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JAXJOX Dumbbell Connect Review

Full review of the JAXJOX Dumbbell Connect! I go through the setup, style, build quality and performance.

What’s going on everybody this is josh from chill deeply and today i got a full review of the jax jocks dumbbell connect so first i’m going to start with setup then i’ll move on to style build quality and then finish off with performance on the side and back of the box some of the details are featured here and all the components come secured in nice foam padding

You can see here my box took a little bit of beading but no effect of the dumbbells themselves really set up couldn’t be easier all you’ll need to do is take everything out of the box set your dock down put your plates in and then secure the dumbbell right inside my unit came pre-charged i was up and running in about five or so minutes so overall first impressions

Right out the box dope let’s get it like i was ready to go so really good presentation really easy setup so a plus on that front so in terms of style these dumbbells look great nothing too flashy but they still have a nice professional look to them love the neutral gray color and the lime green accent at the bottom of the dock there’s no flamboyant branding just a

Subtle jax jocks imprint on both sides of the unit i know these things can come down to preference but i appreciate the minimalist approach they took to these dumbbells so in terms of build quality i would say these are great something you would expect from just your basic pair of dumbbells they feel really solid i love the gnarled pattern on the grip there only

Con i would say is the plastic housing on the inside closest to the handle these are definitely not a set of dumbbells that you can be throwing around right so you definitely want to handle these with care especially coming towards the dock the dock is fully plastic so when you’re seating the dumbbells back inside there you want to make sure that you’re doing it

In a controlled banner because if any one of these things chips off or the contacts on here get broken you’re pretty much sol so just something to look out for so in terms of performance as a typical run-of-the-mill dumbbell they work exactly how you would expect they feel exactly like a dumbbell what i mean by that is other adjustable dumbbells have either an odd

Shape when it comes to the plates or either the handle is a little bit different but with these they feel just like a dumbbell so you can do all the typical exercises you would be doing with the typical dumbbell set so switching weights from the base unit doesn’t take long five seconds at the most going from eight pounds to fifty pounds um the only trouble i had

Was when i was on 26 pounds trying to seat them in i would have to use my offhand to sort of press the other plates towards the inside this might just be my set it might just be me but it just is something to to be wary of as you’re working out if you want to seat them both at the same time you might not be able to just a little nitpick there so why would you

Get these instead of a manual dumbbell set like the core fitness or the bowflex selecttech really it comes down to the app experience here so someone like me who needs an extra little motivation to get into the gym i love the gamification of being able to track your reps your sets the power if you have a heart rate monitor your heart rate which can sort of tell

You how many calories you’ve burned all that good stuff so the app is really a big integral part in the whole jax jocks ecosystem they have a push-up connect they have the kettlebell connect they have a heart rate monitor they have a foam roller and they’re also going to be coming out with a jack shock studio which is something like the tempo studio just a full

On integrated system so overall how would i rate these dumbbells i’d give them a four out of five four is coming from because they’re a solid pair of dumbbells they look great they work exactly how they’re supposed to in terms of a dumbbell and that’s perfectly fine for me that extra tick is gonna come because the real lack of focus in terms of the integration

With the application that’s just gonna come with time so you’re putting again you’re putting that extra hundred dollar premium uh with expectations that the app is going to get better but as a pair of just dumbbells just having your own workouts and just using these as a traditional pair they work excellent all right y’all that’s going to do it for the jack jacks

Connect review thank you for watching please just watch my other videos i have like again the app review video and a quick little preview video of these dumbbells i really have no clue what i’m doing with this channel it’s quarantined so i figured i’d start making some videos so appreciate you guys watching please like and subscribe if you like this content and

I’ll be back with you and chill deeply you

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