seat back a little bit which is not what i did which is also why i’m kind of uncomfortable here but the option to use this as a standing desk is pretty cool this bike is also really easy to store you just pull a safety pin out you fold the seat down you fold the bike up and then lock it into place using that same pin which also seems to

Work as another standing desk setup with the use of less real estate of course i just want to emphasize how customizable this is you can even tilt the desk so that it really suits your needs there’s also a system under the desk that allows you to slide the desk out a little further if you need to i wasn’t really thinking about this feature when i bought it but

It is nice it comes with storage in case you want to put anything away last but not least i would say this is arguably the most important part the bike does allow you to apply different levels of resistance when you’re pedaling before receiving the product i was worried that it wouldn’t have enough resistance but after using it i can assure you that it’s plenty

I usually set the resistance to five since i feel that this takes about as much effort as walking i really can’t emphasize how much i like this product they say sitting all day is kind of like the new smoking and that’s because of the lack of activity so it’s probably a good idea to combat that using a product similar to this one

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Exerpeutic Exerwork 1000 Exercise Bike Overview and Review By Reviews Made Simple