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filter by Molly Mae REVIEW | unsponsored | EXTRA DARK

hi my loves, back again with another review! you all know I love my self tan, and I couldn’t help but to try this one after Gemma Louise Miles suggested it!

So whenever you first purchase this uh why is my earring like sticking out is that normal whatever hi everyone and welcome back to my youtube channel if you don’t know me my name is crystal and i like to post videos having to do with beauty fitness fashion and self-improvement so if you are interested on my opinion of the filter by molly may self-tan then just

Keep watching myself like you probably are doing right now i am always on the search for the perfect self tan probably the same search that you’re on right now i used to youtube so many videos before i would purchase a new product and i ran across this tan on one of my favorite youtubers channel gemma louise miles and honestly i think that i would purchase anything

That she said was worth purchasing because i love her that much so yeah i got on her website and i looked at the the extra dark um self tan moose and her website is in pounds so i kind of got tricked at the checkout and i thought i was only going to pay like maybe 35 or something like that well once i double clicked on the apple pay it ended up being 50 in us

Dollars so just a little warning there there is a price difference i knew that the currency would change at checkout but i didn’t know it would be that big of a change i think i ended up paying like 20 or 30 dollars more than what i thought it was gonna be so it being fifty dollars i didn’t really want to love this product i really didn’t i was hoping that i would

Hate it and never purchase it again because 50 is a lot for me but i love it there i said it i love it so whenever i first purchased this product it did come in this cool little like box thingy it’s not a box uh it did come in this cool little cylinder case and then the tanning bottle itself was inside and it just looks pretty basic compared to other self-tanners

It has the mousse pump pretty much the same as any other tanner that you buy the directions say for the best glow shake well and apply a generous amount directly to desired area for best results use our filter by molly mae velvet tanning mitt i didn’t use her tanning mitt because i already had one on hand for facial tanning we recommend the filter by molly mae

Mini velvet tanning mitt wash hands immediately after any application and wait 10 minutes after applying product before dressing so i will say that this is true i do not like to put on clothes for at least 10 minutes after putting this one on because it doesn’t dry as fast as some other tans that i have tried the formula is fast drying and lightweight however

We recommend allowing four to ten hours for tan to fully develop for the deepest tan reapply filter by molly may one hour after first application for a healthy sun touch glow all year round a lot of people don’t know this but you can double apply your fake tan so if your tan is not as dark as you want it to be one hour after you apply that is true you can put

Another layer on and then wait as long as possible before you shower it off if you want to be dark like dark dark it also says for ideal use store in a fridge i didn’t know that about fake tan maybe i should try that definitely can’t pronounce those words why did i love this product so much well it’s hard to find its hand that gives me the shade that i want

I have been using bondi stands and st is darker than dark for the past probably one year let’s say and i like both of those don’t get me wrong but the shade is a little bit more on the green tone than i would prefer however the filter by molly may does have a little bit of an orange undertone which i do prefer whenever i’m doing fake tans because it looks more

Natural for me my ethnicity my skin tone and instead of looking green another thing i really loved about this fake tan compared to some of the cheaper ones that i normally use is the color guard so most hands i feel like the color guard washes off in the shower almost completely and you’re left with don’t get me wrong you’re left with a good tan if you exfoliate

Properly but i feel like the color guard is a little deceiving because sometimes you think oh my god i’m going to be super dark and then you shower and you’re like where’d my tan go but with this one that didn’t happen at all like a little bit came off in the shower but i still felt very very glowy i will say that this fake tan lasts significantly longer than the

Other fake tans that i have tried i feel like i pretty much have to take a hot bath and scrub multiple times if i want to get this one off whereas with my other fake tans they come off on their own with normal showering within three to four days this one lasts for about a week and then it does start going a little patchy which is inevitable whenever you are in

The process of getting your fake tan off the only negative that i would say about this fake tan in particular is the time that it takes to dry like i feel like i stay sticky for pretty much the entire drying period so even six hours after i tan i still feel like a little sticky in between like where my skin is touching each other and stuff like that but other

Than that i really don’t have any bad things to say about this tan i will be adding some clips on the screen of me applying the tan so you can see what it looks like initially and then i’ll also show some clips after i shower and you can see the final result also is it worth the price it’s a hard question for me to answer because i don’t like spending a lot of

Money on these products especially whenever they’re short-lived but if you’re a person who does love spending money on these products and this is something that makes you feel good and it’s something that gives you confidence then yes it is worth the price 100 because while having this tan i this is the only one i’ve been using and i genuinely don’t want to go

Back to my old dance which i hate for me if you have any questions regarding today’s video please let me know in the comment section down below i will be sure to answer them to the best of my knowledge and the best of my ability if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and follow me on instagram if you want to see more

Beauty tips and tricks thanks for watching

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filter by Molly Mae REVIEW | unsponsored | EXTRA DARK By CrysiWhit