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FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Review, Exercise Bike & Standing Desk – Save 00

FlexiSpot Upright Desk Bike Review. Special Black Friday Deal – Save $100 until 11/27/17. Use Coupon Code – dan100off

Hey you like some exercise right maybe doing some words while you exercise what about saving a hundred bucks yeah we’ve got all that coming up you’re watching this video before november 27th we’ve been exclusive $100 coupon on this thing it’s a death sized pro it’s a desk it’s a bike it’s everything roll the animation let’s talk about it hey there welcome to

Dennett us and today we are going to check out the flexi spot upright bike now as you look at it like this you’re probably thinking wow this looks like a lot of work to put it together it’s actually not and that’s what i want to show it to you like this so this comes just in two pieces we’ve got the main part right here the desks right here the only other parts

Are covers through the pedals so you can be barefoot and the little coaster so when you put your drink on it and then there’s actually only one screw which you need to put in to hold the desk in so wanted to show you us setting it up because i know that would be one concern when you see this when i’m all done you’ll be like how am i ever gonna get that thing built

Actually pretty easy and we’re gonna do it right now so that’s it in terms of setting up the base there they just click into place it’s got wheels you’re good to go there so now our other part is just putting the desk on got our desk on and there’s one screw which goes in here there you go fold up the pedals flick it’s simple as that to put together got it a little

Closer here there’s some batteries we’re gonna put in here so you can put that i’ll put the batteries in and then the covers if you wanted to go barefoot you can just put these covers on but so just want to show you that super easy to set up so there you go it’s all set up let’s take a closer look at the flexi spot alright so i’m glad you asked over some of the

Features here of the death size pro because it’s got a lot of really cool stuff to which make it really easy to use so let me show you a couple of things here and it was gonna come in so i can show you the adjustments first of all you of course want to adjust your desk here what’s neat about this is it’s pressured so i can just push it all the way down right that’s

All mouth right height for me but check this out they will come in here as i just click in here look how easy it is to go up i click the thing to rise is up like that’s right no effort on your part so really love that it’s got the pneumonic it’s got the pressure in there so just rise up so super easy to adjust that right so i can bring this up higher that’s cool

Same type of deal here on the seat i’m going to show that i’ll get up here a lever on this side here come in here and you press a lever so you go shooting up press it and you can lower it back down again pressured mean so you can adjust the seat to the however is most comfortable for you want to show something else while i’m saying up which is cool there’s a lover

In here and you can adjust whether this desk is closer further away from you so if i’m sitting on it right i want to get this exactly right to be you know most efficient for me right so that’s cool that this adjust lightness but let me show you something else it’s not just an exercise bike let’s say i want a standing desk right check this out can go like this and

Now i’m just like this it can be standing here and do it so i could maybe on this i want it a little bit higher so i can adjust this up a little all right now i’ve got the standing desk here so really cool how you belong different configurations of that mono just i’m gonna bring this back out over here david’s gonna come in over here and i’ll show you in terms of

What it tracks here so a couple of things here we’ve got our resistance here so you can change the resistance depending on how much of a workout you want to get in there but they’re not so over here it’s tracking as you go through things like your miles per hour your distance how many calories you’ve burned time so you’ve got all of that cool stuff being tracked

Over here so that’s pretty nice you can see the workout what you’re getting your speed all that then over here a cup holder so just nice kind of anti stick and i slip in here so allows you put a cup in there if you get thirsty while you’re riding so just really cool like i said the other part would just come down here low the whole thing is on wheels so makes it

Really easy to move this around so if you want to move this from place to place it’s heavy so you don’t want to pick it up but you’ve got the wheel so you can just roll it around the final part i’ll say in here these are on the pedals it’s covered up here if you want to do it bare for it you can take this off if you’re wearing shoes and you can do it that way so

Overall a lot of really cool features to the flexi spot here all right now we’re gonna tell you the best part if you’re watching this before november 27th 2017 we’ve a 100 dollar off coupon yeah that makes this an incredible deal it will be in the description below so definitely check that out if you’re watching after the 27th don’t worry if there other coupons

We’ll put them down there let’s talk about the pros and cons as david rides away here so i loved it but it’s also great for the kids this against them exercise some other doing some work or playing games as the case may be but things i really liked about it is the assembly super easy so we like that has wheels so easy to move it all around which is a key feature but

The big thing is the easy adjustment as we showed the desk and the seat easily going up and down for the ability to move it i’m closer to you and then also used it as a stand-up desk like the resistance levels are nice it’s just all really well done and it makes it something that i think you’ll actually use as you do some work and you’re able to get some exercise

In as well so there you go that is the flex spot a death sized pro check it out we will have a link below and again if you watch this before november 27th it makes sure to use the coupon we have below we’re gonna have a full review over on this site hey guys if you like what we’re doing please hit that big orange d in the middle to subscribe and then check out

Some of the other videos we think that you’re really loved thanks so much for watching

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