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l Blissy Pillowcase – Unboxing, Review, Comparison (vs Amazon Silk Pillowcase)

Hello, all you shining stars! I bought a Blissy Silk Pillowcase Dream Set. Please use my referral link for $20.00 off – you get $20.00 and I get $20.00!

It’s really nice okay okay i get it okay i definitely get it i actually had to put on my pillowcase and feel it to be more hello you shining stars and welcome to my channel shining star soup in today’s video i have a very unique video where i am unboxing doing a little bit of comparison and just telling you all about uh uh the blissey um i i have used the sub

Pillowcase for like three years now i did order mine off of amazon and i’ve never really been a hundred percent sure if the one i ordered from amazon is true mulberry silk now some pillow cases are expensive and you do get what you pay for i did the pillow the silk pill case i ordered from amazon has held up pretty well i did end up staining it with my hair dye and

This is it right here i re-dyed it it kind of looks orange on the um on the camera here it was supposed to be pink but i kept it in the die for too long and i mean this thing is ready ready to be retired i’ve only washed it once by hand well twice because i did wash it obviously when i dyed it and i decided i really wanted to try blissey they have really good

Reviews however the good reviews are on their website when i did i’m from canada and when i did search uh trustpilot they have really low reviews on trustpilot so i was kind of a little bit iffy in ordering from them just because of the reviews i read i did order on may the 4th when i got my receipt now regular price for the the set that i did get and i do have

My pillowcase right now here just because i kind of want to do a field comparison uh anyway regular price i did buy the blissey dream set tie-dye queen set uh it’s regular 235 dollars canadian with conversion in the shipping however i managed to get it uh on a sale right now as of it’s may 18th i’m not sure if you’re going to be seeing this video later today

Or not all depends on how my editing goes uh right now it’s on sale 470 however i did use honey the honey extension to get a bonus prep a bonus price off and i i don’t know if this is still valid i did use the discount code blizzymobvip i assume that is to do with the mother’s day i wasn’t able to find it again it was only through honey that i was able to save

59.15 so this kit supposed to come with the blizzy uh silk pillowcase the um the sleeping mask and two scrunchies uh for only 109.85 cents 109 and 85 cents uh is what i end up paying for it and i i couldn’t um i couldn’t turn down i was like okay you know my budget’s redone so uh let’s do it so it’s now may 18th yeah it took a little over two weeks to actually uh

Get to me they shipped through dhl and then dhl brought it to burnaby bc and then from burma bbc it was handed over to kind of a canadian delivering company called t-force and it just showed up a day earlier than what was they quoted me they called me may 19th oh wow okay so one thing i i have not noticed until now is um i have a bamboo filled uh pillow under

Here and i dyed my silk pillowcase uh you can’t really see it on camera but it did dye the the actual pillowcase uh my little bamboo pillowcase here okay you can really see it but can you see it yeah that’s what my but again that’s that’s my own fault right obviously i dyed my silk pillow case with rip dye and that’s how it turned out all right so this one was

The one i got from amazon it says on here 100 mulberry silk they mentioned on some websites uh this one is by confidence and textiles when you’re doing soap pillowcases uh i don’t want to get i’m not like a researcher kind of thing i just go by by what i what i see anyway this is 100 mill barely can you guys see that i’ll have to see if you can actually see it

In editing but it has shown somewhere again i did dye it so i mean this is obviously needing to be replaced i might put it on my husband’s pillowcase if he decides that he wants to try a silk but yeah overdue for a new pillowcase now i want to compare at least obviously you won’t be able to feel it like i’m feeling it but you can also um i just want to test

It out so this one is you know kind of thin it’s it’s soft and but i’m still i’m still not 100 sure if it’s actual silk now uh this is how the blissey dream set came i haven’t even opened it yet as you can see it still has the plastic on it a very cute um container it came in a cardboard box and was delivered by by all right let’s stop to the side all right so

It does say queen on it so this is a queen queen set and it says tie dye so they did send me the right one again when i was reading trespass reviews you know some of it was like they sent me the wrong one um i don’t know you can’t always trust negative reviews just like you can’t always trust positive reviews a lot of positive reviews are incent incentives like

They got the product for free or you know it was influenced somehow friends family that kind of thing and with negative ones um maybe the disgruntled carrot i deal with a lot of karen’s at my job uh disgruntled karen trying to get something for free there are two sides to every story especially when it comes to customer service i’ve had some bad experiences

