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IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare Review

IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare Review

Hey loves itself and welcome back to my channel and happy foundation friday today is another one of your requests we’re gonna give it a good wear test and see how it goes so before we get started hit the subscribe button share this video somebody think might like it and let’s do it this is one of the most requested foundation fridays i’ve had in a very long time

So today we’re going to be reviewing the it cosmetics your skin but better foundation and skin care i am in color 22. i’m going to tell you off the bat this is going to be my winter color and not my summer color so it’s just a tad light but you know how that goes will bronzer up let me talk to you about this foundation i have worn this foundation so many times

Because the jury has been out most of the time but i think i have uh worked with it the way that it works best for my skin i am normal to dry all right so what they say is it is a medium coverage it is a natural finish so what that means is that most skin types can use this depends upon how you prep the skin and what obviously what you use underneath it to make

It do what you want it to do so oily skin more matte products more matte primers um you know my skin type you know make sure you prep accordingly so hydrating facial routine this is a green at sephora it does have hyaluronic acid and aloe vera um it does have an acid in here called heps acid which is a gentle exfoliation nothing crazy um it has vitamin e and

B5 they are moisturizing properties and free radical fighting ingredients um it says it’s a buildable coverage hydrating foundation with a natural radiant finish and it says that you better your your skin will look better over time after using this it says in two-week consumer study with 10 participants this is the only problem i have it’s only 10 people that

Participated in this 70 of their skit 70 of them said their skin’s smoother so i don’t know you know that that to me is not like 10 people i do appreciate their transparency okay so a couple things that i like about this foundation and a couple things i don’t like about this foundation so a yes it’s cruelty free um b i like that this line has a lot of um colors

That are a little bit more pink so i know a lot of people with pink undertones have a hard time finding foundations for them but this is loaded with dimethicone so if that is an irritant to you this is not a foundation for you and i’ll say that the skin care they talk about is way down in the ingredient list um so it’s not really gonna do a ton for you so don’t

Rely on this for your skincare just an fyi so i did buy this foundation myself it is 39.50 the color range is they’ve expanded their color range on this one a lot more than the other ones they’ve done in the past so i will tell you something though the best way i like to apply this because it says it’s medium coverage and maybe with a brush it would be better i

Mean i didn’t get that much more coverage with the brush like i said i tried it so many ways so i’m going to tell you how i personally use it and how i personally like it best okay so i actually have been using this this is um this is new by smashbox it’s their halo healthy glow all in one tinted moisturizer so i’m gonna do one part of my face this way and the

Other part of my face just by itself because i want to show you the difference okay i do not use a primer for this foundation you can see that this tinted moisturizer is a touch uh warm for me i’m gonna d this is in a light medium which is really tan for me um i would probably go a step down to just light okay so the reason why i like prepping with this type

Of thing a tinted moisturizer a because it gives a little bit more hydration to my skin b i just can’t build this up to like a really medium coverage where i feel like it’s hiding my imperfections but you can use anything that you have at home any tinted moisturizer the bite the arrive the cogen dough whatever or nude sticks whatever you have at home i’ve used

It with quite a few of those you do not have to do this i’m just going to show you why i do it okay i also apply this with a dry beauty blender or a dry sponge because i feel like when i use it with a damp sponge it sheers out way too much for my liking it goes on really quickly though it has no fragrance to my map to my nose which is nice i will tell you off

The bat this is not mask friendly it does come off on your mask so you might want to just apply it to you know like this top portion of your face it does not claim you know to be super long wearing but do you see how it’s done a nice job with that tinted moisturizer on my hyperpigmentation alright so now you can see me a little bit closer so i will tell you the

Skin looks pretty okay it does look pretty and every time i’ve worn it it pretty much looks just like this it is a very pretty foundation i’m gonna show you now with nothing on this side of my face i’m gonna use the same amount which is one pump so i’ve used two pumps for the whole face i have applied this with my hands and it does work so if you are a hand apple

Applier then this will work for you as well um if you have tati’s blender full i’ve used it with that and it works really well as you know as well so you can use that okay so here we go so you can see in my opinion just from my eye i don’t have as much hyperpigmentation on here but it takes a lot more to build this up i just find that this side is way prettier

It’s glowier it’s dewer i did wear this with the josie moran tinted spf underneath it and it was gorgeous so just you can wear that as well but i just somehow i just prefer the way it lays on this side of my skin better than it lays on this side of my skin what do you guys think comment in the comment section below i think it looks really pretty on the nose i

Will tell you right here on me this happens a lot with me i have to really push this in right here and i have to kind of take a little bit of it off with most foundations because then it looks like this area is super old and cracky and not cute yes okay so i’m going to show you guys before i powder so it does a pretty nice job of covering up my hyperpigmentation

