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HOW TO SETUP Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracking Watch Review & Unboxing

What comes in the box and how to connect to iphone or smart phone, Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker with Built-in GPS, Stress Management Tools, Sleep Tracking How to login into the app and turn on Bluetooth to connect to the Fitbit for the first time. How to charge your fitbit and how to set the time and take a eck reading.

Hello everyone this is just a dad today i’m gonna do an unboxing and show you how to set it up for the first time this fitbit charge five okay so if you turn it around the back fitbit’s got the seal right here you’ve got to break this seal how you know that it comes from the factory and then you can grab these sides here and then this should slide out yeah okay

Let’s open this little lever here there’s the fitbit and then we got this little arrow we’re gonna open it we got power and style and a quick start guide very well packaged one band okay so on the other side is the charging cable for your fitbit and let’s get the quick start guide out looks like we’ve got some plastic to take off of the fitbit wraps around

All right there it is okay so it looks like it comes that extra band is is bigger than the one that is on it already and the bands are very easy to change there’s like this little button here you’re going to push and then it kind of just pops off you can see then you’ll hear it snap when you push it on it kind of snaps but there’s a little tab there just kind

Of push that tab towards the band and then it comes off very easy and the other side can come off also so you can change the color of these bands okay so under the quick start guide it says charge to 100 first now you are gonna have to plug this into that does not come with a wall charger i’ve got it plugged into this little power bank here and then we’re going

To line up there’s two little you can see the two little connections you’re going to line them up there it’s got a very strong magnet so just get it close and it really kind of seats itself but you may have to kind of help it a little bit you want it nice and flush and it should show the charging symbol there okay so it says to install the fitbit app made by

Fitbit on your apple or your samsung phone now as soon as i connected the charger to this this screen lit up and it’s telling me to download it’s telling me download the app download the fitbit app so it looks like you do have to join fitbit or you may have a login already then it’s going to ask you what you’re setting up i’m setting up a charge 5 and i’m going

To click setup so i do have to have an email and a password and i have to click agree okay so you will have to go to your email and there’s a link in the email that you give it you gotta click on that link and hit verify and then it should say that your email is verified click next scroll down because it doesn’t show up readily and hit agree now this is where it

Wants information about you it’s like your name birthday height all that okay so once you give it your name and all that you comes to another screen another privacy hit accept so this screen’s telling you that you charge it but i’ve already got mine on the charger now you got to give it permissions so if this is not have a check mark just click on this and it’ll

Take you to so i’m going to use this allow only while using the app okay so once all those check marks hit done okay so now your screen should be showing you a four digit pairing code and just type it in there and i got that code from the from the face of the fitbit and once it accepted it now it’s got this showing bluetooth pairing and we got a pairing complete

Check mark okay so this one is a little interesting i can’t read the allow but it is right there so click allow so it’s asking if you want to purchase a protection plan i’m going to click not now and of course there’s an update so we got to update the fitbit you could do it later but i’m going to do it now just to see how long it takes okay so it’s downloading the

The update on my phone and the screen is showing this okay so we’re only at 87 percent that’s taking about 10 minutes here’s what the fitbit looks like okay so again that took about 10 minutes to download it now it says installing and the fitbit looks like this it’s got like a little line going across so it’s still taking a little bit okay so that took about 20

Minutes i got a big check mark it says installation complete and now it’s updated okay so now i’m going to hit the continue button now it says try it on okay so i’m gonna try it on i’m gonna put it on my left arm now i did have to put the bigger band um i’ve got kind of a bigger wrist i had to put the bigger band on now it looks like it you’re just gonna snap

It over that that’s very nice and then just tuck that away okay there it’s on now it says next okay it says you’re going to double tap it so this is just like an on-screen learning tool it’s going to tell you how to use it so you double tap it to wake it you swipe up for different things okay so this is kind of a good one it says clean your band with soap free

Cleanser if your device gets wet remove it and dry completely after your activity and take your device off from time to time okay so it comes with it doesn’t come with much charge so if you swipe up there’s the battery percent i’ve been charging it for 20 minutes it’s at 52 so it still needs quite a bit of charge so it looks like fitbit has a subscription plan

They may want you to buy i don’t know much about these subscription plans i’m not going to get it so what’s interesting this is the app i was hoping it would display the battery level but it looks like when it’s gathering data you can see the battery level for just a little bit and then it goes away so let’s just go through it again you’re going to double tap it

To wake it up you can swipe up swipe left ekg or ecg timers alarms exercise hit start it kind of vibrate a little bit so then if you swipe up you can pause and hit finish so that’s kind of nice done swim treadmill weights individual workout so if you double tap you always go home swiping down there’s payments sleep mode fine phone settings display settings

We can change it’s on normal brightness we go to max dim screen timeout default always on display okay so this e so swipe to the left this ecg it says you gotta tap to start so you gotta open up your phone okay so it looks like you gotta go back to the app go to discover and under assessments and reports click so then you get started so there are some things

You got to do you got to say that i’m 22’s i don’t have a pacemaker i understand all these i confirm and it kind of talks about it okay so now it’s take heart rhythm assessment now it’s i can use the e c g hit ready it’s on my left arm have a seat relax hands are still i’m sitting put index finger and thumb on the metal sides looks like it’s working okay

Data collected analyzing normal rhythm your heart appears normal click done all right so now yeah the ecg is available now three minutes to start eda scan timers so i’m going to do the same thing gently hold the sides get started start so i’m gently going to hold these and it’s going to take three minutes okay so that took three minutes make sure you’re in

A comfortable position when you do this because so here’s some things says my heart rate was about the same mood was calm click done so yeah these are some pretty neat things looks like it gives me my pulse rate down here at the bottom of the screen so this is my first time owning a fitbit and there’s sensors on the sides of these also and on the back so this

One has gps also i’m going to also see how it tracks me so the app seems pretty nice i don’t know a lot about it yet but it seems pretty easy to use so i hope this video helps thanks everybody for watching

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HOW TO SETUP Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracking Watch Review & Unboxing By Just A Dad Tips