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IPO NerdWallet Final Review & Analysis, Should You Buy NRDS Stock? Initial Public Offering

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Hey everyone welcome thank you very much for joining me in this video so the import market watch is a channel that covers initial public offerings direct listens most space also extra content stocks already trading exchange traded funds cryptos we cover everything but guaranteed every ipo so if you want to know about that subscribe to this channel plus extra content

All right so nerd wild is what we’re going to talk about this is the final review because i did one video before where it was kind of a brief way of talking about nerd wallet we’re going to get precise now right surgical precision internet wallet and i’ll give you guys my valuation score towards the end and we’ll be all set to go all right so let’s get started nerd

Wallet nrds is the ticket symbol it has filed for 139 131 million dollar ipo the firm offers a consumer finance mobile app that helps users to learn about and choose relevant financial services it is based in san francisco california was funded and to operate at the intersection of financial service providers and consumers by providing consumers with information

About financial offerings management is headed by founder and chairman ceo team chang who has been with the firm since the beginning the company essentially provides financial service providers with leads to interested app users and generates revenue when the when when the app user is makes it a connection with the financial institution right whether it’s per click

Or commission and so on nerd wild has received at least 185 million dollars in equity investments from investors including innovious capital institutional venture partners rre ventures and i glow partners now the firm seeks new customers through word of mouth online advertising mobile app downloads uh from major mobile platforms like apple store and google play store

Obviously now for the first nine months of 2021 the firm had an average of 20 million monthly unique users which is up from 16 million average per month in 2020 so they are growing a lot more now total revenue in 2019 they had 228.3 million dollars in revenue at 228 million dollars in 2020 that jumped 7.4 to 245 million dollars and for the first six months of 2021

Compared with the first six months of 2020 it’s up 48.5 to 280 million dollars just the first six months of 2021 just the first six months they made more money than the entire year of 2020 more money than the entire year of 2019. gross margin is just unbelievable look at this i don’t know it’s been a year since uh you ipo market watch was launched last year on

Youtube but i don’t think i’ve ever seen so far a company that had a gross margin every year of 92 or higher i this is the first time i see this all right let’s look at the operating margin in 2019 was 28.4 million 2021.9 million and 29.6 million in the first six months 2021. cash flow from operations 31.4 million 2019 15.4 million 2020 and about 1.5 million for

The first six months 2021. now they have 51.5 million dollars in cash 120.5 million dollars in total liabilities and they’re negative 26.2 million in the free cash flow as for valuation score i’m going to give this company a four out of five i think that it is a company that is growing very rapidly you can see that on their revenue i think they offer interesting

Services that can be very innovative and they can improve in the future i think this is a pretty good stock plus the price range is 16 to 18 us dollars i don’t think i think everything’s well everything’s well in my opinion please don’t trade according to my opinion on my valuation score i want to thank you very much for watching this video and i wish you guys all the best take care

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IPO NerdWallet Final Review & Analysis, Should You Buy NRDS Stock? Initial Public Offering By IPO Market Watch