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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream With SPF 50 Review

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Review

Hello and welcome back to my channel today we are going to be doing another entry into the foundation friday series and we are going to be reviewing the it cosmetics your skin better cc cream plus spf 50. so if you’re interested i want to know my opinion on this foundation see how it worked out the week stay tuned let’s get my only kind of criticism out of the

Way with this foundation and that criticism is let me grab them all is the shade range i own three colors i own fair light i own light and i own fair light too dark to yellow fair is too light to yellow medium light as a pinch too dark and too pinky orange so i mix one pump fairlight to a quarter pump a fair and i get the color that i have on now which is it

Perfect no is it possible yes if i spend more time kind of sheering it out on the perimeter of my face lighting up the snow with the concealer i can make it look spot-on but for this for being in quarantine then not going anywhere this is good enough for me so i had every intent on wearing a primer this weekend every day when i get ready to do the makeup i have

Everything laid out here and my like little beauty get ready station and um i would just forget to grab it and put it on that being said like no primer on now i feel like it looks great um i’ve worn it this week over my basic skincare and sunscreen um and i was happy with it like no breakthroughs no settling no weird wear it just wore really really well back

When i was still working retail um and i would wear a primer with this i had a few that i really liked so i’ll share this with you because i know these all wear really well with the cc cream my first pick i feel like will be the most versatile and it allows it will give the most people most range and that is the tatcha silk canvas this is really good if you just

Need to kind of smooth out some pores skin texture and you need a tiny bit of hydration this isn’t massively hydrating but it will give you a smooth canvas to put your foundation on top of if i need something to stick like if i am having a very oily stage or um i just had a chemical peel and my skin is smoother than normal and things aren’t adhering very well

I’ll use the it cosmetics oil-free primer because i find this does pretty well with helping things stick to the skin so i would use this under the cc cream i love love love the hourglass mineral veil this is really good for smoothing texture controlling oil and helping whatever you put on top of it last it works beautifully with the sun with the cc cream and i

Love it for usage with the cc cream as well as most every other liquid foundation for people with kind of more normal to oily skin it just does really well at keeping oils at bay and helping things last longer so our last minute mineralville plays really really well with the cosmetic cc crown i don’t have anything negative to say about the cosmetic cc cream i’ve

Had it in my collection for the last four to five years and it’s a great product it does well it wears well um only complaint i have like i said before is the shades when i would hit the 10-12 hour mark i was normally getting ready to go to bed so i was in my washroom gary take off my makeup and i would look in the mirror and i would notice sometimes kind of like

Right through here through like the smile line side of the nose occasionally on the corner of the eye there would be a little bit of wear so a little bit of settling um but the one night i tried to fix it i just kind of patted over it and kind of smoothed over everything was fine and it was easy so for wear i have no issues with it there are two other variants of

The cc cream so you have the cc plus illumination which comes in a pink tube and there’s also the oil free cc cream which is like a turquoise and that’s like a matte version i feel like the illuminating is better for kind of normal to dry skin it’s slightly more hydrated it has more of like a luminous finish so it makes people with a drier skin type look a little

Bit fresher and a little bit more glowy um though i i bought the mattifying one and for me it was just too matte and i felt like it had more coverage because it was more of a this is very kind of like a lotiony cream texture where the matte cc cream was more of like a whipped texture and i found it to be way too heavy yeah the matte one just wasn’t for me but if

You have a very oily skin you want more coverage than the original and you want a matte finish you might really enjoy the matte one i want to throw in some mini reviews to this foundation friday and kind of let you all know my feelings on a few more products and the look i wore this week was very it cosmetics heavy because i ordered some stuff a while back never

Used it and now here i am creating content to share and i’m like oh i can actually use the stuff i spent money on that was just sitting in my drawer first thing i used is this it cosmetics je ne sais quoi face palette you have the bye bye pores pressed powder bye bye pores blush in genesee qua you have a powder highlighter in genesecua and then you have the

Sunshine and a compact bronzer highlighter is beautiful gives you a really natural glow but it doesn’t emphasize texture um i kind of wish they had this as a single because it is stunning bye bye pores pressed powder i have the loose powder and i love it this one very much the same this bronzer was really nice it didn’t blow me away however it gave a nice kind

Of warmth and i liked it the blush in the palette which is the bye bye pores blushes in a genna sequoia i found it to be more sheer than the single bye bye poor blush in genesee qua the this one i feel like you get a lot of pigment up front this one i had to build up a little bit more and um personally i preferred that because the other one i can get a little

Heavy-handed with and it’s hard to blend out sometimes this one it was a sheer application however it did well and i enjoyed it but it is the cosmetics bye bye under eye and i have shade 15.5 light bronze i love this concealer i absolutely love it but the trick is using a teeny teeny tiny bit um for me i feel like a quarter of a pee is enough with this and more

Than that it can get very heavy but if you use a little bit spread it out kind of right where you need it it’s beautiful it lasts all day the it cosmetics your skin but better setting spray i bought this when it launched off their website and i don’t know why because i wasn’t going anywhere i wasn’t wearing makeup i wasn’t doing this yet and it just set in my drawer

So i tried it out today for the first time and it’s really nice um it’s just very good it does have kind of like a coconut smell which i don’t really love but it’s nice it seems to work well setting spray is something i don’t use all the time i use it when i think about it kind of like a primer sometimes i use it sometimes i don’t if i don’t my world isn’t over

Lip gloss isn’t new it is the it cosmetics vitality lip lip flush in news inker blue i love this i absolutely love this um makes your teeth look lighter um i will say my teeth are whiter than normal because last friday um i had them bleached at the dentist so they are a lot whiter than normal and um i like smiling now makes me feel confident the colourpop lippy

Pencil in another round i love this so it’s like a more coral version of charlotte tilbury pillow talk and it’s perfect it glides on so easily and effortlessly stays on well and it’s just a beautiful color um i love it and when this runs out i will get another one and i want to try more of the color pop loopy pencils that is it for today i hope my review of the it

Cosmetics cc cream was helpful um i hope those little mini reviews are helpful and yeah i hope this is helpful i hope you enjoy my content that i’m bringing out and if you have any other products you want me to try review please let me know in the description box below and thank you all again for your continued support and sticking with me have a great day wherever you are bye you

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IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream With SPF 50 Review By Zack Dooley