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FLEXISPOT 32 Inch Desk Riser Unboxing Review And Demo

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Hey everybody hope you having a great stand-up desk day and today i am doing a review on a new flexi spot stand-up desk this is their compact version and looking forward to sharing with you about it you can see from here the the whole setup is different than some of the other standup desks that they have and ones that i’ve used i love my stand-up desk at work i

Have that the bigger flexi spot stand-up desk but this compact one will also be helpful when i work out of my home office and we’ll go ahead and set that up on my desk so what i’m going to do is do the open boxing and i will then set it up on my desk we’ll test it out and i’ll give you my final thoughts so let’s get this unboxing going okay so the desk is

Set up very easy to set up no tools are needed did figure out how to adjust the keyboard because you can adjust the angle it does have these stickers for your monitor for the top of the desk because it is a little bit of a slick surface so if you need them there they come with these long strips it can be clean with water and there’s also these circular strips as

Well that you can put for the bottom of your monitor and as far as the desk you know it’s a nice compact size so for a smaller area where you want to work then it will be great and once again we’ll put it on the desk we’ll see how it fits with both a monitor as well as a laptop but i do like the simplicity and design that they made with this one looking forward to

Putting in my desk they’ve got the same insert here for putting your smartphone your tablet and so that that’s their i haven’t really used on my other flexi spot i haven’t really used this that much the only other thing that i would like to see if this was maybe more on an angle it’s just straight in but i’ll show you that when we set up my desk and this one only

Has one lever versus the other other flexi spots have two so you just press this and you could stop at different angle heights and that’s is the max height that it goes that i can see and then this keyboard tray what’s nice is you can take it out if you’re not going to use it and it’s got two levers that you use to release that and then the keyboard tray comes right

Out so really really cool and and then if you just want to just use the desk you can it’s really really nice piece let me show you the bottom let me go ahead and close this if you use a little force or close so i think that’s close and there is the bottom so you’ve got these rubberized pads that will prevent it from slipping which is very nice so it’s again it’s a

Very nice compact stand-up desk that you can use and once you would like you can put the keyboard tray slide that back in so there it is locked back in place and what’s very cool here is that you can adjust the angle of this tray the keyboard tray so all you need to do is push this up and then you could turn these knobs over here and then it allows you to do more

Of an angle with the keyboard tray so very cool there very interesting concept so let’s go ahead put it on my desk we’ll test it out and i’ll give you my final thoughts okay so i’ve got the stand-up desk on my desk and as you can see it is compact it is a nice size and just doing some thinking about who would this really be the right person for so my desk is about

28 inches from the ground to the surface top of the surface of the desk so we’ll see how that works when i’m standing up so as far as the keyboard tray this is a little bit different again you’re going to need to have more room with this it’s nice because it is a removable keyboard tray and the fact as well you’ve got a nice amount of real estate space here while

The keyboard tray is down here now it is at a nice level which is good the mouse area it’s not a big mouse area but enough i think where it would work you’ve got this area here these rubberized pieces that are make sure that the keyboard stays and i guess it’s kind of also somewhat like a armrest as well for when you are working and again to remove this keyboard

Tray you’ve got two latches on the bottom you just pull those down and you pop this out and you are good to go and then to push that in push the tray into the slot you’ve got the the latches and then you can then reuse it now the other thing about the the tray as well you can adjust the angle so this you push up and then these knobs here again now you’ve got your

Keyboard tray on an angle the only problem with that is your mouse is going to slide so i’m not sure why anybody would want to use the angle so just i guess it’s there if you want it but i don’t i don’t see that really being something that would be as beneficial so we got that all right now let’s go ahead and stand up again with the flexi spot stand up desk you

Can adjust depending on your height at different height angles all right so this is as high as it will go so it’s this a little bit lower than the other stand-up desk it is again compact so maybe as far as 6 feet high you know i think it could work and i’ll show you how is playing with it so as far for me being 6 feet the keyboard is going to be too low because

You want your elbows at a 90 degree angle if i were to put it up here on the stand-up desk on up on this main surface now this is that a good level now let me go ahead and remove this this is where again removing the keyboard tray would come in handy right so so now if this is at a good height now by moving the keyboard up to this level up here i lose a lot of real

Estate so if i’m in sales i probably say that this might be a little bit too small of a stand-up desk because the keyboard tray is too low we’re here now it’s at a better height but then i need to space as far as the monitors you know they do have a monitor arm so you can adjust for the height this width if i don’t have a monitor arm this monitor could be fine if

I tilt at an angle like i have here obviously my laptop is too low so i need some kind of stand to make it work but you know depending upon i think this is a great setup for someone who does administrative work you know maybe would have something on the side or if it does work where the keyboard tray works at a good height then then maybe it could work so i know

Maybe if you are in sales you don’t need as much real estate space and you’re just using your computer then it might work okay but for myself it would just be a little bit too low i do like the desk it’s very well made i like the fact take it out of the box there’s no screws that you need to use so all-in-all nice it up you know stand-up desk compact and hopefully

This review would give you an idea of room you can work with and and how effective it could be for your kind of use versus a full standard stand-up desk so that’s pretty much it for now please let me know if you have any questions and i do hope this review is of help have a great day thanks so much for watching we’ll see you on the next video take care

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FLEXISPOT 32 Inch Desk Riser Unboxing Review And Demo By SidsTips