Myself and sometimes i even had to be caring long story short pure later yeah anyway alright so it had the stickers on it so again i only paid 109. and 85 cents for this this is how it comes now there is a little bit of a smell to it nothing too drastic um you get the gift of blissey i wouldn’t really call it a gift because i did pay for it however the like

100 i think i saved about a hundred dollars i guess is a gift take care of your hair and skin while you sleep i can prove for my personal experience it does make a huge difference circle cases compared to cotton miles and above like my hair is in a lot better shape and i think a lot of it is to do with the fact that i’ve been sleeping on a silk die pillowcase i

Wake up with beautiful hair and glowing skin hashtag blizzy hashtag blissybrand hashtag blissybabe uh all right okay so the uh first thing is the sleeping mess which i do use i do have a one by uh david’s tea believe it or not um it definitely feels like a lot softer i do really like the uh the look of the tie-dye i imagine that because it is tie-dye

Maybe everyone looks different this one is a pure silk mask now i’m not really comfortable with the tag so i will be removing the tag just not right now but it fits really nicely it’s not too tight it’s very soft and it’s doing a pretty good job of blocking out the light that i have here so two thumbs up for the sleep mask yeah it feels luxurious uh yeah and i

Do like that the band isn’t too tight because i have a big head and i’ve noticed that with a lot of headbands eyeglasses hats um because my hand is a little bit bigger than the average 5 10 female i do find that i get tight headbands but this one is really nice really stretchy really comfortable so i am really happy to to have that so that came apart part of the

Set so very nice very high obviously very high quality uh regular price like i said without any sales you’re buying it directly from the website is 235 dollars so it’s not cheap even 109 dollars even though i did have those extra codes it’s kind of pretty expensive when you take into consideration right a second thing i have which i’m not obviously i don’t have

Long enough hair to really put it up but uh silk is good for the hair so we have a scrunchie sorry i went in now focus i mean that’s nice yeah not too bad and then you have a small one now i kind of wish it would have came with two of these you know because i like to do pigtails so i kind of wish that i had an extra one of these i’m not sure what these are

But this one this crunchy and the elastic doesn’t feel quite as luxurious uh it just feels like any other i can’t really tell the difference between that and any normal one but still nice to have now piston resistance of course is the pillowcase now this is supposed to be a queen um it does feel really thin when i’m comparing it to the feel of this it feels

About the same but this does the blissey one does feel like it is higher quality than the 50 or 40 i don’t even remember what i paid for this because i bought like two years ago then the uh then this one this one i got off of amazon uh it’s very it’s very pretty yeah i know it is very pretty it’s got the blissey logo on it you can see that it seems a bit thin

But this one again it does have a zipper on it yeah so we got a zippered enclosure so it is a lot like this one zipper seems intact got some good stitching all right now this one does have okay so on the tags it says and that’s what i was talking about um 22 mommy i guess silk is rated with momi i’m probably mispronouncing that uh pure 100 pure highest grade

6a long fiber mulberry silk on this one now on this amazon one there was nothing of the sort which definitely like if you turned outside you can see the heavy stitching all right you can see that stitching right there okay now that i’m actually opening it up and feeling feeling the quality the the blizzy is miles above it all right so i mean you can see the

Stitching of this one i wish i was more into fabrics and stuff like that and then of course the uh the stitching on this one now it is pretty okay and it’s pretty similar however there is it just says 100 mulberry silk on here it doesn’t have um it doesn’t say long fiber it doesn’t say it’s made from the highest grade so this one may be like it does have

That little flower mark on it that confidence and textiles but it says according to according to the standard of text and this one is just standard 100. all right so yeah a big big difference in these two so this one you’re paying a lot cheaper for but i don’t think this is to the standards of what blissey is and i and i’m very happy that i got this uh so is it

Worth it i think so i think so i i definitely notice the um the quality i mean the presentation of the box i’m gonna be putting it on my pillowcase making sure it actually fits my pillowcase and mostly i’m happy with how cheap i got it alright so it took me a couple minutes um yeah this is definitely a queen size and it feels so much better so much better with

It on i can definitely tell that blissey makes quality products so if you’re able to um i’ll leave my link down below in the description box to get twenty dollars off uh you get twenty dollars and i get twenty dollars i’d appreciate you it’s really nice okay okay i get it okay i definitely get it i actually had to put on my pillowcase and feel it to be more

Impressive that blissey is is awesome and i understand the hype and i’m just happy i was able to get the uh the discount uh for it so i’ll leave a link down below uh if you want 20 off your purchase your first purchase um go for it again two thumbs up i’m very happy with this and it was definitely worth it and miles above this one yeah that one this one makes that just garbage

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