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I tested REVOLUTION SKINCARE for 3 weeks | full revolution skincare review with before and after

I tested revolution skincare for 3 weeks, full review with before and after. Did it work?

Hello and welcome to claire’s corner today i’m going to be doing a revolution skincare test this box arrived today so i’m going to open it with you well actually arrived yesterday but i’m going to open it with you go through it and then i will kind of update you over the next couple of weeks as i’m using the product and give you some skin updates as and when so

My skin i am 24 years old and my skin is not good i have taken some before kind of pictures and shots so i will show you them now so yeah as you can see my skin is not great i have a terrible habit of picking spots which i know is just absolutely terrible and i really really need to stop doing that so i follow them on instagram and i’ve seen that makeup revolution

Have now done revolution skincare and i really really wanted to try out what some of the things they had and i thought why don’t i just replace everything that i use with the revolution skincare stuff and i can fully test their skincare so that’s what we’re going to do also when i ordered online they had i think if you spent over like 30 or 40 pounds you got

A free gift so we’ll see what that is too because i haven’t opened it yet okay oh oh that’s nice it has a personalized little booklet that’s really nice and then it’s got your like your receipt on it oh i like that that is a really nice touch well done right let’s start with the free gift shall we this says join the revolution gift bag it’s a little makeup

So i’ve got a i think a liquid eyeliner like a glitter one doesn’t actually say i heart revolution flair then we’ve got the starstruck triple baked highlighter then the jelly highlighter i love this the burnt palette absolutely love that and the pro strobe pro powder stroke and contour palette with brush all of that for free because i spent over like 30 or

40 pounds anyway so moving on to the skincare which is what this video is actually about i love also all this kind of recyclable packaging i think it’s really great get it all out and then i’ll show you what i’ve got right so skincare stuff that i bought like a kind of foamy nice cleanser really makes me feel like i’ve cleaned my face well so i went for the

Revolution uh cbd i think there might be builders outside can you hear that banging try to ignore that as we go through the video so i got the um revolution soft foam cleanser with shea butter a glycolic acid toner so give that a go it looks very similar to the pixie one so we’ll see how that goes so then i’ve got the revolution vitamin c eye cream which helps

To brighten and hydrate under eye area the revolution spf 30 which i think is brilliant protecting boost and for normal to dry skin moisturizer vegan and vegan and cruelty free which is great i think all of them i think they’re all vegan and cruelty free which i think is just amazing yeah they are they’re all vegan and cruelty free which is really really good i

Then thought i would get a face mask because i would normally do a face mask maybe once or twice in the week so i went with the revolution pink clay detoxifying mask so we’ll give that a go then i went with a nice cinnamon so i normally use the ordinary niacinamide however it’s always out of stock and i always have to order online which is a bit annoying this

Is the revolution nice uh 10 nice and modern one percent zinc the makeup removal spray then i went for a poor fix detoxifying primer so it’s not necessarily makeup but it’s skincare around makeup i guess and then i also went for the face fix moisturizing fixing mist so i can get quite dry skin and especially after i put makeup on maybe like a couple of hours

Afterwards where i’ve got like old spots or something i get quite dry so i’m hoping that this will help with that i’ve got nine products here to try out from revolution skincare so i will kind of film when i’m using them also i’m not gonna use them now because it’s like the middle of the day and i don’t need to i will start using them from tonight i will film

Using them and i will let you know how i feel after kind of like the first use my initial thoughts about it and then i will update you in maybe a couple of days or a week’s time to you know show you maybe my updates on my skin and how i find the actual routine new product so i actually thought it was all really really reasonably priced i think the most expensive

Item oh it doesn’t have the price on it okay well i think the most expensive item was like 12 pounds or 15 pounds maybe so i think it was really really reasonable i’ll also link all of these below so if you are interested and they’re not affiliate at all because i have like 20 subscribers you can see what they are and and go straight to them five hours later

