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IT Cosmetics: Your Skin But Better Foundation Review & Demo| Dark Skin| D.Chanel

Hey Hey Hey Y’all!!! Today we are doing a demo, review, and wear test of a newer It Cosmetics foundation. At least it’s newer to me! Stay tuned to find out what I think of IT! Also, as you might notice in the thumbnail, there are more shades of this foundation than I realized while filming….so yay!

That’s bro seriously hey what up it’s your girl d chanel and welcome back to the channel today we are going to be doing a foundation review and a wear test of the new well it’s new to me i don’t know if it’s necessarily new but it’s new to me the it cosmetics your skin but better foundation plus skincare we’re going to be wearing this all day seeing how it

Lasts throughout the day and how it applies so if you want to see how it works go ahead and keep on watching all right y’all so i decided to do this one a little bit different because you know how when you’re doing something live action like you start to ramble yeah trying not to ramble this time so i decided to do this voiceover so as you can see i have primed

Half of my face i want to say it’s your left side it’s it’s my right but it’s your left using the milk hydro grip primer and now i’m going to go ahead in with the foundation this is the shade like deep warm 60 i believe it’s like the second to last shade and i’m just going to apply that using a brush i’m not going to use a sponge because it says water light and

When you think of water and sponge you think i’m gonna absorb all of it and i wasn’t trying to have this as well absorb all of the foundation so we’re just gonna go ahead and use a sponge if you can see here i am uh reading so the the pump on this foundation looks like a duck like it looks like a beak and it just kind of spits the foundation out of the middle

Of this flat beak thing i’ll i’ll insert a picture of it somewhere on the screen just so you can see like it’s really weird i’ve never seen a pump like that but yeah i just that’s why i was making that face because i was like what is it so now you can see that i have the foundation on the unprimed side of my face and i think that you can see like very clearly

In the video that this foundation kind of oxidizes or as some people say it doesn’t oxidize it dries down to its actual color and i think the color is like a hair too dark for me but at this point if i go any lower it’s going to be too light and if i try to change the undertone or anything it’s gonna be too dark so i think this is the closest shade i could have

Come up with or i could have chosen because it looks fine like dotting it on but then once you blend it out it i guess it just dries down to the shade that it’s gonna be but i did use two pumps um and as you can see i’ve used up that whole two pumps on just half of my face and then the cheek area of the other side so three quarters of my face so i am gonna need

A summer and then i did go in with the rest of what i pumped onto my hand just to you know not waste product and also to see if it was buildable around the cheek area and i do think that it is buildable i feel like i have a little bit more coverage on that side now so i’m gonna go on the other side and make it match alright guys so that is what my

Face is looking like on both sides i’m just gonna go ahead and finish the rest of my makeup and i’ll be right back with you alright guys so this is what my face is looking like finished i haven’t set it with setting spray because i figured we’d see how it lasts without it and if at some point during the day i feel like i need it i’ll put some on but this is

What my face is looking like so far again this is the side that i primed with using the milk hydro grip this is side with no primer i think both sides look relatively the same the only part of my face that i did set is my under eyes because i always set my concealer or else is going to do all types of stuff and i’m not here for that so this is the starting point

It is hold on alexa what time is it the time is 12 49 p.m enjoy your afternoon thanks of course she’s loud first of all it is 12 49 p.m so this is what we are looking like i’ll probably have this on for a good long time because i don’t take my makeup off until like 10 o’clock anyway so yeah i’ll see y’all later hey guys it is hold alexa what time is it it’s

7 20 pm it’s 7 20 so we’ve had the foundation on for seven and a half hours and this is what we’re looking like this is my bathroom lighting so yeah it’s looking good it hasn’t like come off here i did have my mask on for a little while and the only like little mark is right here you can see the indentation of where my mask was but it doesn’t look like the

Foundation came off at all i am looking a little gray around this area but that happens usually with all of the foundations that i wear just because down here is a little bit darker than up here so if i don’t like color correct which i don’t do because that’s a lot um but if i don’t color correct down here turns a little gray throughout the day but i’m used to

That it doesn’t look bad i think it looks really good i don’t feel it i did end up setting my face though with um setting spray i used the all-nighter what is this ultra glow um because again dry skin and i felt like it was looking kind of dry but now it does not now it looks good it feels good so yeah i’m gonna wear this for a little while longer like i said

It’s 7 20 so we’ll see how much longer i have it on and i’ll see you guys in a second here all right guys so we are back and it is alexa what time is it the time is 11 20 pm thanks you’re welcome so it’s 11 20 which means i’ve had this foundation on for 11 and a half hours okay i apologize if anything i say sounds very very weird it’s 11 o’clock i’m tired i

Want to go to bed but i stayed up so i come back and do this for you guys i’m doing this for you okay so we’re gonna go through the claims on the box of the foundation yes i did put the foundation back in the box you know you never know what’s going to happen and sometimes you might need to return something so i kept the box and i put it back in so we’re gonna

