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Honest review on Vya Naturals Vitamin C serum| Is it the best vitamin C serum?

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Hey everyone this is muskan hope you all are doing great so today i’m gonna talk about the most talked about ingredient applauses applauses vitamins see so we are gonna focus on packaging ingredients texture and of course pros and cons so let’s get into the video so i have this beautiful product right here this is via naturals vitamin c serum and it has 20

Vitamin c coming to this packaging i’ll give 10 on 10. this is not travel friendly because of course the glass can break but i just love the packaging because it comes in a dark glass bottle and that way the potency of the product remains also the dropper is very handy texture is water-based so two drops won’t be enough for your entire face you will need at least

Three drops of it i will work best if you mix it up with alpha arbiting which i’m doing right now i apply vitamin c serum then i apply serum and it goes well with that but you need to be still clear about what not to apply accord with this vitamin c serum you have to completely avoid retinol and also benzoyl peroxide it’s beautiful ingredients as it has aloe vera

Witch hazel extract this is known to lighten up use acne spots and all lighten up your pigmentation it’s free from harmful chemicals parabens sulfates and if you also hate pregnant like me in your skincare products then high five this is the product for you talking about the pros of this product and how this has helped heal my skin it has reduced my acne spot it

Has lightened up my pigmentation to up to 65 percent with to which i’m really grateful and it just not does not gives the glow only when you apply the product but it works on my skin internally so yes really happy about it coming to cons so this is not a beginner friendly product at all this is my first vitamin c serum till now and it had 20 vitamin c which is a

Lot for a beginner person so initially when i used it it gave my skin a lot of redness if you have already used vitamin c in some or other form then it will start shooting on your skin in the initial days but if you’re a beginner please do a patch test and be sure that this will not suit your skin for the initial 15 days as it has a high potency of vitamin c but

When it will start suiting your skin it will not disappoint you and it will not give you any sort of acne or it will not irritate your skin at all and it will just do good for your skin now talking about when can you apply this serum so i have used it in the daytime only and i followed it up with sunscreen and moisturizer but i have heard that this product works

Great at night time also so you can choose any time be it am pm anytime whichever suits you but just be gentle for your skin and apply only a little bit amount because little goes a long way so will i repurchase it or not definitely i will do repurchase it i love this it suits my skin well and what else you want it gives me desired result if you are planning to

Buy any vitamin serum do give this a try if you want to honest review on minimalist vitamin c serum and why natural nice and amazing serum then consider subscribing to my channel carlo free hair and obviously if you like this video please give a super thumbs up and i would love to see you back again love you all bye bye stay safe

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Honest review on Vya Naturals Vitamin C serum| Is it the best vitamin C serum? By Muskan Mittal