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Hanes Ecosmart Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt Review I Hoodie

Are you researching sustainable fashion trends? Watch our Hanes Ecosmart Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt Review to learn more about eco friendly hoodies. Ask for a free quote on item style P170, available in Hunter Green, Black, Red, Grey and Blue. You will enjoy this lightweight, 7.8 oz, 50/50 Cotton, Polyester Blend. Perfect for late spring or early fall fashion. Additionally, the Hanes eco smart hooded pullover is also tag less and features a matching drawstring. Rib Knit Cuffs are kind of annoying, but everything else is pretty nice. The Hanes Ecosmart Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt is also available in Youth and Zip Up styles. Request a free estimate for custom screen printing, online from Hart Mind Soul and the HMS nation.

Good morning folks we are back doing another product review for heart mind soul and hms nation uh this actually is uh just putting this in here to show you our trademark logo and that we can do embroidery on hats these are really nice you get a quote for these there’s other videos on this snack back snap back product as well but today we’re going to be talking

About our hanes eco smart hoodies uh here we go trying to show you the label there hanes eco smart hoodie uh now uh our style number for this is p170 uh it is the hanes eco smart hooded pullover sweatshirt uh we all call them hoodies here uh now uh nice i guess say okay product one of the drawbacks right up front with you is that this does not come available in

A lot of different colors uh it’s available in this green this is a nice green color this nice hunter green color gray red black and blue but that’s really about it um not a wide selection there let’s see it’s 7.8 ounce 50 50 cotton poly blend tag free which is really kind of nice that’s got this matching matching draw cord here for each color and it’s got these

Ribbed knit ribbed knit cuffs and uh be honest with you let’s just start with this i don’t particularly like this rib knit cuff um it’s probably my least favorite thing about this product it’s just maybe if you’ve got cute small little hands uh it will work fine but i’ve got these giant gargantuan wrists and when i put it in here it just it it doesn’t fit it feels

Too tight uh which makes me think i should probably go to a size or two larger but then it starts looking kind of baggy uh which isn’t really the nicest fit that i’m looking for another thing i guess you know benefit drawback depending on what you are looking for here is that this has got the uh it’s got the 50 50 cotton poly blend so it is a little bit lighter

Hoodie so i guess if you’re um if you’re active if you can be wearing this while you’re active at the gym or out jogging or something this would be nice because it isn’t too terribly heavy but if you’re just going to be sitting in the bleachers or at the bus stop or standing around in the cold i’d recommend a heavier weight product we do have some videos on that

As well but we are talking about the hanes ecosmart product so one of the benefits of this is that it is an ecosmart product which means that it is made with uh recycled plastic bottles and other sustainable methods now you can get these embellished with different water-based inks it depends on your design so you need to get a custom quote for that anyways all

In all the hanes ecosmart hooded pullover product is i’d say a fairly decent product nice again the nicest thing about this if you’re looking for an eco friendly hoodie this is one of the only options that you’ve got on the market drawbacks again are the color selection uh and it’s not really that heavy or durable and these nasty little rib cuff things i just i

Don’t like this they will stretch out but then uh you know to fit your hand but then you’ve got that problem with them having to stretch back and after you wash it a few times this the rest of the hoodie will be fine but i personally have experienced issue with uh with this wearing down so anyways these are available for custom screen print you can get embroidery

On them contact heart mind soul and the hms nation for a free estimate 20 48 hours a day and learn more about the hanes eco smart hooded sweatshirt

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Hanes Ecosmart Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt Review I Hoodie By Hart Mind Soul