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Levoit Humidifier AND Diffuser (2-in-1) Review

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Why hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another riley see youtube production today in this video we’ve got another product from the company called a label wah i made a previous video involving their company of a $400 air purifier and i checked just now and yes it’s still $400 so if you haven’t seen that video go check it out right over there this time i

Sent me their brand new product called the dual 100 two-in-one humidifier and diffuser it hasn’t even come out yet and by the time you see this video it probably will have but as you can see it’s definitely not as big as the previous one because it is probably way less expensive there’s a link in the description at the top if you want to check this product out as

Always also couple features that wanted me to mention is it has a sleep mode like the last one and it’s ultrasonic technology produces a near silent frequency then obviously it can be used as a aromatherapy diffuser or a cool mist humidifier wellness done right top layer social media right here questions or concerns contact information the device itself ok so this

Is a quick start and this is the user guide and that’s everything in the box pretty nice and easy unboxing experience asmr so i went ahead and removed all the plastic and tape and took it apart a little bit basically there’s a couple parts you should know what they do this little piece in here is the float and i think what that does is it lets the machine know

When to turn off for that auto shutoff mode when it gets low on water also this quick start guide the only useful stuff on it was the cleaning stuff which involves cotton swabs or a rag and wiping it there’s more instructions on cleaning in the user manual but i found this kind of cool under the intelligent sleep mode it says television sleep mode turns off all

Display light steeping uses a humidity sensor to automatically adjust the mists level to maintain a 60% relative humidity while you sleep and obviously the sleep mode button is right there at the moon and then that’s the power on button so if we just put the lid back on here and the top cover it’s given me some home pot vibes vibes it says add distilled water for

Best performance but i don’t have any so i just got just over two liters of tap water here and you just add it into the top there is a max fill line right there i thought it all the way up to the max fill line to use just about two liters of water and to plug this in luckily my mom is like a essential oil guru and i swear to god he’s got one of every essential oil

In existence she’s an expert with the doterra brand not sponsored at all this is the reason why i accepted this sponsorship offer because my mom has so many essential oils well do essential oils work good you heard it here guys so i think we’re gonna add some citrus bliss and breathe so each of these essential oils have the ingredients on the side and then also

Online you can get other specifics on what each of these oils do each oil has a specific purpose looking for peppermint in here well we’re gonna use peppermint instead of breathe so i’m not an expert on this my mom is so usually you’re supposed to add like two drops maybe one two let’s add two drops of citrus bliss and two drops of breathe i mean peppermint cuz

They’re really strong alright now we’re gonna put the lid on turn it on let’s see yep we got that mist they’re not smelling very peppermint tea or citrusy yet i think it the oil has to get mixed in there a bit but i can hardly even hear that can you hear that no you can’t so i think that’s on low right now is we have one light if we press that to turn it up higher

Medium and then high base i don’t know how much you can see but there is so much vapor in the air right now oh no when i lift the lid off i can still smell the essential oils so let’s see what this sleep button does it glows purple so i think by pressing that sleep button what that did is now it’s in intelligent sleep mode and it will keep the room to maintain a

60 percent rh if you don’t want to use sleep mode just press it one more time did i kill it this is what’s supposed to happen so i pressed the sleep button and now it’s keeping the room out of sixty percent rh if you press that again now now the light is glowing and it’s on low power and one more thing for you visual learners out there like me my mom usually uses

This little diffuser just for diffusing essential oils it’s got a little water tank but it’s portable and does the trick and this is our standard humidifier by vixx and has a little bit of water tank but i’m not sure if you can put essential oils in this oh having it all in one it’s like a medium sized here and it has a bigger water tank to produce more oil but

Also enough water to humidify the air plus you’re getting those smart features and very minimal noise too so it’s kind of short a little review a little humidifier it’s really quiet i wish i had a price put on this if i had a price to put on it i’d say probably 50 bucks they’re probably gonna market it some somewhere towards 70 or 80 but you guys can go ahead and

Click the link in the description below let me know what you guys think of it if you do pick one up but that’s pretty much it for the video if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you drop a like if you’re new can subscribe and i’ll see you

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Levoit Humidifier AND Diffuser (2-in-1) Review By Riley C