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FlexiSpot V9 Pro Desk Bike Review

Check out our unboxing, setting up and then using the V9 Pro Desk Bike from FlexiSpot. It currently retails for £439.99 with the desktop or £399.99 for just the under desk bike.

Good morning it’s michelle mommy from the heart today i’m unboxing and i’m really pleased to have received a flexispot uh v9 desk bike so uh i can exercise as i work which is really necessary so let’s have a look at it i received these two boxes they came via dpd courier i had no issue with that they were really good in that they gave me an hour slot and they

Were here when they should be the large box has got a note on it saying it’s 15 kilograms so it is fairly heavy um but it did come with like the sort of strapping around it so you could lift it by those but let’s not delay any further let’s see what’s inside that wasn’t too difficult i just sort of tipped it to be able to get the sides up there we go now i should

Have a chance to do this there we go first look so i’ve got a black one i didn’t know which color i was getting and um oh wow that’s nice so much more um padded than i thought i was a little bit worried about that because um you know sometimes bites can be a bit uncomfortable on your bum can’t they so we’ll get rid of that a little bit one sided folding wheel

So we’ll just pop that down so the first thing it tells me to do is to pull the legs out oh yeah they literally just oh and you heard that it said i’ll hear a puff sound yep there we go that’s what we need and we’ve got to click that fab good bite standing nice and sturdy got to get the pedals out as well so they’re just a case of clicking down and we hear the

Sound there too clicking up for this one yeah nice this little piece of rubber i wasn’t sure what it was apparently goes into the cup stand here so that uh if you put in a cup on it doesn’t slip now i need to get the other box unpacked because that’s going to be my desk bit for when i’m working it’s got a massive great manual with it and i was wondering well

You know how difficult is this going to be to set up but actually the keys to here is literally just a few pages because a lot of it’s in different languages and actually the instructions there are are pictorial and really easy so it’s not difficult to set up at all okay i’m packing the second box so this is going to be the desktop again well packed with some

Very thick foam to protect it okay actually much more sturdy than i imagined this is gonna be okay so let’s get this desk on a little cap on here we’re going to take off there’s a cap on the desk as well i’m going to need the alum key and the screw that came with it and we’ll get the desk as i said before it’s a nice sturdy desk quite heavy um but that’s good

Because that was one of the things i wondered was how flimsy it would be okay we’ve got to get the screw in here yeah just do it with our fingers at first i do love it when a screw goes straight in so many pieces of furniture or equipment it’s just a nightmare but this has been very smooth get that done up nice and tight there we go yep that’s good good and firm

It is adjustable on this side i’ve got a lever and this is my up and down i think there’s probably some hydraulics in this because it doesn’t just sort of drop up and down which is great so i’ll lift the lever and i have to put a bit of weight on it to be able to get it down and you’ll see when i lift the lever it just smoothly comes up so that’s really good on

The other side i’ve got another lever and this one is about positioning your desk exactly where you want it to go so that’s nice and comfortable for you you’ve got a bit of a lip in here which is good it means that things aren’t going to be falling off and it’s a big enough size you know for a really good sized laptop i can’t imagine you’d have one bigger than

That on the side of the chair we’ve also got the lever you can see there the hydraulics just pulling it straight up and again it’s a bit of a one that you need a little bit of pressure to be able to get it back down again and as i said when i first opened it it really does seem nice and padded which is really great so all that’s left to do now is use it let’s

Um give it a go so i’ve lifted out the cup holder grip that we put in and underneath was the batteries pocket and i’m putting in a couple of double-a batteries uh-huh we can hear it beep so that’s good let’s acknowledge those lid back on i’m a little anti-slipping got a protective cover here on the display so i’ll just take that off and it’s got instructions

For me here in the book so that i know what’s what because i’ve got all different kinds of settings here and it’s going to tell me i think yeah as i’m pressing the button can you see i’m moving between the different modes so i need to have a look and actually find out what they’re about and obviously here i’ve got the tension for um resistance as we’re actually

Cycling so we’ll give that a go later i’ll enlist my daughter to help me because um she loves an exercise bike okay so my daughter’s having a go she’s popped it on resistance three um she tried it on a it was hilarious you could hardly turn it but obviously it’s one of those things of um as you do more exercise it’s going to become easier and easier but yeah i

Was having a look on the display and the different things that it’s going to record for you and it’s looking at the time you exercise the speed that you exercised distance calories burned which is something i’ll be interested in and the total distance and it’s also giving you the rpm the speed of the um the wheels turning um how do you think missy would you sit on

Here for quite some time yeah yeah you’re liking it are you yeah i think this could be where she does her homework so that’s no bad thing if it motivates her it could be going between my bedroom and her bedroom as we share it just a little go um and i’m really impressed i mean i’m a very large lady and exercise bikes generally i don’t trust because i think they’ll

Be too flimsy to take my weight um but this is absolutely fine and amazingly i’m quite comfortable on the seat too so um i mean realistically i don’t do tons of exercise i could probably sit here initially for 10 15 20 minutes but if i build that up every day that’s going to make a difference to my fitness isn’t it so i’m really quite impressed yep so that’s my

Laptop on there i was a little bit worried that it would be a bit wobbly but actually it’s got fairly good stability if you saw there um i just had to tighten the nut a little bit more on the um you know like the connecting rod down to the bike um yeah really good so far i’m going to use it over the next couple of weeks my daughter’s excited to use it my son has

Also told me he’s going to and we’ll see how it goes

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FlexiSpot V9 Pro Desk Bike Review By Michelle Twin Mum