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Furbo Automatic Dog Treat Dispenser Camera Review

It’s hard to walk out of the house to go to work with those sad puppy dog eyes staring at you, which is why pet cameras are so popular today. In this Furbo Automatic Dog Treat Dispenser camera review I’m taking a look at all the pros and cons of this device, and tell you what you need to know if you’re thinking of buying one yourself.

Hey guys it’s samantha from top dog tips and this is our ferb oh and our chocolate lab sadie i am holding the camera right now so they can show you up close of the furball treat dispenser so i apologize that it’s a little bit shaky right sadie one right here you can see the green light reflecting off our table it’s hard to see when it’s laid out but that light

Does light up to let you know that it’s on and it’s connected to your wi-fi i mean this is on a side table in our living room and i love the fact that it has a six foot cord you can see how long the cord is ours is right here but if you needed it to be somewhere that you need a longer cord that’s great this is where you put the treats and you can see in here it

Shows the max line there so you don’t fill it too full and then it’s really easy to just pop the top back on so now i will put the camera on the tripod and i will show you guys how it works okay guys so this is the live feed from my furball i’m going to turn down the volume on my phone so you can no longer hear me through both but you can communicate with your dog

Through this device and you can also treat your dog so there is our living room i’m going to focus the camera so now you can see that the feed is completely live from my hair i’m on the camera right now on my phone because i’m sitting in front of the furball you can see the fur ball right here to my right so this is the app all you have to do when you get your fur

Ball um you turn it on it connects the wi-fi in your home you have to wi-fi your phone has to have bluetooth you download the furball app which is free for android and ios systems and um you turn the bluetooth on on your phone it takes like three to five minutes your phone and the furball communicate the furball resets itself and then you’re good to go and it tells

You gives you the instructions right on your screen it just takes like i said less than five minutes and then you’re good to go you open the app you can do that wherever you are as long as your furball is connected to the wi-fi on your home and that’s working and you’re somewhere with cell service you can connect to sorry you just open the app and it connects to

Your furball that only takes a few seconds and then you have the options um you could hear just a minute ago that i can record a message hey guys who wants a treat so i record that obviously i’m in the room right now but if you’re out if you’re you know at a restaurant having dinner if you’re at work wherever your dogs can hear you um and then you can also see them

On the video it records in the daytime it also has an hd night-vision camera so that if you’re gone after dark you don’t have to worry about that it works fine and you can take screenshots of your dog and share those on social media and things like that and now what’s sadie’s doing baby lou chloe it’s coming our dogs have done this before so it’s really easy all

You do is um there’s these three buttons they’re gonna make your phone button the treat button and then the picture run so it’s a very user friendly very simple i’ll hit that treat guys down there goes in through some more treats the smaller the treats the more it grows we have multiple dogs so it throws a few treats which is great for us but you can put larger

Treats in there and then only you know one or two will fall down in a time so that’s great so that is the firm oh it’s 2480 sadie no it’s too started 224 dollars you can order that for the fertile website or on amazon so it’s a very expensive toy but it makes a great gift for any pet owner that is gone long powers wants to connect with their dog it doesn’t always

Shoot all the treats out of its level that is a little like shoot so they’re left in there that’s the usury um so anyway it’s two hundred four dollars so it’s an expensive gift or a splurge for you but if you’re somebody that works long hours and you want that opportunity to get off while you’re gone it’s definitely worth the money the voice that you hear your dogs

Here is crystal clear so they can definitely tell it’s you as you can see on my phone see footage that you get is very clear the pictures you get are clear the video is clear so it’s it’s a great quality it’s certainly expensive it’s not a must-have by any means so if it doesn’t fit into your budget that’s understandable but it is the design is very nice like the

Wooden top and the white outfits with any holmes fagor which is great so i’m going to stick out like a sore thumb people are going to be constantly asking you what that thing is um so i i really liked it i really enjoyed it but you know definitely the downside would be that it’s very expensive it’s not in everybody’s budget but this is the forego so if you want

More information you can do it on their website you can get on our website which is transcom if you are on youtube certainly subscribe you can subscribe to our newsletter or you can jump on social media and find us and have access to all the reviews how to choose recipes and things like that that i post every week so thanks for watching guys you

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Furbo Automatic Dog Treat Dispenser Camera Review By Top Dog Tips