Which actually is slowly going away i will be doing an updated video you guys probably sometime next month on my hyperpigmentation because i think i have found the perfect remedy it’s a combination between a couple of things mine is pretty stubborn so all right so let me tell you what i do with this foundation i do have to set it because it stays a touch tacky

Obviously much more tacky with a tinted moisturizer underneath it it definitely dries down a lot more without the tinted moisturizer underneath it so just a heads up so what i’ve done is i take my charlotte tilbury loose powder and i just gently give this a nice set nothing not a lot of powder so now i would call this a light medium coverage and i would call

This a high medium coverage okay totally just the way that we because we’ve already applied a coverage underneath it so it depends on how you want your foundation to look so here we are i just feel like this side sometimes and this powder i use has a little bit of glow to it it just looks a touch dry like around here right off the bat what do you guys think in

The past i have not had a ton of success with the it cosmetics foundations for some reason i must be the only one okay so i’m just gonna spray with a little bit of rehydrating spray this one’s by elf pick your favorite it just on this side especially just feels really dry right away and i don’t know what that is because i don’t think there’s any drying alcohols

In here yeah there’s not a lot of hydrate i mean there’s not a lot of drying or any alcohols in here actually drying alcohols i should say um and i think it’s because the aloe vera is so far on the ingredient list it does have a glowy texture to it but i just feel do you see how you can just it i don’t know this is why the jury has been out for me um i have

Literally been wearing this almost every day this one and one that’s coming up next week every single day like kind of back and forth trying to figure this out so you see how it looks just dry right here and it has so much dimethicone in it you would think that it would slide a little bit better and look a little bit you know more flawless so i don’t know we’re

Gonna give it a good wear test i’m gonna do the rest of my makeup and we’ll see you in real life all right so i thought i’d pop back on here just to show you guys in the same light um everything is basically on i don’t know my thing is that it is a yes it is a fuller coverage foundation but it just it looks fuller coverage do you know what i mean like i wish it

Had some more hydrating properties to it so um i’ll let you look up real close and again we’ll go in real light oh you guys always ask because i i try to put it in the description box but sometimes it just doesn’t i don’t make it i have on my face is the um palette from hourglass it’s the blush palette the lightening blush quad from the ghost collection and

I have it literally on my cheeks on my eyes okay and around my face my lips are my new obsession by elf it’s the same pat the same lip liner that i’ve always used from the uh retro paradise collections they’re nude and then these new guys are so amazing this is their ride or die lip balm and this is a tough cookie look how gorgeous that is all right so that’s it

That’s what i have on my mascara is the new one from urban decay if you guys like me to kind of run down what i have on my face just comment below and let me know i can i’ll continue to do that okay so let’s go to natural light okay so we’re in the same spot we normally are here it is in natural light like i think the forehead looks really pretty but i don’t know

Do you see what i’m saying maybe it’s me maybe i’m just crazy but do you see what i’m saying i don’t know so and i think the glow definitely is from the charlotte tilbury powder because i’m sorry they’re doing construction outside of my house but the charlotte tilbury powder has a little bit of kind of glow to it but i think it really helps out this foundation

You could use your ambient powders from hourglass as well so here we are we’re going to give a few hours of wear and i’ll see you guys a little bit hi love so we are at four hours in and i haven’t been doing a ton i’ve been just doing like a ton of um computer work and stuff today it is pretty hot outside but i will tell you already um as you know as i always say

I do you know blow my nose quite a bit because i have allergies and there’s a huge fire here right now so my allergies are out of control but it is already coming off of my nose so um i do think it’s looking a lot prettier as time has gone on and it’s worn in and it does look better around the skin so i definitely have to touch up my nose about four hours in but

I just wanted to give you a little update on how we’re looking so everything else looks really good except for even right here looks good um you can see by the different sides of the face doesn’t really look different um but to me this side’s just a little bit glowier and a little bit more um hydrated but yeah so this is where we’re at all right so i’m about to

Finish up this uh i can’t even think it’s been such a long day finish up this review um it’s pretty much off my nose it doesn’t look amazing right here but everywhere else it looks pretty darn good oh by the way this is a total of eight hours of wear um i think the skin the school i think the skin looks really good i’m about to go in the store that’s why i have

This thing hanging off my face um but i’m about to go in the store but it it’s you know it’s just right here really doesn’t look amazing um at the eight hour mark it didn’t look totally amazing at the four hour or five hour mark but the rest of the face looks pretty darn good i don’t think that in you know you don’t have to wear a tinted moisture underneath it

I think it just gives it a little bit more glow but again not more staying power so let me know if you guys are interested in trying this foundation and uh if you guys have had a different experience with this i always love to hear it and i’ll see you in the next one let’s let from me to you bye loves

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IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare Review By Elle Leary Artistry