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FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review: THIS AINT IT CHIEF!!

Check out my review of the FlexiSpot Sit-Stand desk and see how it compares to another player in the Sit-Stand game – UPLIFT DESK. How does this cheaper alternative stack up?

Sit-stand desks are gaining in popularity but their big-ticket items and it’s usually pretty tough to get your hands on one for a practical trial before you pull the trigger so today we’re gonna check out a desk from flexi spot and compare it against another popular brand that i’ve reviewed before uplift desk yeah i’m bright pete your watch you’re bad see tech and

Today we’re taking a look at a motorized sit-stand desk from flexi spot you may have seen my review on the uplift desk already if not you can check it out by clicking right up here in the corner our we’ll link it in the description as well the desk in that video is pretty kitted out as the desk we’re looking at today is pretty basic i tried to get as close to that

As i could on uplifts website with comparable configurations the flexi spot desk we’re looking at today will run you about four hundred and ten dollars versus six hundred and fifty for a similar desk from uplift i try to get as close as possible with the uplift model is actually five inches longer but you can do a lot with five inches boom yes now for transparency

Flexi spot did send this desk out for review but as you should know by now doesn’t affect my review in any way the desktop here is 55 inches wide 28 inches deep and comes as a $40 upgrade from the base size of 48 by thirty sixty by thirty is coming but it’s not shipping until the end of april at the earliest the desktop is an inch thick but it’s this basic laminate

As you can possibly get lacking even any cable grommets for pass through the outside carton for the desktop was not damaged in any way which is utterly bizarre because i could shoot a 30-second b-roll montage of just the damage and flaws on this desktop scuffed scraped pitted just super rough man if i had purchased this i’d have been on the phone with customer

Service immediately they did also managed to miss drilling the pilot holes where you can attach the control box to the desktop a lot of having to do that myself without accidentally drilling through the other side of the desktop so yeah pilot holes in wood screws is how you’re gonna be attaching the surface to the frame that’s a far cry from the embedded metal

Inserts that we saw on the uplift desk so assembly aside from having to drill that top was actually pretty straightforward the whole thing came together in about 45 minutes and despite the fact that there’s cables running to it from each component to support motorized function oddly absolutely where any kind of cable management materials whatsoever the frame on

This unit is a single motor dual stage design versus the dual motor three-stage design that comes standard with the uplift desk this can be upgraded as well to both the dual stage dual motor and a three-stage dual motor which pushes the cost of the desk up an additional 70 bucks the frame is designed for a max load of 154 pounds and it moves at a rate at an inch

Per second the height can range from just under 28 inches to just over forty seven point six inches so a max i’d it is more than tall enough even for me and i stay at 6 foot for this model does come standard with the control panel that allows for up-and-down motion plus three memory spots with an led readout to tell you the desk height the single motor design uses

This drive shaft assembly which has to be adjusted as the width of the desk is adjusted the motor operation itself while it might be slow is very quiet as in barely audible this outside a price would be the one advantage i would give this unit over the uplift desk and i want to be careful here because this isn’t a hit piece this desk is 240 dollars cheaper than the

Comparable uplift model over 35% cheaper even if you upgrade this flexi spot test to the dual motor three-stage design it still comes in a hundred and seventy dollars cheaper than the uplift but cheaper doesn’t mean cheap this desk is still over four hundred dollars if i had paid over $400 for this desk i’d have a problem with that the front to back stability of

This desk is solid even if max height i’ll definitely give it that but the lateral stability of this desk the horizontal motion at this price point it’s unacceptable it’s add insult to injury here they include a little safety baffle this little steel piece that mounts to the frame and covers a portion of this rotating driveshaft when this desk sees any lateral

Motion at all the drive shaft hits this baffle and the sound is absolutely infuriating to top things off i decided to add rolling casters to this desk this was a $30 upgrade and two of those four casters arrived damaged as well my plan for this desk at this point is to lose the desk top and came with all together and replace it with a white laminate lemon table

From ikea and use it as an adjustable photo table which you can’t do this frame will accommodate desktops up to 63 inches wide and 31 and a half inches deep so this will roll around the studio make it easier to film products without having to adjust complex or heavy slider setups and what i personally pay $400 for that no i lucked out that i found uplift first

That is an investment in quality office furniture that will last you this at best feels like a cheaper imitation of that it just doesn’t feel quality and the difference between this desk and my main desk is night and day do feel free to check out their website as well which also feels eerily similar to one of their competitors there’s a wealth of accessories you

Can get for the flexi spot desk up to and including a foot massager and even a stationary exercise bike and i could spend another 10 minutes of our precious time covering various options and accessories i could but i think i’m happier that they only sent a basic desk because as a basic desk i’m not a fan of the quality control at this price point and i don’t think

Slapping on a bunch of extras is the move when the core product isn’t what it should be they do offer a 30-day trial if you’re just morbidly curious and they warranty their desks for three years very desk is five years and uplift desk is seven years if you are in the market for a sit-stand desk they’re amazing mine’s been a life changer for me both in terms of gaming

And productivity but i would spend the extra money it’s gonna take to get into a higher end manufacturer like uplift desk or very desk and i haven’t personally used very desk products so i can’t speak on it but their reputation is very good big thanks to flexi spot for sending this out for review unfortunately i cannot recommend this unit and for the record i’m a

Hundred percent sure they would have happily replaced the parts that i had an issue with seeing as how both the desktop and the casters arrived damaged but from a customer standpoint you’d probably be really excited to get this in and get it set up in your space only to find out that you had to wait on replacement parts plus there’s a reviewer it’s really tough

For me to gauge the customer service experience because i’m dealing with the dedicated product rep and they know i’m making this video and that’s not intended to throw any shade at their customer service they have excellent reviews in that regard but it’s one of the realities i deal with being a reviewer versus being a customer and i’d like to be transparent any

Questions please hit me up in the comments and i’ll do my best to get those answered for you and that’s it for this time i’m bright b thanks so much for watching don’t forget to hit that like button hit that sub button and until next time stay up ah really broke in driveshaft rod-like i’m really trying to be mature here but it gets so hard sometimes

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