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IT Cosmetics Foundation Review: Black Girl Friendly?

Just another one of those beauty channels. Hi loves, I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Apologies for my fan which was doing the absolute most in tha back lol.

He’ll give people and welcome back to my channel welcome here you do today i’m gonna be filming just uh normal makeup look but i’m going to be trying and testing a few products for you today so today i’ll be doing some of my former gray this is in collaboration and co-op i’ll be using their face milk so you’re applying some drops to your face and they see that you

Just press it into the skin and i would so just use this in the placement of like anything that sort of like hydrates the skin or moisturizes because i feel like that’s what it helps with it’s summertime and amount of oils i’m producing seems unhealthy so i’m gonna go ahead and use a mattifying primer this one is my favorite drugstore mattifying primer and

It’s the stay matte primer by rimmel london now we are hydrated and we’re matt but we’re not man enough so so now i’m gonna go with my fancy purple to modify in powder and then in the shade nutmeg and i’m gonna go ahead and apply a thin layer at all over my face and the area that i really like to focus this powder in my smile lines i have really deep smile

Lines thanks my dad and i just don’t like how me and i pop up my teeth and then i apply it on either side and then i move on with the rest of our team and yeah i did look really crazy but believe me when i tell leave this look on to foundation so this is the foundation that i’m gonna be testing out for you guys today by it cosmetics i will be leaving a coat up

On the screen somewhere so i can get you guys to save up sink some carrot sticks and claims if you’re looking to go out and purchase this foundation so yeah just something out there looking at it for you duties so if you would like to purchase it we’re gonna go ahead and live the code i’ll leave it on the screen a little bit and i’m also gonna leave it down in the

Description below such a crowd so this is the college correcting full coverage cream it’s hydrating on his anti agent as well it does have spf 50 and i have heard a lot a lot of good things about using sunscreen and any sort of sun protective skincare i’ve had that seem really really really good for your skin it’s a good color corrected good for hydrating and it’s

A hydrating anti-aging face serum as well so my code is only available until july 15 so because you can save 20% of their website go go crazy go stupid i’m gonna go ahead and i’ll try this foundation this one is this one is in the shade rich honey looking at it i feel like it’s tight for me i’m gonna give it a go i’ll just have to contour it is too late but i’ll

Give it a go so usually i use two pumps a foundation that is usually enough for me sometimes three comes along a little bit extra so it’s not the absolute west it’s definitely not my shape so this is just blended out it’s not it’s not bad it was like a shade deeper than yes it would be perfect for me i don’t know if i’m just overthinking looks like does it look

Fine what do you guys i can still see like a little bit of my dog sauce on my cheek but i’m fine with that i don’t really want you put on any more product just because i have powder on already and i really don’t want to keep my makeup on so i feel like that would be okay for me anyway like i wouldn’t freak out too much about it and even if you did need to cover

It i feel like if you add it a little bit it does make me to be a pump a little bit more and you went with that specific area that you could get that coverage that you needed it feels nice and light it’s not heavy i’m more like a warmer a little bit of warm and it’s more cool toned so faster friends but that’s something that you can fix this like you know bronze

Or anything else when you’re going on with your skincare routine hey you just make it a little bit of a do not too much but it’s there you have the miche’s and you really want that sufferage you’re gonna have to go that extra mile just to get that coverage but so far so good so i’m gonna move on with the rest of my makeup routine i’m so just gonna speed through

It all in all i don’t have to stay with the foundation it is not fun at all it is exactly how they describe it it’s hydrating i did mention it was definitely more do it at all i rates the it cosmetics foundation the whole coverage foundation i read it and eight out of ten is really good i tend to stay away from hydrating foundations because i’m super easily they

Mention that it was polar it was really smooth that was the finish it wasn’t patchy it wasn’t runny i don’t know it just kind of had a smooth finish it’s how to do we look the only thing was that last day like it was a little bit like me a shade deeper would have been absolutely perfect if you guys like the soudan you like me to remove these like this go ahead hit

Up a like subscribe if you’re gonna see the space the more i will try to get you guys some videos i’m gonna try to bang out some videos over the next few weeks so stay tuned for that and thanks watching this video i hope you guys have a beautiful day weekend whatever they you watch this video and i want to give people a lot of uses next time

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IT Cosmetics Foundation Review: Black Girl Friendly? By Lawrencia Lovette