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Foldable Upright Exercise Work Solution Desk Bike by Loctek Review

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Just being very temporary and not having any physical activity while we’re working if you’re a hard worker let’s go with this instruction booklet looks like we’re gonna put this sucker together you might want to get a little exercise working and so this is kind of an interesting way to do it it is portable it kind of folds up i’m not gonna go through everything

Here until we get it so i’m basically putting the legs on the bottom here but a couple things i want to show you is that it does come with a tool to tighten things up this is not the world’s greatest tool your tools might be better but it does do the job the other thing that i want to throw out here is that the painted job on this thing is horrible and i noticed

That there were some parts where the paint had chipped off way before and as you might we’ll see there it’s rusting already so you might want to touch those up that’s been done long before but even the paint here you know is just flaking away and you know i kind of hit this with my hand and you can see it’s just it’s just falling off so you may ops i’m touching the

Other side i mean it’s definitely not powder coated it seems like a kind of a normal robust paint job everywhere else but i don’t know no primer or something down here but you know i mean it’s chipping all over so i just think it’s kind of the nature of it now you could probably get some kryolan in a rust-oleum and you know touch this thing up and it’ll be better

Than it comes out of the factory but right now big disappointment there but again it was the cheapest one i could find as well so ok put setting this up we’ll check it out these two feet bars on and you can see that this piece with the royal feet or the rollers on the back will face backwards it attaches to the portion with the the steering mechanism and you can

See here lots of paint falling off all over next thing you want to do is put the petals on and you’ve got these little stirrups here so you’re just gonna want to attach that to the tab right there and then they just screw on they spin in to the the petals on the side and then up at the top here you’re gonna attach the lcd screen and it’s got to be facing forward

Coming at the direction of the seat that’ll go in there and that’s going to be using this bolt which is number 13 so i’m assuming there are some threads right on this side so the bolt will have to go in this direction all right i flipped over here now you’re gonna install handlebar g which is those straight ones they have i think these contact sensors for checking

Your pulse wanna those are gonna be facing down i believe you want to make sure you don’t get these wires screwed up here but that slot a tab will go on that slot right there and then there is a bracket labeled h oops which is right here and that is going to attach here and you’re going to attach that with screw number 11 let’s get that attached so you have the

Handlebars on you’re going to use these plastic pieces you also want to make sure you connect all your little wiring connectors here to kind of cover up this mess so on the outside is gonna be parked j on the inside and covering this little knob here is gonna be part i and then you’re going to install this this handle here which is gonna be part k and then you’re

Going to use screws that are number 10 good luck before you can put in this adjustable knob here into this part i think you have to take that bolt out with this allen key and then you can install it you also have to use washer eight and nine with the knob before you put it in next i’ll put in the seat which i think you have to remove this knob or at least loosen it

Up and then you can drop this seat in there is a button detent on it so you push this in then you’re gonna attach the backrest right up here this part is part 11 or part em i’m sorry and then you’re gonna use the screws and washers 11 and 12 i believe and now you’re going to install the side angled handlebars into this slot right there with bolts and washers 5 2

&Amp; 3 i believe p skew apparently covers up some of the that’s a bad paint and the screws back here just like that or painful and then your desk piece has plastic clips which will clip on to the handlebars here two in the front and then two on the sides these ones on the sides adjust a little bit so you can kind of line them up and then once you get everything

Lined up i think you just push this up down there now we have a working desk there is also a cup holder definitely useful and these have iqlakh keymod teeth that fit in here just like this and then slide down and that locks into place boom and lastly there’s a pin which goes in here especially when you’re going to pull this off kind of compact it up and then lock

It into place so it’s just in the meantime you can stick it right there overall i think it’s pretty nice i actually was on it before i realized i had to put that pin in and was kind of pedaling on it and it definitely works you can change the resistance it’s actually a much more stable side to side than i was thinking it might be i was a little worried about that i

Actually put the batteries in it too so i’m gonna flatten that down i wouldn’t like maybe some tabs right here to protect your laptop from sliding off but as you can see it’s it’s a little recessed there and the angle isn’t too bad and especially if you have a water bottle here that’ll kind of prevent it from slipping off there’s venting up here or dissipating heat

And then there’s also a little slot here which you can put a tv remote or maybe your cell phone or pencil or pens or whatever you might need from there i do like the fact that you have these handle bars on the side like i said mostly mostly i was worried about a rocking from side to side but this thing is really quite stable even on my uneven floor here so i’m pretty

Impressed with this thing overall you know like i said a 125 bucks now paid any more for it i would have been really angry about all this terrible terrible paint as it is i might just pick up some like white tourists oh liam or something when i’m at home depot the next time and touch it up myself but as of right now i think it’s gonna be fine and especially if you’re

Not in a really humid environment you know you might not have to worry about a rusting but that is a little bitter though the problem of you know buying the lowest end thing but if you want to stay fit get a little exercise because you do a lot of computer work or raining or whatever you don’t want to walking does check this up i’ll put a link to in the description peter brown band out

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Foldable Upright Exercise Work Solution Desk Bike by Loctek Review By Peter von Panda