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first aid beauty mineral sunscreen zinc oxide broad spectrum spf 30 | trial + review

hello everyone 👋🏻

Today i’m going to be trying the first aid beauty mineral sunscreen spf 30. i’ve tried a lot of their products on this channel before. such as their moisturizer, their ultra repair hydration cream. and this product specifically, there’s nothing wrong with the price reading this product’s ingredients and also just looking at the packaging. i think they have a lot of their

Products at walmart. down to the very first ingredients of this product. the price of the native sunscreen is $16 for the same amount. if they’re completely different, this could be proof that it doesn’t matter free, alcohol free, and comes in recyclable packaging. i’m looking for with this product is, one, does it cause acne? another thing i’m looking for is does it

Leave a white cast on me? i’m looking for, which is what type of finishes is product leave? with this product, i will let you know and i will be continuing to do check ins. on this product and also use it for the very first time on camera. and i really like how this sunscreen wore throughout the day. i didn’t experience that with and it is very moisturizing. whenever the

Weather’s changing, i really go through it with my skin. and so if you are sensitive to a lot of sunscreens, i feel like so it does take just a little bit of work to blend it in. so i did get to use this sunscreen for a week and a half and i have to say i feel like this is just a clean, very well done mineral sunscreen. not to leave too much for white cast i do feel like

That since it is an spf 30, compared to other mineral sunscreens i’ve tried in the past. so i’m not necessarily sure how it will perform on darker skin. with darker skin using this product, i will leave them linked in the description i personally found this sunscreen to be very blendable i found it because even if you wear makeup, it’s important to wear sunscreen as well.

Like i talked about earlier, the native and they also have a body version of it, which is basically the same formula i think it is hard for me to recommend this product just for that reason. than i did, especially on paper comparing the ingredients of it. in my opinion, the native was just a little bit more matte. i like this product because i do like first aid beauty.

That is why it’s hard for me to say i would repurchase this product and if you buy the body version of it to go on your face as a college student, that is something really important to me. it’s just it does feel like the native is a dupe for this i always am for saving money and doing what i can to do that. it’s great for a lightweight sunscreen that is 100% mineral.

Going to finish up this bottle because i’m wearing it right now and i love it. but anyway, thank you all so much for watching this review. because i post new videos every week and i will see you all in the next review.

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first aid beauty mineral sunscreen zinc oxide broad spectrum spf 30 | trial + review By Alex Greyson