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LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom Review, Use Distilled water only, and a few drops of Essential Oils

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Hey this is a quick overview of the lavoie humidifier for bedroom or any room really i’m just reading the title it is definitely um it’s a nice system it’s got a lot of moisture that it puts out in the air i’m just sort of showing you how it’s unpacked right now now it’s a little misleading in that they do use essential oil in the words and that just means that

They let you put four or five drops of essential oils into the water tank that you’re that you’re filling it up with so it comes it’s all assembled there’s nothing for you to do the top gray lid comes off and then there’s a um and so there’s tape in there so you want to make sure to get all three strips i think there’s you’ll find two obvious ones and then there’s

One more and that is where you’re gonna fill put the water in um and only water and they do only recommend distilled water i know some humidifiers say they want you to put in mineral water or water that’s been treated but don’t put in mineral water for sure now that is also where you’re gonna put your essential oils and there is a max line so we’re putting the

Distilled water in as you can see um and it is hard to read the max line so just know that there it’s it’s in there and i’m gonna try to show you right here i don’t know if that’s too bright or not yeah there it is you can see max we’re not even gonna put the max in but don’t go past that line that’s the boil point okay and then we’re gonna put some essential oil

In as well we used to need the flashlight to help with our videos but new cameras are pretty good with lighting so there’s just a few drops of essential oils in and i’ll tell you it’s really all you need the lids just helps diffuse it that’s the actual um that’s gonna help disperse the smoke we’re gonna i call it smoke right but it’s just a cool mist and that’s

What it looks like now the sleep button turns off the lights on the units you can sleep and it also turns the unit off after a certain amount of time and there you’re seeing the different power levels that’s a lot of steam right a lot of mist it’s all cool there’s nothing hot about this and there’s the sleep button that turns off the lighting and then we’ll time

It so it’ll it automatically kicks off when it runs out of water as well some people are very sensitive to the extra light at night and there it is i’m get in front of the cabinet you can see and that’s on the let’s see if that’s on the that was on the lowest setting that’s pretty interesting okay that’s off no pretty good so there’s not a lot you need to do with

It it’s just you set it and go so that’s really nice and boy you can smell it and that is gonna fill a room up pretty nicely okay i hope that helps you really like this machine thanks you

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LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom Review, Use Distilled water only, and a few drops of Essential Oils By AZDad