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Hello, Beauties! Ever heard of Olaplex and their 3-4-5 process? Ever wanted to try it but too scared to try? Well come check out as I do the experimental trial for you. Let’s see if it becomes a staple to my collection or if we should leave it on the shelf!

Hello beauties it’s me wangely from two chic chicks here with our video for today well our video if you didn’t know it’s about olaplex olaplex three four five system let me tell you if you have not used it i’mma help you change your mind today about olaplex because let’s get on into this video let’s talk about it let’s get deep into olaplex well i tried

Olaplex before probably about it’s been about two years ago it was right before i’m not gonna see i almost did it we’re not gonna go that way i’m not gonna do time according to that so it’s been about two years since i tried ole plex for the first time now i’m gonna be honest i did not do it the way it was supposed to be done so i did not like the results that

I received because i picked up the number three that’s the bonding part of it i didn’t like it i tried it twice i said um this is not for me so from there i didn’t use it anymore i put it in that arsenal of hair stuff i have you know just throw it back there and i flip across it every time i go in my little bucket to get my stuff i flip across it well recently

I was in sephora went in to buy some other stuff and you know how they get you i’m walking in line and lying together to the cashier and right there they have all the little goodies along the way if you look at and hopefully go ahead and pick up it’s strategic for you to pick up i look over i see overplays and it’s four and five well you know what went on

In my brain i said i got three at home hmm i ain’t like how three worked i said um so i pick up the bottom and i’m reading it use three four and five well i didn’t maybe that’s why i didn’t like the results i got so i said okay i’ma try it i’m just gonna try so i picked up four and five went on through the line cashier paid myself left i had i had it i was

Like okay i’m gonna use it now for those of you who don’t know and you’re new here i um hack hope it and i talk about you have to go back if you’re new here matter of fact hold on let me welcome you thank you guys for showing me showing up today if you’re new here i really appreciate you for stopping by and spending time with me if you like what you see do me

A favor could you go ahead and subscribe just go ahead so far if you like my energy go ahead just click that subscribe button don’t cause your thing hit the notification bell so you’ll be notified of all my new videos as soon as they upload and go ahead like me comment and share me along with your friends i don’t mind if you share me and for all those who’ve

Been here with me thank you so much for spending time with me too today okay now let’s get back to this so i was like okay forgot where i was at y’all know i’m here okay so um oh yeah so i have a video in regards to my hair um post cove so please go back and watch that so you know you can catch up to where i’m at here with my hair on this journey but uh we

Uh so i picked it you know picked it up came on home with it and stuff and i was like well i’ve been using the shampoo that the dermatologist prescribed for me and it is starting to dry my hair out some so i was like well i better stop using it and give it a break and i’ll use something else i’ll go ahead and use the olaplex then great time to use it so what

You do is is you have three four and five like i said it’s a system that how you supposed to use it so this is number three now on number three let me read it to you i’m gonna put on my spectacles so i can sing so like oh these are dirty yeah they are really dirty sorry about that but this is olaplex it’s the hair protector it says use once a week between

Chemical services to strengthen hair now the directions on the back of it tells you apply a generous amount from roots to onions on unwashed towel dry hair comb through leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more okay now you’re looking at the video in my video i have i put this in for three minutes i did use it for ten but i did put it in and say i used

For three what happened is this is my second time using the system i used it last week so last week i used it for 10. i’ma tell you it’s 10 minutes i said three but it’s 10 and um when i put this in and i rinsed out i was like okay so then you go along and go with number four which number four is the conditioner this is the conditioner right here i just say

Conditioner this is the shampoo the shampoo so you shampoo your hair you rinse out that out the um number three you shampoo in number four it don’t take much oh my god you need a piece you don’t need much at all to for the shampoo not much at all at all it lathers up so well so i shampoo my hair rinse that i looked in the mirror i was like oh my god love

What my hair was looking like really loved it i was like oh my god my hair is looking so good the second time i mean okay after i washed it then i put in the conditioner now the conditioner says leave it for three i left it in for ten the second time like i said it’s the second time i used it i did the times backwards but the first time i definitely left it in

Like i was supposed to ten and three and so i was like oh my god when i rinsed out my hair from the conditioner now use i use the drink uh a lot i’m so heavy-handed with products so when i put the conditioner in i did use quite a bit of conditioner and i didn’t comb anything through my hair i fingered my hair um just finger my hair through the finger sorry the

Product through my hair loved it rinsed it out you all my hair feels like hair it gave me back my texture my texture had changed after coving the texture of my hair especially where it came out at and the hair growing back was it was different it’s rough it’s bumpy it was like it this part right here right here like right here was so rough this wouldn’t

Lay down it is the texture of every the texture coming in was so rough and i don’t even know how to really explain it it just didn’t feel like real hair it didn’t feel like hair this gave me back my hair the feeling of hair i was like oh my god it feels like hair i was just in there with my husband like oh look at my hair look at my hair when i finished the gray

Was nice and bright i didn’t have to worry about the gray you know dull it came out looking beautiful because i do have something in case my gray is not coming out nice white and bright i use but i didn’t have to use anything it it looked great i mean this is it now i did use a little oil to continue after conditioning i used my oil because after you do three

Four and five you just style your hair as normal and then i used a little bit of um shea uh no it was argan oil i used a little bit of oregano on my hair so i used um some styling foam molded my hair down tied it up let it dry now i’ve been using pretty much no heat um but this time when i stopped my hair i sat up under the hair dryer and when i came from up

Under the hair dryer i put the blow dryer on light on low and just so i could undo them when i combed it out of this uh mode so i can just comb it out the mold and stuff and this is the results i’m telling y’all wait man do i need to come closer for you let me get a little closer to you this is it i’m telling you guys i am in love with the style i’m in

Love with the style but more than anything i’m in love with the hair the hair is coming through oh yes my hair is coming through love it right now i’m loving the hairstyle i got it cut all the way down to where the new girl pretty much coming where new hair is coming in you know i still got some shorter pieces right here this is kind of a spot where my hair

Came out right there and oh y’all know what these edges was looking like so that thing came back so i got my hair cut down so yeah i am loving it it takes no time to do my hair i um spent all of an hour before it was like you know when i used to do my hair like i he had to get yourself prepared to do it but now it is so simple i mean loving it but more than

Anything i am loving my comeback olaplex olaplex has done it so i’ma tell you if you’re having hair roughness or your hair just damaged or even from even if you use it after you have using if you’re relaxed after you have relaxed your hair or even after you colored your hair even if you don’t have relaxed hair but you do color your hair if you are to use this

System you don’t have to buy the whole system but three four and five three four five you must try it i i can’t imagine it being you have to just try i’m telling you try it give it a try definitely give it a try i’m backing them i’ve used it twice now came out with great results two times two times so that’s my take on overplex now what i won’t do i would

Suggest i wouldn’t use it every wash i would definitely use it strategically like after relaxing after well after any process chemical process to your hair or maybe you can use it once a month or something like that but yeah i am happy i ran across it i really am i’m glad i finally followed the directions and now i am so happy with the results i got well

Ladies and gents thank you so much for watching that’s the end that’s all i had to say i just wanted to come on give that little tit bit of information drop that knowledge on you right quick about olaplex and how it worked for me and like i said i’m natural professional cosmetologist i just shared with you how ugly do one glee have to let you know that’s all

I’m doing sharing how i do me that’s it nothing will work well thank you guys and you all have a great time i look forward to seeing you in the next video bye bye uh um

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