So it’s like night time it’s like 10 o’clock um i’m just running a bath and i thought i would try out the makeup remover as well as the cleanser and the face mask start by using the makeup removal spray i assume i just spray my face and wipe it away i’m just going to spray my face basically also i’m like i have to sit forward for the lighting to be any sort of

Good on my eyes okay that really stings it’s like really stung my eyes like initially i think it’s probably because i was just like trying to open them but so in future i think i’ll just spray it directly onto these reusable face wipes so that i’m happy with that because now i’m going to cleanse my face anyway yeah it removes my makeup not fully i’m sure if i

Sprayed a bit more and like kept on scrubbing then i would get it all off but i’m gonna go cleanse my face now anyway okay so i don’t really have anywhere to put you um i don’t have like a ledge or anything above the sink so also ignore my hideous ensuite we are planning on getting it redone at some point but anyway i’m just going to use this cleanser a soft

Foam cleanser so i’ll try and show you i’m using it and but then i’m just going to use a muslin cloth to like wipe it all off and which is what i do all the time anyway so it’s definitely getting off all the extra eye makeup it’s not very foamy i don’t know whether i need more but it’s like not very foamy i do have one of these so i’m going to see if it foams

With this but it isn’t foaming in my hands it isn’t foaming so i don’t know why it’s not foaming um i’ve added some more water rubbed it in on my hands so i’m not sure why it’s not foaming i don’t know whether it’s made so i mean i’m happy that it’s like cleansed my face and i do feel like it’s definitely taken all of my makeup off but it says foam cleanser and

It didn’t foam i don’t know whether that was me like doing something wrong i need to really sit forward because the lighting’s terrible but yeah i don’t know whether that was like me using it wrong although i did you know what i would do with any other cleanser and you know what what it said to do so yeah i will keep on using it and see if it foams at all maybe

It’s just maybe the water wasn’t warm enough or whatever um but my skin feels feels nice feels clean i feel like it’s got all of the makeup off it feels quite soft actually i’m going to now put on the base mask because i whenever i have a bath which is i probably have like one bath a week i always put on a face mask just to remind you this is the revolution

Pink clay detoxifying mask which i cannot get into oh oh i like that smell all right just smell clay so it goes on really nicely um it’s very smooth my skin kind of like tingling um which is a good sign because it means it’s working in my pores but yeah it goes on well i can feel it working already i’m going to leave this on whilst i get in the bath i’ll let

You know how my skin kind of looks and feels afterwards okay so i’ve just dried my hair because i’ve washed it for the first time in about a week and just got ready for bed so i’m going to now try out the other bits and bobs but before i do so i haven’t put anything on since the face mask felt really really nice whilst it was on it feels really really nice um

But where i’ve obviously got a few kind of old spots i can still it’s still a bit rough where it needs like exfoliating so i’m going to use the toner now like i normally would it does smell quite chemically but it’s nice it’s quite light it doesn’t kind of sting i’ve had quite a few toners that have stung this is the 5 glycolic acid tonic so basically a toner

Now i would normally use an eye cream so i’m going to try the vitamin c eye cream which helps to brighten and hydrate under eye area so it looks like it’s quite nice and light doesn’t really have a scent to it seems nice i wonder if it’ll kind of brighten up my under eyes or not now i’m just going to put on the niacinamide which is for like blemishes and pores

And things like that so i definitely need it so it looks like that looks again very similar to the ordinary one and hopefully it’s you know just as good i i do like the ordinary one yeah that feels really gentle actually feels really gentle on my skin so yeah i like that so far so good other than the foaming cleanser that didn’t foam but yeah i like it my skin’s

Feeling really nice i’ll let you know how i got on tomorrow with the primer the setting spray and the moisturizer good morning so i’ve just used the cleanse foamer although it still didn’t blow so i’m just going to use the toner and the eye cream before i then try for the first time the moisturizer and the primer this is the spf 30 normal to dry a protecting

Boost moisturizer so it’s quite creamy it’s nice it’s light sinks in well i like that moisturizer but we will see if my face gets dry within a few hours or not i’m going to try out the primer so this is the poor fix detoxifying primer then i’ll do my makeup and then i’ll show you the setting spray that’s what it looks like there’s a hint of color to it again

