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How To: Blowout Natural Hair | Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush Review

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

At this point like you don’t have to press your hair girl you don’t have to do nothing you could literally just wear this like that’s what i’m trying to tell people when you get this it’s not a must you have to press your hair like your hair look like my hair is straight right now like girl straight i could do i could literally part this like this is straight i

Can comb this with no problem hey guys it’s your girl london and i am back with another video and in today’s video obviously you can see that your girl here is not together but we gonna get it right okay i know i’ve seen so many people asking me about this revlon so i was like you know what when i take out my hair i’m gonna do a review on this y’all know i’m

Obsessed with my hot tubes i use that every single time i don’t even use my paul mitchell for my regular hair to dry it out because the hot tools is where it’s at like it’s it’s giving me two and one vibes okay this is how it looks guys trying to see is the bottom the same way yes it looked like the same type of bottom too okay y’all so this has settings on here

Same as the other one is saying uh off cool low and high now before i do this i’m gonna go ahead i just bought a few of these things from target today so i’m gonna go in with this shea butter hydrating leave-in conditioning mist that i got from target and i did spray some of this in my hair already but it wasn’t a lot it was just like to try to you know get the

Little squirty thing to act right so when it was time for camera it wasn’t gonna stall up on me so yeah i’m going in that with that because that is a leave-in conditioner make sure y’all putting in a leaf conditioner in your hair and the next thing i got from target was the as i am this is the restore and repair jamaican black castor oil water now honey i wasn’t

Even trying to get this i seen a lady walk by and she picked this up and i picked it up you see how that work that’s just not even don’t don’t shop around me because i might just get what you got okay like i might just be like oh they got it it might work but yeah i was like okay well i’m gonna just try it out when i seen those as i am i already know their products

I just feel like they sometimes too expensive for no reason so we’re gonna see what it’s doing what is giving and i do have some heat serum from before on my hair as well i usually put that on as soon as i get out the shower when i know i’m about to press out my hair so i’m going in now y’all with the hemp and this was the blowout spray so i’m going to use that

I actually really like this i really like this it protects your head up to 392 degrees so all right so just make sure all of that is in your hair and you’re good to go then you want to section off your hair before starting to do it and yes auntie bought a big comb don’t worry okay so i’m going to go in i’m going to put this on the low setting because i don’t like

To put it on too high we’ll get there when we get there like i don’t want to burn off my hair i’ma just let you know right now the settings is very high opposed to the hot tubes because that was on cool and that was high i’m gonna put the setting on cool and see how that works i’m gonna tell you right now um these bristles aggressive uh i know i have bristles

On the other one but it feels like these ones are very hard opposed to the ones on the hot tubes because the way that just yank my head so that was on the cool setting i didn’t like it on the cool center it felt like it made my hair harder to dry i feel like it made my hair more tangly on the cool setting versus when i just turned it to the heat setting so the

Heat setting is great like that’s that’s doing what it was supposed to do all right so we’re going on to the next section and let’s just see how this progressed make sure you’re doing this section by section like but i will say obviously you can tell that my hair is very much straight and i didn’t have to continue going through it too much like like i said that

Cool setting it wasn’t for me make sure you take this into two sections part it and then like work like that so it’s not too much hair to be doing at one time and it’s up to you sometimes i use my denman brush to like you know get some of my curls detangle but in this case i don’t feel like my hair is like tangled up so and i know when my hair is tangled because

I can see it from the roots and i don’t see that at all with this and it it probably is because i use my um scrubber in the shower when i wash my hair so when you guys are doing this make sure you go all the way to the to the end that’s how you’re gonna get to the heat set this hit them rules oh look at like girl look how far the roots is right now wow i’m very

Impressed okay i ain’t mad at you revlon get them coins this is over here looking like she had a perm up in here like what natural what but don’t don’t let this fool you cuz could revert back to the afro real quick okay don’t don’t but yeah y’all this is giving very much like look at that i would i definitely like that at this point i feel like they both it’s no

Difference to me to them except for that cooling i’m not with the cooling system on this thing and the brushes was a little bit hard but i think the brushes are hard because it’s brand spanking new and maybe you got to break it in before i don’t know girl but these brushes looking like the brushes on my brush my paddle brush and those brushes hurt a little bit so

