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How to Set Up the Wise Owl Underquilt for Your Hammock – Plus, a Real World Review!

This week I’m checking out a hammock underquilt from Wise Owl Outfitters. I really like this company because their products are American made and they’re great quality while staying competitively priced.

Hey there fletch from all things over landing here today i’m going to be talking about the wise owl outfitters flare underquilt it’s rated down to 40 degrees so tonight it’s going to get into the mid to high 40s so i’m going to go ahead and use this because it’s going to be a little bit chilly like if you think about it what do you keep your house at 70 72 somewhere

In that ballpark probably out here in the woods today is a beautiful day it’s 70 right now it feels perfect but later on tonight it’s going to get down into the 40s so i’m going to use this underneath of my hammock so if you’re a hammock camper and you’re looking for a way to sort of extend your hammock camping a an underquilt may be a great option so again i’m

Going to talk about it i’m going to show you how easy it is to install on your hammock how easy it is to set up it’s actually really really easy and i’m going to use it tonight i’m going to come back to you guys tomorrow i’m going to tell you kind of what my thoughts were and how i felt with it whether i felt different because i’ve slept down into the 30s and 40s

Without an under quilt and i can tell you it gets cold when you are that exposed to the the elements without any sort of padding or buffer it is very cold so i’m expecting this to make a huge difference and basically bolster my sleeping bag and stuff that i’ve got in there with a bunch of extra heat from the underquilt so let’s get into the wise owl outfitters

Flare under quilt review so i actually have this night cat sort of all-in-one hammock and i love this thing i mean this thing i’ve used it probably 20 25 nights now it’s fantastic it’s got a built-in bug net it’s got these sort of arms that hold everything up so nothing drapes down on top of you you’re constantly in a nice sweet spot sleeping it also has a

Built-in which i’m not using tonight but a rain fly that goes over with a door built into it i’ll put a card up here to the review that i did of this thing this thing is awesome and i really love it so again the only way that i thought that i could probably bolster it is by adding an under quilt so that is why we’re going to be using this tonight because it’s

Going to get down into the 40s this thing comes with its own carrying bag which is really nice and i like that it’s kind of oversized so it’s easy to get the thing back into the bag now it does have you know sort of a pinch style thing that keeps it closed which is nice um the material of this this under quilt is 20d rip stop nylon so it is meant to be tough it’s

Also got a waterproof coating on it so it is meant to be water resistant i mean i don’t think that i would soak it but if it does get some dew on it or some rain or anything like that shouldn’t be a problem so we take it out of the bag here the nice thing about this thing is it is really easy to install i’m going to show you exactly how to do it so basically at

Each end you have these sort of two spots where some bungee cords come off with some adjustable little straps all you’re going to do is put those through your carabiner on your existing hammock and then tighten them down so first i’m going to put both of those hooks through my carabiner and i’m just going to leave it alone i’m going to go to the other end and

Do the same thing so then basically once you do that once you get the the the straps through your carabiner you can see it’s fitting a little loose right you basically want this to be tight think of it almost like sort of like a wrap around your sleeping bag right so but all you have to do to make this thing tight is there’s a little sort of bead on the side of

This adjustment point right you basically squeeze the thing and then pull it tight and you’re gonna do that for both sides so there are two of them two of these carabiner things here right this one also has this little bead on the side i’ll squeeze it and i’m just going to pull it tight so you can see it’s already kind of tight at the other end now i just need to

Get this side tightened up let me grab my little bead here so we’re going to tighten it over here same thing for the other one let’s pull that up around there and just make sure that it’s tight there and as you can see i’ve got a nice little sort of wrap going on on the hammock now so basically later tonight when i come to go to bed and i get in this and my body

Weight sinks down into this this is going to kind of act like an exterior sleeping bag right it’s going to create a separation barrier between my body and the inside of this fabric of the hammock and the outside air so it’s going to help keep me warmer without having to do anything crazy like a diesel heater or hot hands or chemical options like that another cool

Thing here is in the middle so now that i’ve gotten this mostly like tightened up there once i get into the hammock if i needed to you can actually tighten it even further from the middle here so what i like about that is again from inside the hammock you can go ahead and tighten that up if you need to without having to get back out of the hammock and readjust

Everything so that’s a really cool feature all right so it’s the next morning just woke up from sleeping all night in my new wise owl under quilt and i have to say i was really surprised like i did not think that an underquilt would make that big of a difference um for reference i will say i was out here in this exact same spot about a month ago it was warmer that

Was probably about 10 degrees warmer at night and i did not have the under quilt and i fell asleep in the hammock and again just being against the the hammock material it just saps all the heat right out of you right like your rear exposed right to the cold air and even clothes if you’re wearing layers and stuff they get compressed under your body so they do less

To insulate you so you know it is really an interesting idea i’d never thought about the fact that this is on the outside right so it doesn’t get compressed it’s allowed to create that air barrier basically between the air and you um but i will say i slept in this thing last night i even have a cold if you can tell i’m a little congested i came out here a little

Bit sick but i just wanted to go camping so bad that i figured i’d tough it out but with this thing i mean i slept really warm i’m not even using my normal zero degree bag or anything like that i’m using one of my kids like 50 degree sleeping bag and it got down to like low to mid 40s and again with this under quilt on it it was great i was actually really warm and

Comfortable so significantly better than no under quilt right so again i will say i’m a believer now i definitely think these under quilts are awesome and for like 50 60 bucks to basically change the way that you sleep in a hammock even in like summer conditions if it’s not hot if it’s not hot hot and at night it dips down and gets a little bit cooler even just

Having this thing i mean it’s not necessarily going to warm you up but it’s going to keep you from getting colder so you can even use this in the summer i think and it would still be a benefit so anyways big fan of this thing i think it’s a great buy i’m going to put a link down in the description below hopefully that gives you a little bit of an insider view on

This under quilt and if you’re not familiar with under quilts i hope that it gives you a little bit more info if you were thinking about buying one and just not sure again i’ve always been the tough it out kind of guy but man i will use this thing from now on probably every time i sleep in a hammock so anyways love it uh link in the description below also in the

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How to Set Up the Wise Owl Underquilt for Your Hammock – Plus, a Real World Review! By All Things Overlanding