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Kitchen Mama Battery Can Opener REVIEW & How To Use Amazons #1 Choice Great for Seniors

DETAILED REVIEW Yes You Can Battery Powered Can Opener Amazon’s #1 Choice for Electric Can openers. Use this link to see on Amazon How to open a Can

Hello everyone this is just a dad i’m gonna do a quick review review on this yes you can electric can opener just gonna do a simple review um claims to be really simple to use i’m gonna compare it also to these actual electric can openers this one is battery operated and we’re going to put some batteries in it okay so for pretty straightforward as far as

Putting the batteries in this slides off and then you put the batteries in takes four double a’s okay the directions are pretty simple the button you press that starts it and you gotta press the button again to stop it so you’re gonna let it rotate around the cam but you can see when you start it that one gear moves in closer to the other so the one thing the

Instructions do mention is making sure that the can lid goes between these two gears between this gear and this gear you got to make sure the lip so the lips going to go between these two okay so i want you to see it’s relatively there’s a lot of space to put that lip in and it sits right on top of there and then it says once you got it positioned like that

Across the can you simply just press the button then once it’s made a complete round you’re supposed to press it again and it stops and then you should be able to lift this off and then you should be able to lift the lid off hey it worked pretty good i don’t feel any too sharp edges and it just worked i’m gonna try it on some different cans one with pop tops

One without small cans big cans but yeah this thing worked really well okay so i’m actually curious to see how it does on a really common tomato paste it’s a small can so again i’m going to make sure i’ve got the it in between the two and then it’s positioned across the can and i’m just gonna okay you can tell it’s stopped hit the button again it says now one

Thing you want to make sure is that you gotta wait one second after you stop it because it kind of does a reversing action take it off hey it did the really really small can yeah did it really nice okay so i want to do a pop top it doesn’t claim that it can do pop tops so i’m just gonna try to see if it can do it i’m gonna position it like i do normally and

Then i’m gonna start wow it does even the pop top ones i’m impressed i was not expecting it to do it it did it now this is does have a magnet on it it says yeah so there is a little magnet here that if the pi if the can lid comes off with it it will stick to it okay yeah i like it okay i’m gonna do like a medium sized can now again i’m gonna make sure that

It’s on there just in between i’m gonna press the button okay so you want to stop it and it did it so i’m very impressed with this thing um i know there’s been some bad reviews i’m not sure exactly what you know maybe they got just a defective one but mine seems to be working really well i don’t see where maybe if you left it on too long and didn’t press the

Stop button maybe it kept going around and around and kind of made a jagged edge or something but you do have to stop it you press that button in it’s going to go and go until you touch it again but you can see how when you press it that gear moves in to smash it against that other gear and then it reverses and and opens back up so i’m i’m just very impressed

With it it is all plasticky so if you drop it it could break or something i’m not sure how long the batteries are gonna last but i’m gonna give this a thumbs up again this is just a dad it’s a simple review i don’t have a big production department i just want to help people with their purchases so again if you could like and subscribe i’d appreciate it thank you you

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Kitchen Mama Battery Can Opener REVIEW & How To Use Amazon's #1 Choice Great for Seniors By Just A Dad Videos