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Kushelbar Beard Straightener Review and Demo

The Kushchelbar hit the scene a few years ago and became incredibly popular. I’ve had this item for awhile but hadn’t reviewed it. With the holidays fast approaching, this seemed like a great time to review it and recommend it as a great gift option for the beadsman in your life (or yourself!). I also demo using it.

Hey guys welcome back to the channel it’s jd and uh thank you for joining me this week i’ve got a new product that i bought a while ago that i haven’t done a review on it’s the uh beard straightener that was really popular online like a year ago it’s probably still very popular it’s the mask by jeff chastain um this thing is pretty awesome i reviewed another one

That was just a random uh i think it was just a hair straightener that they were marketing as a beard straightener on amazon it was pretty good it did its job the thing i didn’t like about it was huge it was absolutely huge um what i love about this thing is the size is just it fits in your hand um it’s really tiny if you are a traveler not that you’re doing much

Traveling right now during covet 19 hopefully but if you are this thing fits in the bag really well and it uh does a really decent job at tackling kind of a a curly out of control beard which mine is now right now but i’m going to use it anyway um this thing retails for 99 so it’s kind of on the pricey side there are discounts available that you can get from uh

Other uh more popular beard product reviewers on youtube in various places online so just do a search online and you’ll find some discount codes i believe for like christmas he also usually runs a special um now the one i have is the corded version there’s also um a wireless version now i don’t know if it’s rechargeable or not but um that would make sense because

You wouldn’t want to be shoving batteries in this all the time but yeah uh it the rechargeable version sounds like a really awesome deal as well because right now i’m tethered to a wall outlet and this is as far as i can go um if you’re in a bathroom using this obviously that’s not going to be a problem your outlet is probably right beside your sink so not a big

Deal and i’m pretty sure the other one costs more so let’s get straightening um there’s one button i think you just press it and hold it and it turns this on yep you’ll get a flashing and i think it turns solid when it’s ready so uh let’s wait this takes like a minute or two i think and i’ll be right back with uh using the sucker all right so here it is it’s uh

All heated up that took exactly three minutes to heat up from uh cold to uh ready to go uh so this is what the teeth look like on the uh on the beard straightener and this is actually the crucial bar i think i don’t know if you can see the name on there the crucial bar by jeff chastain have a clean beard before you uh use this if you’ve used uh beard balms or

Oils or anything other in your beard right now i would definitely go and wash all that stuff off because this is going to heat them up and i can’t imagine that like heating up oil on your beard is probably that good for your beard who knows what it does during the heating process so just go with a clean beard first and um probably best best practice i don’t know

If it actually says that but that’s my my hint for this one so i had a shower mine is i did not brush this out at all so it’s just oh natural and as you can see it does a really good job at straightening everything out and lining everything up it gets really hot there’s no settings that you can set on this one it’s just one and done which i would assume is kind

Of the optimal temperature for this so there so three minutes to heat up it took me all of like a minute to use it and then i’m done you just press and hold it and it will turn off and then you’re done let this cool down unplug it before putting it away so there you go it’s all straight now definitely easier to manage actually this would be a good time to come

In and do some trimming with some uh scissors because i can tell it’s a bit longer here so maybe i’ll do that before i put product in but yeah that’s my uh that’s how you use it it’s pretty easy um great product i love this i’ve been using it for a while now i put it in a travel bag uh late last year when i was traveling around uh fantastic took it to asia um

Not a problem in singapore or shanghai when i was over there as well so great product just make sure you bring an adapter um yeah the price can be a little uh out of reach for most people especially when you can find um a cheap beard straightener online on amazon or other places for like 29 but i mean you are supporting uh a small business uh a fellow beardsman

And uh it’s actually a really great product so the quality is fantastic it feels substantial it feels heavy enough it’s also small which i really really like and uh yeah overall a great product so it’s definitely uh recommended by uh if you can find a discount code online which usually brings it down to like 79 i think there’s usually like a 20 off coupon uh

That you can find uh in various places so um yeah uh good christmas gift idea too since we’re coming to the holidays for 2020 uh if there is a bearded fella in your life this is a great easy gift to get someone and uh yeah that’s it thank you for joining me if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and leave a comment and i will do my

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Kushelbar Beard Straightener Review and Demo By JD The Bearded