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iRobot Roomba 960 Test Review Sollte man einen iRobot Saugroboter kaufen? | 400

iRobot nennt den Roomba 960 “Volksroboter”. Der Roomba 960 wie auch die anderen Modelle aus der 900er Serie iRobot Roomba 971 und 981 werden sehr oft gekauft. iRobot war aber auch immer etwas teurer als die Konkurrenz von Xiaomi, Eccovacs und Roborock. Daher bin ich gespannt ob der Roomba 960 überzeugen kann.

May together i find vacuum cleaner robots from the irobot brand too expensive and currently see little chance for the american manufacturer against the strong, low-priced chinese competition from junior comtec uvex i personally have more than 100 types of cordless screwdrivers who are testing and therefore know what i am talking about the problem is only i have never sat

In an egg robot model myself and in this rumba 960 that we are testing today, my estimation is despite one of the most popular vacuum cleaner robots and should deliver the best performance when cleaning carpets yes i am curious what we come out with today let’s start with the scope of delivery we have it romans 160 a charging station a virtual wall device became when i

Did this here with batteries a replacement brush replacement or filter and the operating instructions hardware and device data yes with the technical data the number delivers 900 pascal in suction power that at 30 watts unfortunately both the battery capacity and the operating time is weak, with the boom at 160 of course also having an automatic return function like other

Models and continues its work again. compared to laser robots it is built a little flatter and has a very large dust filter with a capacity of 600 milliliters processed is the maximum volume is 65 according to the manufacturer wants to overcome the obstacles 92 cm and the guarantee was twelve months that data you can convince me are not decisive but of course the results

With the sucks it’s better to do it right away and the practice impressions and maybe can it also convince with the range of functions through quality or one or the other special function so were we first of all have to state that the model at a price of 400 euros is otherwise only surrounded by robots with laser navigation, so they can then provide cleaning staff and how

Around lamo who plan the entire cleaning individually and digitally there is a whole lot our model does have efficient pathfinding, but this is due to the not quite as progress here the navigation with the support of so-called dect technology this is probably not a camera in the classic sense but an optical one sensor that then simulates images via distance measurement

The whole thing is then called how it learns so a combination of different sensors and through this cooperation a precise cleaning should then take place in those who are interested that 234,000 data points per second are processed and a robot is in this technology also for the visual method also has an advantage over laser navigation the models are flatter but it is

Questionable whether office or how learning laser navigation can ever be equivalent a cleaning card can number 9 has 60 only after the has been done cleaning but you can’t work with it, for example , yes we can control the robot using the buttons on the robot, that means start-stop back to the charging station or the point cleaning we then have a little more functions

Via the app and a schedule a cleaning history we have cruz here and also the contact to the support and we can, for example, also set a double cleaning directly here, unfortunately there are not many more functions here if you are interested in google and alexa, you also have basic voice commands here, i.e. start stop back to the situation but then also something like a

Status display or the question robot where are you not exactly from the scope of delivery we still have the possibility of an infrared-based barrier which then takes care of setting up somewhere and then either blocking a complete area or we can create such a barrier line in the r aum pull that works quite well but you also have to know that this blocked experience is a

Bit scattered at first, especially when you set it up, then if you talk about function then you certainly have to mention this double plastic rubber lamella here that is uniquely kennedy only from irobot and now let’s just see if that makes a difference then it says yes cleaning test on hard floor i had the robot clean here for a total of seven minutes 40 in the time it

Cleaned 94.8 percent that’s actually not even as good as it sounds because the comparable models here are almost 90 with a little less cleaning time, the jugi 30 here a few days ago had achieved 99 percent as a juror robot in the same period, yes, here at mario barth the 900 pascal probably comes into play the suction power is just a bit too weak, the standard here is

1500 to 2000 pascal and the best devices are so far 2500 pascal yes also carpet the performance was surprisingly strong 83.1 percent in eight minutes so the model can surprisingly say even with the strongest devices on the market that is very amazing and because it is through the performance was simply not to be expected and therefore the reason for this strong cleaning

Must be on the mechanical side the double blade seems to be the best method of cleaning, especially for carpets i think other manufacturers should maybe think about it too two counter-rotating brushes in combination with a strong naturally aspirated engine you can maybe bring this policy a two steps closer to perfection yes let’s come to my assessment disadvantages what

Wasn’t so good meanwhile it’s been on the market for almost four years and the hardware is accordingly no longer up to date the particular it is clearly evident that the weak battery and the power output here is what every robot you find on the market is better even the cheap ones for 150 to 200 euros last night the model was also quite frightened because it reported

That the battery was being charged repeatedly at intervals of 30 seconds until i had to get up to eat. when it comes to technology, it depends a little bit. navigation is still widespread, but it is also a rather cheap area. our model here costs around 400 euros , but at least has the support an optical sensor like slam and then also a localization of your own position that

Other robots ca n’t usually do that against the possibilities of a comparable laser model like the rohbock it with max but this round has just as good as no area a chance the volume is also rather on the unpleasant side yes and by the advantages are that i find the quality and workmanship quite good that there is an area in which a robert can distinguish himself quite

Well from models with comparable possibilities in this context a real strength of the irobot devices the mechanics of this model also seem to be superior to other supporters be that was really amazing how well it works on rugs in the middle but in melle here thirdly i think the app is pretty good that was a blessing for me because the connection was lightning fast and the

Application here is simple and also quite relaxed yes my conclusion like i don’t want to tell you about the model at the current time, mainly because of the price-performance, the value alone is not enough to compensate for the limits of the range of functions and the lack of performance here, there are better options than 160, which any guests will like is my personal

Recommendation to you and if it then it should be cheaper again then i would recommend the song i ma pro to you i would personally put the value of this product at 260 euros i.e. 210 euros for cleaning services and functionality and 50 euros extra for the good quality here yes that was my assessment here from this snapshot of the 160 if you own it yourself then i’m just

Happy to hear your opinion, especially if you’ve owned the thing for two or three years then it’s particularly interesting to just see what you think after this time over i wish you a good day and good luck try it

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iRobot Roomba 960 Test Review ► Sollte man einen iRobot Saugroboter kaufen? | 400€ By TESTSIEGER TV