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LEVOIT CORE MINI Air Purifier – Clean Air for Small Rooms // Unboxing & Review

I wanted to share my complete review of the Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier.

This is the lavoie core mini air purifier and this air purifier is very quiet it is also very good looking it has dimensions of six and a half inches by 10.4 inches and the weight is 2.2 pounds the rated power is 7 watts and in this video we’re going to be unboxing it i’m going to show you how it works and we’re going to talk about why you might consider this for

Your next air purifier now it does come with a two year limited warranty and when we unbox it you’ll see exactly what you get you’re going to be getting the air purifier you get that three stage filter the aroma pad because it does come with the aromatherapy and you get one ac power adapter with the user manual the key features on it is that it still uses like its

Bigger brothers the quiet keep technology which is just their vortex air technology that’s going to make it run quieter at the lowest setting you might not even know it’s on it’ll probably be at about 20 to 24 decibels it is ozone free it is a check filter indicator and it uses that three-stage filtration system where you have stage number one as your pre-filter

To remove the larger particles then you’re going to have that carbon filter to remove odors and then you have the hepa filter that’s removing 99.97 of particles up to a 0.3 micron size like dust dander and allergens the filters are lasting to last you four to six months and depending how frequently you use it if you notice your filter is noisier it’s decreased

Airflow you get more odors that’s usually a sign to replace your filters and it’s easy also to clean your filter so that filter you just clean the outer pre-filter every two to four weeks to increase the efficiency they send the overall life span of your filter and then you can clean that using a soft brush or a vacuum hose don’t use water on it because you don’t

Want to get your filters wet and here let’s see what this sounds like when you turn it on i have it here so let’s answer the question that you might be asking yourself why would i consider getting a lavoie core mini for one you’re getting you’re going to be getting cleaner air so nobody ever complains about cleaning their air it’s like clean water that’s a good

Thing second you’re going to be getting one unit that is well constructed this finishes are smooth everything is top-notch it’s a premium build quality it runs very quietly it does exactly what it’s turned into and even the aromatherapy puck which is on the side how you remove it is very streamlined and hidden inside the unit it is not just like a little little

Pad somewhere where you have to pop it open in an awkward place it actually blends in with the overall design and i do like that now one thing to re one thing to catch is that the plug for your levoy core mini is going to be on the top of your unit or at least on the upper side upper back of the unit because it’s not on the bottom and that’s because it is separated

The entire motor is up top that 7 watt motor is on the top of it while the bottom is that 360 degree air intake it’s going to be refreshing the air in your room now what room is this for this is going to be for a room about 10 by 10 maybe 10 by 15. you can use it in a larger room up to 178 square feet but remember you’re going to be refreshing the air every two

Times versus what i like which is about every 12 to 15 minutes so i like to use this in a room maybe in that 120 to 130 square foot range but it removes the odors it does a great job it is affordable it looks good and that takes all of my boxes because the three things i always say you should look for in an air purifier is does it look good what’s the square footage

So what’s the space that you’re going to be using it in and what is the long-term cost so the long-term costs the filters are pretty reasonable from levoit they are going to be last you four to six months and this is an air purifier i like thanks for watching guys i’ll catch you next time bye

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LEVOIT CORE MINI Air Purifier – Clean Air for Small Rooms // Unboxing & Review By The French Glow