Go through the claims that are written on the box i’m gonna let you know if i agree or disagree with them and then i’m gonna tell you something that i did notice a little bit earlier on let’s go so first thing up is natural no makeup makeup effect i don’t know if i’d say no makeup makeup only because i have on a full face of makeup and i never put on foundation

Without the intention of putting on a full face of makeup i don’t really like if i have my makeup you need to know that i have on makeup like i have on makeup there’s i don’t do no no makeup makeup so i don’t know if i can necessarily agree or disagree with that just because that’s not how i do my makeup but what i will say is very flawless very skin like and it

Does just even you out if that’s what you’re going for so i’ll say i agree i guess but you can’t really take it for me because again if i have all makeup you go no i have on some makeup because i have all makeup that’s just bad about that next um coverage that minimizes pores and imperfections i don’t really have large pores to cover but i do have darkness around

My mouth and the lower part of my face so i will say it you know covered the imperfections if you will so yes all day hydration and wear i will say all-day wear because again i’ve had this on for 11 and a half hours i’ve had my mask on a couple times throughout the day and i think i’m still looking flawless okay and it stayed on my face so all day i wear a guest

I didn’t notice it transferring onto my nails which is something i have a problem with foundations will transfer onto my nails my nails are white so they turn brown and it’s kind of and i didn’t notice that this was transferring onto my nails throughout the day but i don’t know if i’d agree with all day hydration just because i have dry skin and i did have to

Go in a couple hours in and set my face down with the all-nighter ultra glow the urban decay all nighter ultra glow just to bring some life back into my skin because i do get dry right in the middle of my face and i was noticing it looked a little bit heavy around here but as soon as i said it that went away so i guess if you don’t have as dry skin as i do in

The winter time all day hydration will give it to them um let’s see water light yes definitely water light i don’t feel this on my face at all okay and i don’t know if you noticed when i was pumping it onto my hand it was really really runny and then when i went to dot it on my face it literally felt like i was putting water on my face so literally water light

It was cooling like as if you were splashing yourself with water so we’ll give it water light medium coverage yes it is it’s not a full coverage i didn’t try and build it up just because i didn’t want it to get cakey i wanted to give it the best chance possible so i went went in with a little bit more around here but like not a lot it did build up so i will give

It medium might be able to build it to full so yes medium coverage and then natural radiant finish again i’m not sure i would give it radiant just for my skin type because i do have dry skin but it does look very very natural so i am going to let you guys in on one thing i did notice and i think we’re going to attribute it to the medium coverage because as i was

Saying earlier i am a little bit dark around here and i didn’t notice it initially but i don’t know if you could tell when i was putting the foundation on as i was blending it did get a little bit deeper which you know not really i don’t really care that much but if you do notice like the top half of my face versus the bottom half of my face like two completely

Different colors so i’m going to attribute that to the medium coverage and the fact that i don’t color correct around my mouth so whatever coverage i get from the foundation is all i’m going to get from the foundation around my darkness but besides that i think that’s the only thing i have to say about this like it looks really good okay it looks really good for

Being on for 11 and a half hours and i feel like you know as i went after you know setting my face with the setting spray it did warm up to my skin and it melted in even more and it looks really really nice so i really didn’t think i was going to like this because my track record with it cosmetics foundations cc creams whatever it’s not that great mostly because

They shave ranges as trash okay trash it cosmetics stuff it up for the girls okay step it up for the men okay step it up for everybody okay of color we need range please and thank you okay not even not even pleasing we need range now right now besides the point this is the second to last shade so there’s one shade deeper than this and i think there’s only one

Shade deeper than this because the shade next to it is neutral i think don’t quote me on that but i think i got deep warm and i think there’s like deep neutral is the next shade up which is not okay i’m not like i’m dark skinned and i claim my chocolate but like i’m not that dark compared to some other folks and they would also like foundation i’m sure at some

Point but you know i’m gonna give it to it cosmetics because they at least they tried with this range okay there are other ranges they didn’t even try like they didn’t even try so do i like this foundation yeah yeah i do like it i give it a solid like like 9 out of 10. now i’m gonna give it a 10 out of 10. it looks really really nice i’m not even go front with

You it looks really really nice really really flawless and i’ve i’ve liked it more and more throughout the day so it gets two thumbs up from me okay if you want to try it if you were looking for a review to see if you should go try it i say go pick it up go try it out if anything go get a sample of it from sephora i’m sure you will like it so that is my first

Impression wear test demo review of the it cosmetics your skin but better foundation if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up subscribe down below hit the little notification bell and comment down below let’s see what should you comment today comment if you like sweet scents or you like like florals because my house smells like cookies right now

And i’m so happy about it so comment if you like sweet scents or if you like floral scents and i will see you guys in the next video deuces

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IT Cosmetics: Your Skin But Better Foundation Review & Demo| Dark Skin| D.Chanel By Nique Rozay