You guys can see right here right now you can see it this is very thick y’all i want y’all to see this very thick this is very fine over here like i could part this i could move around because i know people like oh what does it work on this hair it says it work on all hair types girl all hair types ain’t no discrimination everybody could get it anybody okay it’s

Just heat in a cone you got one so she got one says i got one so it doesn’t matter you know everybody could get one all right so you could go ahead and just you know this right here is really good for separating your hair too go in with your diamond brush brush it on out and then you can go in with the heat so when y’all see me going like this with my hands in

Front of the brushes i’m just putting my hair into the bristles so that i can get a more pressed look so that’s why you’ll see my hands like this because i’m teething it out and i’m putting it more so in the brushes so yeah like this is very much like at this point like you don’t have to press your hair girl you don’t have to do nothing you could literally just wear

This like that’s what i’m trying to tell people when you get this it’s not a must you have to press your hair like your hair look like my hair is straight right now like girl straight i could do i could literally part this like this is straight i can comb this with no problem like at this point you don’t even have to even press this hair out like if it was me i

Do it all the time throw a headband on push it right back had this be me with my regular my regular blow dryer this would be poofy in an afro right now i’d be looking like a poodle so yes period if this thing is on sale for freaking black friday says grab you one grab your two get one for your mom and get one for your sister get one for your like be generous get

One for other people help them out i’m just letting y’all know i’m trying to put you all up on game to me i feel like it doesn’t matter which one you get you can get this one you can get the hot tubes i feel like this is something you have to have in your cabinet with your hair products like this is a must-have yeah you might want to do a blow dryer for sometimes

Like when you’re doing your ponytail or something but baby i’m not doing a blow dryer no no i haven’t used i haven’t used my my blow dryer to press out my hair since i got that hot tools like i’ll use my blow dryer for like my ponytails or something like that but when it comes to actually moisturizing taking care of my hair i will not be using no no um blow dryer

Y’all i’m sorry especially when this does the job this all i’d be wanting i just want to be able to go like this and don’t get snagged and whatever because what i do is i’ll brush i’ll go ahead lay my baby hairs down everything and wear a cute little bun and i’m good i’m blunt i’ve been in the blood for a whole year like i’m just letting y’all know one thing i will

Tell y’all about this is when i go through to like pull it apart i’m noticing that it sheds so that’s something that you might be thinking about the hot tooth hasn’t shredded anything as of right now so this is like the third one that came off and that’s like the little bristle things so i don’t know all right so i’m gonna turn around so y’all can see the final look

At this don’t judge my split ends okay and you can see it is very very straight fine you wanted to tackle it and get in there real straight like this part is super straight this part is all right because i ain’t i wasn’t in the hit and hitting it like that but it’s still good but this is how it is right now i had to go ahead and get the og for y’all here is

My booboo this is my hot tools this is the noobaboo this is the revlon and like i said they literally are kind of identical it’s crazy like they very much alike it’s like what i do think is that it’s really it’s just like like almost identical i feel like this one is a little bit bigger so i know people have questions about the sound is it loud is it you know

Obnoxious blah blah blah the sound is just like any blow dryer unless you got a silent blue dragon the sound is just like anyone like it’s in the middle it’s not like oh it’s blowing your eardrum off but obviously it’s gonna be some sound and it’s not like lightly it’s medium to me heat yes you can burn your forehead if you’re not careful you see me over here

Like this so make sure you’re you know putting your hand out twisting it getting away from your forehead so you don’t burn yourself but i feel like this is definitely the the revlon is definitely whoever i don’t even know who came out with it first but whoever copied who the dupe for the hot tubes okay so if if hot tubes came out first revlon is the duke of this

And it’s a great dupe i have no problem i’m gonna be using both of them this probably would go to my daughter because she does now she does um like wash her hair and stuff herself so this will probably go to her and i’ll teach her how to use it on her hair but yeah they they both gonna be my babies because they both getting the job they both did what needed to be

Done they got the job done like that’s all i can ever ask for that’s it like you want something that’s gonna straighten your hair and also detangle it at the same time and that’s that’s that’s what this did like it understood the assignment and it slated it had no problem doing what it needed to do okay guys i hope you guys enjoyed it as always don’t forget to

Like comment and subscribe to my channel for more content like this until next time treasure your family treasure your time and most importantly treasure yourself peace you

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How To: Blowout Natural Hair | Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush Review By London’s Treasure