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Levoit Humidifiers 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier Review (LV600HH)

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Hey guys how’s it going today we want to do just kind of a quick review for you guys on the level 8 6 litre hybrid ultrasonic humidifier this humidifier tells you the exact humidity in the air on the digital led display and it has three missed output levels from the unit’s touchpad or remote control you can run the humidifier on auto mode to let it determine how

Much moisture is needed to maintain an ideal humidity level or you can choose the precise humidity level you want there is a timer that automatically turns off the humidifier after 1 to 12 hours of continuous operation with a 6 liter water tank this hybrid humidifier can provide a cool mist or warm mist to large bedrooms and living rooms for over 24 hours plus

The ultrasonic technology makes this humidifier super quiet ultrasonic dual mist the sleek hybrid ultrasonic humidifier from leavitt is capable of producing a cool mist and warm mist with a touch of a button you can get warm mist benefits like cough relief and microorganism neutralization or cool mist benches congestion alleviation and static electricity reduction

To customize the amount of moisture in the air you can choose the low mist medium mist or high mist setting by pressing the mist output button on the unit or remote by default the humidifier produces a medium mist output going from cool mist to warm mist also requires just a button push you can even create a scented relaxed atmosphere with the aroma box a special

Essential oil compartment that infuses the smell of your chosen essential oil with the mist in the air complete humidity control one feature you can’t get on any run-of-the-mill humidifier is humidity regulation lev white’s hybrid ultrasonic humidifier has the ability to measure the room’s humidity level and display the reading on its led screen with this reading

You can program the humidifiers humidity level control from a range of 40 percent relative humidity to 80 percent relative humidity if you’d rather the machine do the work for you select the auto mode on the unit or remote so the humidifier can stabilize the room’s humidity freshing air space a convenient timer the humidity level isn’t the only function you can

Customize this humidifier has a built-in timer so you can set the unit to run from one hour to 12 hours once the preset time is over the humidifier in instantly turns off so you don’t have to schedule your day around operating the humidifier the 12-hour timer and other settings are accessible via the smooth touch buttons on the unit or the remote that you can use

Up to 16 feet away from the machine large water capacity if you choose not to set a timer the humidifier will run continuously until the water tank is empty since the tank holds 6 litres of water this means the hybrid ultrasonic can supply at 280 square foot room with 20 hours to 36 hours of cooler warm mist no matter how long it runs you will hardly notice the

Humidifier it only produces a 36 decibel sound level which is akin to the noise of a whisper lavoy i even designed this humidifier to be leak free so it never soaks your furniture and surrounding belongings like less efficient humidifiers conclusion this is not some dime-a-dozen humidifier like the models you see at bargain price stores this humidifier is capable

Of switching back and forth from cool mist to warm mist with the touch of a button it can read into just humidity levels and you can time the humidifier to run while you are a sleeper at work plus it has a mega sized water tank and aroma box for your essential oils set the controls from the unit or while relaxing on the couch with the handy remote control you will

Love how the level hybrid ultrasonic humidifier makes the air fresher and your body healthier this one is a must-have for any health conscious consumer

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Levoit Humidifiers 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier Review (LV600HH) By Tom Hiddleston