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Trying the brand new Flash Nap Eye Cream and massaging tool | Fenty Skin

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today we are going to be trying the brand new fenty skin flash map eye cream i am so excited to try this now i got the eye cream and the eye massaging tool i’ve actually already done my skincare routine so first i went in with the fenty skin total cleanser and then i went in with the fendi skin toner the fat toner then i

Use my wishful skin thirst trap juice serum and the rose oil serum the get even rose oil i absolutely love these two serums then we went in with the fenty skin hydrovisor moisturizer which has spf 30 in it as well to protect our skin now we are going to go in with the brand new eye cream my skin i don’t know why my skin is actually been plain up the last few

Days but like i had breakouts here my cheeks so let’s try this now i’ve actually never used eye cream i don’t know why but it’s just never something that really came across my mind to to use like i’ve always thought that bags and puffiness under your eyes well it is natural like you’re gonna have it if you’re tired or whatever but i’ve never thought to use an eye

Cream now this is the instant revival eye gel cream and the massaging tool so you can use this day and night you use it under your eye and around your eye so you can use the massaging tool for like all around your eye for dark circles puffiness tiredness anything like that right so this is a quick summary of the product on the fenty skin website so puffiness

And dark circles chill fake a flash nap and instantly wake up tired looking eyes with this two in one eye cream and concealer primer so this is actually yeah i forgot to mention that although this is a an eye gel cream it’s also a concealer primer i feel like that’s something that could be pretty pretty good and pretty useful like you put this on primes your eyes

And it hydrates and lifts and whatever it is it does and then you can seal and it makes it look a little bit more like your bags are gone like we’re gonna put this to the test so we’ve got this is a little tube here now it’s just a small little ball uh again i’ll always say this i just absolutely love the fenty skin packaging like the color like how everything

Is just so like beautiful and elegant and it’s just i absolutely love it now this is the eye massaging tool as well so it’s so nice it’s got ffs for fenty skin this is like a roller so it rolls let’s give it a try now currently like i say i’ve done my skincare routine so i don’t have anything else on my face apart from the skincare that i’ve just done i don’t

Feel like my eyes look extremely tired but everyone has bags that’s just natural everyone has bags everyone has tiredness that’s life it just happens that’s skin so let’s have a look let’s compare both sides and see we’re going to go in with oh one two i’m gonna go in with three small dots like that i’m going with the massaging tool now we’re just taking it all

The way around it feels so nice like i don’t know how to explain how this feels like this this tool itself i thought because it’s like metal it’s going to be quite sore on the eye but it’s actually so soothing like i don’t know if it’s just because i’m doing it with the cream or what but it just feels so soothing like it doesn’t hurt it just feels so nice now

The cream itself is not sticky it’s not irritating it feels so soothing like it actually feels so nice like i don’t know what it is but it just feels so so nice if you guys can see so this is the side that we’ve put on i honestly do feel like this side looks slightly brighter and i feel like this side has lifted like i have a line coming down here whereas i feel

Like this line is slightly more lifted it just feels so nice like the side that i’ve just put the cream on looks straight away looks less less dull it looks less dark whereas this side i can still see my bags right there like right in this corner this side looks like completely lifted it looks brighter it doesn’t look dull anymore there’s there’s not as big of

A dark bag under my eye as to what there is on this side okay fencing yet again rihanna does it every single time every single time i just cannot explain it like i am impressed i am loving this i’m loving this cream so much all right let’s go in the other side with this as well even though it is just like a small a small little tube of cream it’s going to last

You for a long time because i’m literally putting three the smallest amount of dabs like here and here i put a little bit too much but you can see in the middle it’s the tiniest little dab that is literally all you need like you do not need a massive amount of this at all so this is going to last you a long time and you guys can see as well that i am getting the

Cream quite close underneath my eye like this here and it is not irritating my eye at all like it’s not stinging it’s not you know when sometimes you get something in your eye or you get cream in your eye it hurts and it stings and it’s like you need to wash your eyes this is not at all okay guys so i am absolutely loving this cream so far it’s so good just to

Test it we’re gonna put the concealer on now and now i’ve got not got any other makeup on but this is just solely to test that i the cream so i’m gonna go in with my fenty beauty um pro filter concealer in the shade 300. i don’t do this myself but i know a lot of people sometimes just don’t bother to put any foundation on they literally just conceal put it under

Their eyes or wherever they they feel like they want to put it on their face and then they just go about their day they don’t do a full face of makeup so we’re gonna do that now we’re gonna test it i don’t ever usually do this i usually do a full face makeup conceal and all that stuff but let’s try it i’m not gonna put too much so concealer is on on top of the

Eye cream and then we’re just gonna blend okay i have never concealed on like solely onto my face like that it’s always been like on top of foundation or whatever but i am actually loving how this looks firstly what i’m gonna say the concealer itself has with that cream has blended out absolutely beautifully it’s beaut it’s literally blended out so so nicely

Like look how that doesn’t even look like i’ve got any concealer on it literally just looks airbrushed flawless i am loving how that looks wow i am sold yet again even more i’m more impressed than i was five minutes ago this is beautiful like i don’t know what it is but this eye cream itself is beautiful the fact that it works as a concealer primer as well and

The way that you just saw that blend out and how flawless that looks like it looks so flawless in airbrush i absolutely love it it looks beautiful so we’ve tried and tested it as an eye cream and we have tried and tested it as the concealer primer as well by putting concealer on top to see how it looks and how it performed and i’m loving it it’s perfect this is

Definitely something that i’ll be using way more often never thought to really use an eye cream before this is definitely the one for me let me know what you guys did think of the eye cream yourself if you enjoyed this video then leave a like let me know what you guys thought of the eye cream and how it performed on myself i hope you did enjoy this video be sure

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