That feels really nice to put on really smooth okay so i’m gonna do my makeup now and then i will show you the setting spray well then so i’m just gonna try out the face fix moisturizing fixing mist it’s about the tongue twister so it looks like quite nice packaging okay it smells quite nice it smells like um like sheer butter so see how well my makeup lasts

With that but the my foundation went on really really well on to that primer so real fan of that primer so i feel like my skin is getting better i am really impressed it’s day 9 or 10 since using it so i’ll make sure i do kind of a full two weeks and i’ll do a proper review i still haven’t got the cleanser to foam even though it says closing them foaming cleanser

But it’s still a nice cleanser so i’m feeling good and happy at the moment about my skin we’ll see if it lasts so day 15 as you can see just a few little spots nothing too serious so i’m feeling really happy about my skin it’s looking great with makeup on as well so i’m super super happy at the moment okay so i’m not gonna lie to you guys it’s been three weeks

So 21 days my skin is not good um i don’t if you can tell because i’ve got makeup on but my skin is really really bad and i don’t actually think it’s a reflection of the skincare products i think it’s because i think it’s my hormones and my skincare routine hasn’t been like this where my hormones have changed so yeah i am a bit disappointed because obviously

I’ve broken out and my skin’s probably just as bad as it at the start but obviously if we look back at the 10 day mark then my skin was really really good so i’m hoping that in the next maybe like four to five days my skin will be really clear again but yeah i wanted to be honest with you guys because my skin right now it’s not making me feel good i’m going to

Go through now like a final review i guess of my products what i would repurchase what i didn’t really like and just kind of like a around an overview of my thoughts and feelings of the products it’s a nice cleanser and however i do like a foamy cleanser so i will still use this but i don’t think i would repurchase the eye cream i do really like the eye cream

And i think i would probably repurchase although i do tend to just try out a lot of different eye creams i do like it though and i don’t think it’s necessarily changed my under eyes obviously i’ve got makeup on now so you can’t really tell but um yeah it is nice it’s light and it’s hydrating the niacinamide i absolutely love i will 100 repurchase this it’s really

Really gentle on the skin but it works so big fan of this i i’m running out i need to repurchase it asap the moisturizer as you can see i have used a lot of this i love it i think it’s really really nice i love the fact that it’s spf 30 and it’s really really nice on my skin very creamy it sinks in really well and it’s really really moisturizing so again i would

Definitely repurchase this so the pink clay mask i really really like this it goes on really nicely it feels really nice and my skin afterwards is so soft i do really like it i think this is probably going to last me a long time um by that point i will probably had a selection of other face masks but i probably would rebuy it because i do really really like

It okay so this is the makeup remover now as you saw my it really made my eyes sting the first time i used it and then i used it a few other times just spraying it onto like a cotton pad and then using it that way but i found that i would have to spray a lot um for it to actually get my makeup off so i probably wouldn’t repurchase this because for me it just

I didn’t feel like i was getting all the makeup off so obviously i would i would normally cleanse afterwards anyway but i would have hoped to get more of the makeup off my skin just by using this than i did so i would not repurchase this is the pore fix primer and i love this my skin goes on my skin goes on the foundation goes on really really nice and smooth

Afterwards and it’s just really really nice feels really nice to put on it’s very soft and almost velvety i don’t know if that’s actually a thing but yeah i really like this so i would repurchase this this is the um hydrating moisturizing face fix and i do like it but i don’t like it more than my urban decay one so i would probably not repurchase this so i hope

You enjoyed and i hope this has helped you in deciding if you wanted to try any of this stuff out if it did please give it a big thumbs up and make sure to subscribe also put a comment below if you have any questions and i will do my best to answer them thanks for watching and i hope to see my next video

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I tested REVOLUTION SKINCARE for 3 weeks | full revolution skincare review with before and after By Claire’s Corner